Sanrio Animal Crossing Codes

You may be here now to find out the information about Sanrio Animal Crossing codes. When information about this was looked for, there were two things that were  found namely the code for the Animal Horizons island and also the codes for Sanrio designs.

Code For Sanrio Animal Crossing Island

On May 2nd, 2021, in the Isabelle Twitter account @animalcrossing, it was posted that Ninten Island which is the official Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons island has been updated. You are able to use the Dream Address to be able to visit and get some new Nook Inc. Custom Designs. The Dream address code is:

    • DA-6382-1459-4417

As you are able to see in the island that in this updated island, you are able to see items and villagers which are added as part of the Sanrio collaboration. There are also new custom design codes which have been added for visitors to download.

For your information, Sanrio is a Japanese company. This company is known for some characters such as Gudetama, Hello Kitty, and Pompompurin.

You are able to access the Ninten island by using the Dream Suite feature. There are new villagers that you can find such as Toby, Marty and Etoile. They have themes in Little Twin Stars, Kerokerokeroppi, and Pompompurin. There is a representative of the island named Nina who is wearing an outfit which is inspired by Hello Kitty. You are able to use the new designs on uchia fans, standees, umbrellas and handheld flags. It is important for you to know that these designs are only able to be used with the Pro Editor+. It means that you have to make sure that you have it unlocked before you visit.

Sanrio Animal Crossing Codes

Codes For Sanrio Animal Crossing Designs

Now, how about Sanrio Animal Crossing design codes? There are a number of Sanrio custom designs that you also can find on some Youtube channel such as:

    • A video of Delfya entitled 200+ Sanrio Custom Designs | Pattern| QR Codes | In Animal Crossing New Horizons which was uploaded on March 10th, 2021.
    • A video of Delfya entitled 100+ Sanrio Custom Designs | Patterns| QR Codes in Animal Crossing New Horizons which was uploaded on April 3rd, 2021.

Here are some Sanrio custom designs codes from these videos.

    • Pompompurin design

Creator: Crystal

    • Pompompurin (coat)

Creator: sadas

    • Pompompurin (ground or floor)

Creator: Thaitea

    • Pompompurin (Balloon-hem dress)

Creator: Keavi

    • Twin Stars Dress (Balloon-hem dress)

Creator: Mary

    • Twin Stars Hoodie (Hoodie)

Creator: Mary

    • Kiki Lala Chalk

Creator: Mary

    • Keroppi (coat)

Creator: Nicole

    • Keroppi Tee ( Short-sleeve tee)

Creator: Mary

    • Keroppi Raincoat (coat)

Creator: Genavieve

    • Hello Kitty Happy (brimmed cap)

Creator: alicemyway

    • Kitty Cat Sweater (hoodie)

Creator: rainbowka

    • Hello Kitty Sweet (Brimmed cap)

Creator: alicemyway

    • Hello Kitty Surprise (Short-sleeve dress)

Creator: alicemyway

    • I Love Rilla (sweater)

Creator: Rainbowja

    • Cinnamon Sky (Balloon-hem dress)

Creator: Lexie

    • My Melody Pinafore (Balloon-hem dress)

Creator: Dani

    • My Melody Vest (coat)

Creator: Dani

    • My Melody Capelet (coat)

Creator: Dani

    • Keroppi’s Apron (Short-sleeve dress)

Creator: Kaylee

    • Keroppi Overalls (coat)

Creator: Kaylee

    • Keroppi’s Cardigan

Creator: Kaylee

Those are some codes for the Sanrio designs according to two videos of Delfya. For more codes, you are able to watch the videos directly.

Talking about Sanrio, have you known that you are able to buy Nintendo Amiibo Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration pack which permits you to get Sanrio characters and items? Let’s find out the information about it below.

Nintendo Amiibo Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack

Nintendo Amiibo Animal Crossing New Horizon Sanrio Collaboration Pack can be found on some offline and online stores like Target, Best Buy, Amazon and some more stores. If you buy this Sanrio Animal Crossing Amiibo pack, you will get these things:

    • In this Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack, you will get 6 Amiibo cards.
    • Every Sanrio character or amiibo card has a connection with one of six villagers. You have chances to invite them to live on your island.
    • In the Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these amiibo cards are able to be used to invite Animal Crossing characters to your island.  And after that, Sanrio-themed items can be obtained.
    • The cards are suitable with Nintendo Switch, new 3DS systems.

After you buy these Sanrio Amiibo cards, do not be confused about how to use them. You are allowed to use these cards to get a lot of exclusive content in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Those cards include new villagers to invite to your island and new items that can be your collection.

Previously, you could use these cards to get a few Sanrio themed poster items. And now, you are allowed to get the whole set of furniture and clothing after the March update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons which was released on March 18th, 2021.

What do we have to do to use the cards? You need to scan one of the six different Sanrio Amiibo cards. After that, it will invite the associated villager to the campsite of your island which then will be converted into a full-time resident. In addition,  furniture and clothing will be your collection as well.

6 characters of Sanrio from these Amiibo cards.

Here are the 6 characters of Sanrio from these Amiibo cards.

    • Rilla

This  is a gorilla villager and its personality is Peppy in Animal Crossing. The inspiration of this villager is from Hello Kitty from Sanrio.

    • Marty

This is a cub villager and its personality is Lazy. The inspiration of this villager is from Pompompurin from Sanrio.

    • Étoile

This is a sheep villager and its personality is Normal.  The inspiration of this villager is from Kiki and Lala from Sanrio.

    • Chai

This is an Elephant villager and its personality is Peppy. The inspiration of this villager is from Cinnamoroll from Sanrio.

    • Chelsea

This is a deer villager and its personality is Normal. The inspiration of this villager is from My Melody from Sanrio.

    • Toby

This is a rabbit villager and its personality is Smug. The inspiration of this villager is from Kerokerokeroppi from Sanrio.