Scary Roblox Games With Jumpscares to Play with Friends (Multiplayer)

Sometimes, you may want to play some scary games with your friends and also scream your lungs out when you come across the jumpscares. In this page, we are going to share some best scary Roblox games with jumpscares. We are sure that those games will be able to blow your mind away.

Scary Roblox Games with Jumpscares (Multiplayer)

Here is a list of the best scary Roblox games with jumpscares to play with friends:

  1. Piggy Traitor Mode

Piggy Traitor Mode

Piggy becomes the villain and the scare monster in the game, thus the game is all about survival. You and your mates need to escape this horrifying trap made by the player-controlled creature as soon as possible to sustain yourself in the game. Furthermore, if you decide to play in Piggy Traitor Mode, it is more fun and makes a high sense of tension and paranoia because you are kept guessing as to who is the new traitor. If you outlive your other mates, you are going to be a winner.

  1. Dead Silence

Dead Silence1

Dead Silence is one of the scariest Roblox games. It is always recommended to play it with more friends as we are sure you do not want to handle all of those mini heart attacks all alone. You are able to play 1 to 4 players. Dead Silence is a horror based game you are trying to investigate the legend of Mary S. According to the research, the game of Dead Silence has been inspired by an actual horror film back in the year of 2007. It was made on January 25, 2011. The last update of the game was on may 25, 2021. The server size of the game is 50.

During Dead Silence the players are going to find many messages, written in blood, that made the game really scary and told the story line along with it. The messages show a big part when it comes to creating the game. Jamie Ashen and Lisa anonymously get a ventriloquist doll as a gift. Billy goes out to get dinner, while Lisa stays back home to play with the doll. When Billy returns, he finds Lisa dead with her tongue being carved out with a message “Mary Shaw” and here is when the story unfolds itself.

Main character name list:

    • Jamie Ashen
    • Lisa
    • Billy
    • Mary Shaw
  1. Alone In The Dark House

Alone In The Dark House

For the best experience, try this scary game alone. In the game, you are going to find yourself alone in the dark house, and the only way to escape from there is to take up the tasks available. You have to be ready to come across things you do not want to experience but yet, the game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats throughout your gaming experience.

Here are some different areas of Alone in a Dark House:

    • The Office

Now, the power is on, which is why there is a code on the screen.

    • The first Bedroom

As you will see, not much here. The door is locked, and to the right of the screen (where the green light is) is the Safe.

    • The second Bedroom

The radio is turned off, despite after turning on power, it must turn on and play the most Annoying / terrifying sounds ever. This leads to the Attic.

    • The safe

The code is already submitted. There must be a key inside.

    • Death Note Room

The Key on the table has been taken already.

    • The Basement

There is probably much more to find here. There was an easter egg, where you are able to go into the sewers. Also, there will be a message that say: Coming Soon.

  1. School History

School History roblox

In this School History game, you need to find out the history of the school and the subsequent mysteries attached to it. After that, you have to find your way out through the keys and doors. But you have to be ready to discover things behind the doors as you might lose control of your gaming controls. Also, you never know what you might find behind the doors, look out for jump scares.

According to research, the School History game was made by TubPong on April 30, 2019. The last update of the game was on June 9, 2021. The game has place visits around 5.1M+. The server size of the game is 3.

  1. The Apartment

The Apartment roblox

Some of you may have been in a nightmare where you are stuck in an empty and abandoned apartment with all weird things going on. Well, this game is a nightmare come true in virtual reality. It is one of the scariest Roblox games. Also, the game is filled with many creepiness and jump scares which are sure to freak you out. The more you go up level-wise, then the more fear and scary experiences await you.

The Apartment is a horror game where the players are able to explore a large apartment building. You work your way up through various floors by yourself or with a friend. There are lots of strange noises, mysterious characters, and jump scares on every level of the game. You are going to be hearing noises with the shadow lady. Nothing happens at the end, you only stay in the room and nothing happens.

  1. The Mirror

The Mirror roblox

Are you ready to experience several mirror effects? Mirror game is one of the scary Roblox games with Jump scares. The players are ordered to dim the lights and also stare closely at the mirror for a long time. If you stare too long into the mirror, you will be able to have several weird effects. However one thing to note, the game is more about mind games than real horror misery. This Mirror game is specially designed to simulate strange-face-in-the-mirror illusion. So, you have to stay put and expect the worst.