Scarlet Quartz Genshin Respawn Time

Scarlet Quartz is an item which you have to find to be able to investigate the strange ice. After you find it, you have to destroy it. If you break it and then you pick the item that they drop, there will be red energy which swirls around you. But, how long is the respawn time of Scarlet Quartz?

The Respawn Time of Scarlet Quartz

You may wonder how long the Scarlet Quartz respawn. Actually, when we were trying to find information about it, it seems that this information is not provided. But, in the Mihoyo Forum, another user says that Scarlet Quartz will only respawn if you do not manage to use them in time to do damage to the crystal.

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On that forum, there is a thread about Scarlet Quartz. In the thread, the question is whether Scarlet Quartz respawn or not after it is consumed. Then, the user also asks that after he picks up a quartz, he hits the barrier and then he loses the quartz, but they do not respawn.

He also says that there is not always enough Scarlet Quartz in the area to be able to destroy one big ice thing and there is a big ice in a cave which is surrounded by a barrier. If you access the forum and then find this thread, you will find that there are a lot of people who also experience this thing.

Another user tries to answer this question that if it is the large crystals that you are trying to destroy, there will be 4 scarlet quartz around the area. And some of them are hidden. If they are used, they will not respawn. So, you have to be able to find all 4 Scarlet Quartz to be able to destroy the crystal. If you do not manage to use them in time to do damage to the crystal, they will respawn.

There is also another user who gives a suggestion for you who is stuck since the Scarlet Quartz does not respawn. He suggests to get the 2 seelies to their places in front of the gate. And then, behind the gate, there is a Scarlet Quartz that does not respawn. You are able to take it to the frozen thing that you have to melt.

Things to Know About Scarlet Quartz

In Genshin Impact, Scarlet Quartz is an item which can be found anywhere in Dragonspine. This item is an important part of solving gimmicks in Dragonspine. Scarlet Quartz is needed to destroy the Ice Crystals in Dragonspine.

Things to Know About Scarlet Quartz

If you hit red rocks with a skill or weapon, it will make the rock explode and release a Scarlet Quartz. However, it is important for you to know that Scarlet Quartz will not appear in your inventory. Nevertheless, red energy will surround you. And when you are in that state and then you attack crystals, you will melt them.

Scarlet Quartz for Surviving from Sheer Cold in Dragonspine

In the Dragonspine region which is south of the Mondstadt, there is a Sheer Cold mechanic. It is shown by a light blue bar which appears above your HP. This process will be accelerated if you do the actions like swimming in freezing waters or getting caught in a blizzard. If the bar is full, the HP of your character will drain slowly. If you spend time in the open more, your team will die faster. So, you need to be able to survive in this mechanic. One of the methods to survive in this Sheer Cold mechanic is by using Scarlet Quartz.

There are blood-red mineral nodes that you are able to find all over Dragonspine region in Genshin Impact. If you are able to destroy them, you will be given Scarlet Quartz. This material will give you a temporary warming buff that you can use to prevent Sheer Cold from rising. This effect is still active when the red energy surrounds your character.

The other methods that you can use in the game to survive from Sheer Cold mechanic in Dragonspine region are using Bonfires and Torches, using Warming Seelie, using Teleport Waypoints and the Statue of the Seven, and having a healer. We will explain each of them below.

If you want to use bonfires and torches to survive from Sheer Cold, you can do that by activating the small pillars in the area. By doing this, the small pillars will turn into bonfires. When you are standing in the affected area of a bonfire, Sheer Cold will be nullified. Torches also work in the same manner and they will be scattered in various areas.

How about Warming Seelie? The Seelies that you find in the region have a color which is reddish. They do not only lead you to treasure chests, but also they will give a warming buff when you follow them around.

Teleport Waypoints and The Statue of the Seven are the other things that you can use for surviving from the Sheer Cold. To be able to survive from this mechanic, the thing that you have to do is to stand near teleport waypoints and it will abolish Sheer Cold. It will also happen if you use the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine. If you use it, it will be able to heal your party and vanish Sheer Cold. It is important for you that you have to unlock it as soon as possible.

Having a healer is another method that you can do to be able to survive from a Sheer Cold mechanic. We can say that this method is the most reliable method. The characters in Genshin Impact such as Jean, Qiqi and the other characters may prove to be helpful, especially when you are in a problematic situation. However, it seems that Barbara can be the best one that you can choose. She has an elemental skill which has a fairly short cooldown. With it, you are able to roam around while it is active. You also have to make sure that you have to avoid getting hit by Cyro attacks. If not, you will be frozen soon.