Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI Script

In fact, a lot of people do not even know what the GUI is. However, they only join on the bandwagon when they find numerous cool stuff that other players are doing with it. GUI can be mentioned as one of exploits in Roblox where it allows the players too much freedom, working with scripts.

Just like another GUI, Ultimate Trolling GUI is basically a script. Of course, if you want to use it in Roblox, you should add the script itself. So, how to use the Ultimate Trolling GUI in Roblox? Well, let’s find out the tutorial on how to use the Ultimate Trolling Gui in our post below!

Scripts for Ultimate Trolling GUI

Here’s one of the scripts of Ultimate Trolling GUI:

local allowed = {“”}
This is where you type in your name and any other names of players you want to have access to the Ultimate Trolling GUI.
for i, v in pairs(allowed) doif player.Name == v then


How to Add the Ultimate Trolling GUI Script?

To add the Ultimate Trolling GUI script in Roblox, following the steps:

    • First, go to Roblox Studio Interface and open it.
    • Then, go to the Script Menu tab.
    • You need to choose the ServerScriptService option in the Explorer window on the right and double click on the Script function.
    • Afterwards, you need to type the script in the following lines:

local allowed = {“”}
This is where you type in your name and any other names of players you want to have access to the Ultimate Trolling GUI.
for i, v in pairs(allowed) doif player.Name == v then


Okay, that’s how to add the Ultimate Trolling GUI scripts in Roblox.

It’s important to note, if you want to add the Ultimate Trolling GUI scripts in Roblox, you will need to generate the ID. Well, the ID here is something that you can obtain from various pastebin links of people sharing the UTG for Roblox. It can mean some trial and error on your part, as not all versions are recently supported anymore.

What Does Ultimate Trolling GUI Mean?

Roblox Ultimate Trolling GUI Script1

GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. This term is likely similar to HUD which stands for Heads Up Displays. But, both are different.

GUI is basically an interface which is composed of multiple elements, some of which you can even interact with. GUIs also contain HUDs but also buttons, menus, sliders, settings and more. Well, in case of the Ultimate Trolling GUI or UTG, it is beyond Godmode on most Roblox games and servers.

While HUD only displays the information and descriptions which are relevant to the character or characters you are controlling as a player. You can think of this as a smaller component or an element of the GUI.

Why Does Find UTG Script Hard?

In fact, not all UTG scripts are working, most of them are not valid to use. Well, this is where things get annoying at all. You may once see the active Roblox players abusing the UTG in their YouTube videos and begging for admins to address the issues.

So, from the facts here, we can conclude that there is still a lack of availability for the working version of Ultimate Trolling GUI. In this case, we should know that not all players which are using UTG in their games are absolutely inclined to share the script.

Then, most forums which deal in such scripts, such as V3rmillion can be hard to sign up for and get access to more sensitive information topics.

Well, you should be careful when finding the UTG script, as some YouTubers and sites are also just trolling you with promises of UTG scripts after subscription. So, it will be hard to find a working UTG from a trusted source, especially one that has not been already banned.

Where to Find UTG Scripts?

If you want to try looking for the Ultimate Trolling GUI script that you can use for Roblox, we think that the V3rmillion forum is a right option for you. However, it may take you a while to find out what you are looking for. What you should do is to spend your time on this forum, be patient that you may be one of the lucky ones in this forum to eventually find the scripts.

Another way is the Roblox Library. But, the last update on the UTG script which was posted there was performed in the summer of 2019. We think it’s unclear how worthy that script is and in how many games you can add it, as it has very few ratings.

Aside from that, it is also not something you can likely add to someone else’s game. However, this is still a fun GUI but may not work as the exploit some users want it to be.

Are there alternatives to UTG? Unfortunately, there are no known alternatives to the UTG. Of course, there are other minor exploits in existence, but most of them are addressed as soon as they become public knowledge.

Here’s a list of some UTG scripts that we get from pastebin. However, we cannot guarantee whether those scripts are still working or not. Here are they:

    • Ultimate Trolling GUI 1 – require(3059033683):Fire(“Guest_yones”)
    • Ultimate Trolling GUI 2 – require(2993514878):Fire(“Guest_yones”
    • Nuke Incoming – require(1699614667).Player(“Guest_yones”)
    • Spectrum Glitcher – require(2605278525).spec(“Guest_yones”)
    • require(3117546674):Fire(‘Guest_yones’) script for Gunjourer
    • require(3117564747):Fire(‘Chixart2’) script for Magic Power
    • require(3117661544):Fire(‘Chixart2’) script for Dual Ultima
    • require(3117687124):Fire(‘Chixart2’)script for Brutal Overlord
    • require(3117564747):Fire(‘Chixart2’) script for Magic power
    • require(2681865333):Fire(‘ok’, ‘Chixart2’) script for grab Knive V4
    • Grab Knife V1: require(2836693511):Fire(‘Chixart2′,’i baked you a pie’)
    • Grab Knife V2: require(2845941230):Fire(‘Chixart2′,’i baked you a pie’)
    • Grab Knife V3: require(2829943043):Run(‘Chixart2′,’i baked you a pie’)
    • ShotGun – require(03114598550):Fire(“Chixart2”)
    • Matteo’s gun – require(03099649438).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Rare Sword – require(03099697999).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Rainbow Titan – require(03099691224).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Matteo’s Flamethrower – require(03099659288).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Eraser – require(03099667517).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Vape – require(03099678440).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Dualecider – require(2790149731):Run(‘Chixart2’)
    • Scary ambient(by me lol) – require(03099579132).load(“Chixart2”)
    • lOsT hOpE – require(3098076859).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Lost Bye Bye – require(03099474099).load(“Chixart2”)
    • You are an idiot – require(03095188600).load(“Chixart2”)
    • kys – require(03095160836).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Mexican/Russian doge- require(3095125182).load(“Chixart2”)
    • YOU NEED JESUS – require(3086965141):executeModule(“Chixart2”)
    • Mr.Pixels – require(2995020929):Fire(“oof”,”Chixart2)
    • require(03095105955).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Pizza Guy – require(02980464351).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Moonman (KKK) – require(03095022841).load(“Chixart2”)
    • SS GUI – require(03090163777).load(“Chixart2”)
    • UTG GUI – require(2993514878):Fire(“Chixart2”)
    • A GUI – require(3058559294).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Darth Vader – require(02980473200).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Drunk Guy – require(03087849096).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Purple Guy – require(03087845888).load(“Chixart2”)
    • Ice Cream – require(3087708111).load(“Chixart2”)