Roll20 Hotkeys (Keyboard Commands)

In this page, we are going to share the keyboard shortcuts or Hotkeys which are available by default in the Roll20 game. Apparently, There are more shortcuts available. However, they have to be activated under the Settings Tab.

Keyboard Shortcuts or Hotkeys


Switch to Object/Token layerCtrl/Cmd+O
Switch to GM info layerCtrl/Cmd+K
Switch to map or background layerCtrl/Cmd+M
Move selected object to object or token layerCtrl/Cmd+Shift+O
Move selected object to GM info layerCtrl/Cmd+Shift+K
Move selected object to map or background layerCtrl/Cmd+Shift+M


Select and Pan toolCtrl/Cmd+S
Brush tool or Freehand drawing toolCtrl/Cmd+F
Text toolCtrl/Cmd+G
Add selected object(s) to turn the trackerCtrl/Cmd+U
Choose everything on current layerCtrl/Cmd+A
Copy selected object(s)Ctrl/Cmd+C
Paste copied object(s)Ctrl/Cmd+V
Undo previous actionCtrl/Cmd+Z
Remove selected object(s)Backspace or Delete


Will add a waypoint to your measurement lineQ or secondary click while measuring
Will make the measurement line visible until you discharge with secondary click, or by creating the  new measurementShift while measuring
Will recall your last measurement line after it has been dismissedX


This command will draw snapped to a grid including the straight lines, polygon tool points on the squares, edges, etc.)Shift+Draw

Moving, Rotation and Resizing

ZoomAlt+Mouse Wheel
Ignore grid snappingAlt+Resize
Ignore grid snappingAlt+Move
In the specified direction, this command will moves a selected token one grid unit.←, →, ↑ or ↓
In the specified direction, this command will moves a selected token three pixel.Alt+(←, →, ↑ or ↓)
This command will rotates a selected token by 45-degree/ 30-degree increments. It depends on your grid typeE+Mouse Wheel
This command will rotates a selected token by one degree at a timeAlt+E+Mouse Wheel
PanRight Mouse Button +Drag


Will shows a larger version of that object in a modal popupPressing “Z” with an object selected
Will shows all players the larger version of that object. Remember that only players and DMs that are on the same page as the selected token will be able to see the modal pop-upPressing Shift+Z as the GM
This command will open the character sheet that the token representsHolding Shift and Double Clicking a token
This command will see the environment as that token would once Dynamic Lighting/ Advanced Fog of War is enabled on the current page.Pressing Ctrl +L with a token selected (as the GM)
This command will center everyone’s field of vision. It is known as shift-pinging.Hold down your Left Mouse while holding down Shift Button
This command will choose only objects classified as drawings.Holding down Alt while doing a multi-select
This command will allow you view your character (as player), if you have two or more characters in your possession.Pressing Ctrl + L

Advanced Hotkeys

According to the research, Advanced hotkeys are a new feature in Roll20 for the users that gives an extremely extended set of keyboard shortcuts from the standard. Under My Settings tab, you will be able to turn on advanced shortcuts. After that, you are able to check the box next to option; Use Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts.

Those advanced shortcuts are the simple Keystrokes. Most do not utilize modifier keys such as Ctrl or Alt. Some of them are sequence shortcuts. For instance, the shortcut for the Shape Tool is “f r”, that means pressing the “F” key followed immediately by the “R” key one after the other.

Also, you have to note that those shortcuts are only active once you are not typing in a text field. You will be able to press “Esc” at any time to cancel any active text boxes.


Switch to Map or background layerm
Switch to objects or tokens layero
Switch to GM info layerk
Switch to Dynamic Lighting layer,
Will move selected object(s) to Map or background  layerl m
Will move selected object(s) to Tokens layerl o
Will move selected object(s) to GM layerl k
Choose tools
Shape Drawingf r
Freehand Drawingf f
Polygon Drawingf g
Text Toolf d
Measure Snap to Centerq 1
Measure Snap to Cornerq 2
Measure with No Snapq 3
Measure Hidden from Othersq h
Measure Show to Othersq s
Fog of War Revealr r
Fog of War Polygon Revealr g
Fog of War Hider t
Show Turn Trackery
Add Turn for Selected Token(s)u
Show Dice Rolling GUId
Show/Hide Page Toolbarp
This command will zoom view selected graphicz
This command will show zoom view of selected graphic to all players.shift-z

Right Sidebar

Show/Hide Right Sidebarw
Chat Tabc
Focus Chat Inputc c
Art Tabi
Journal Tabj
Focus Journal Search Box/
Pause All Jukebox TracksN p
Collection Tab ;
Settings Tab[
De-Focus Active TextfieldsEscape

Roll20 WebRTC Voice Chat

Toggle self-mute`

Talking about keyboard shortcuts or Hotkeys in Roll20, we remind about Hotkey in Windows. So, on this page, we will also share how to make a Custom Hotkey for your Favorite application or folder.

Assign a Hotkey to an application. Here’s guide.

  • At the first step, open the Start menu.
  • Then, find the application in the All Programs menu.
  • Next, right-click the desired program file and select Properties.
  • In the Properties dialog, you are able to find the text box labeled Shortcut key.
  • Click in the text box and then enter a key that you want to use in your hotkey. Automatically Windows will place Ctrl + Alt + in front. If you select a function key or a numeric keypad key, only that key will be used, and Ctrl + Alt + will not be added.
  • Just click “OK”

Set a Hotkey to a folder/file not in the All Programs menu. Here’s guide.

  • Firstly, make a shortcut file by right-click dragging the desired target file or folder to the Desktop and select “Create shortcuts here” from the right-click menu.
  • After that, right-click the new shortcut file and select Properties.
  • Now, do steps 4-6 mentioned above.

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