Roblox Stock Symbol

Do you want to buy Roblox stock? But, what is the symbol of Roblox Stock? Here, we will inform you about it. So, after reading this, you will know the symbol of Roblox stock. Let’s find out the information about it below.

The Symbol of Roblox Stock

What is the symbol of Roblox stock? The symbol of Roblox stock is RBLX. According to the Stock Analysis website which was updated on April 8th, 2021 10.37 AM EDT, the stock price is $69.85 USD + 1.12 (1.63%). Here are the details.

    • Market Cap: 38.32B
    • Revenue (ttm): 923.89 M
    • Net Income (ttm): -253.25 M
    • Shares Out: 550.54 M
    • EPS (ttm): -0.46
    • PE Ratio: n/a
    • Forward PE: n/a
    • Dividend: n/a
    • Dividend Yield: n/a
    • Last price: $69.63
    • Previous Close: $68.73
    • Change ($): 0.90
    • Change (%): 1.31%
    • Day’s Open: 69.70
    • Day’s Range: 68.84 – 70.29
    • Day’s Volume: 850,924
    • 52 – Week Range: 60.50 – 79.10
    • In the list below, you are able to see t8he funding history of Roblox.
    • January 2005: $560K
    • August 2006: $1.1 M
    • February 2008: $2.9M
    • July 2009: $2.2 M
    • May 2011: $4.2 M
    • January 2017: $25.0 M
    • June 2018: $150 M
    • February 2020: $150 M

Roblox Stock Symbol

From the funding history above, you are able to see that Roblox underwent its first fundraising effort in 2005 when it got $560,000 in a Series A. In the next years, Roblox continued to get funding. Roblox company raised $150 million in Series G in February 2020 which was led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Now, the estimated valuation of Roblox now is $29.5 billion and its most recent fundraising effort drawing in $ 520 million in a new round of funding that happened in January 2021.

There was an announcement from Roblox that its revenues in the first 3 quarters of 2020 was $613.9 million, it was more than $25 million than the previous estimate of the company which is $588.7 million. Also, there was a revision from the company about its net losses from the similar period from $213.3 million to $194.5 million. When it is compared to September 2019, an annual revenue bump of more than 70%

Purchasing Roblox Stock

Even though now Roblox has a lot of users, it does not guarantee that this game will last for a long period. So, if you have a plan to invest in Roblox, you have to take a long term approach. It is done to evaluate the company. There are a lot of stocks which decline in value after their initial offerings. So, you probably do not want to invest on the debut day of Roblox.

The Steps to Buy Roblox IPO (RBLX) Stock

The first thing that you have to do to buy Roblox IPO (RBLX) stock is to pick a brokerage. You are not able to purchase and sell shares of stock directly on the market that you want as a retail investor. You have to work through a broker, a financial service company which is authorized to buy and sell stocks on your behalf according to your instructions. You will not find any problem finding a broker who can help you to be able to invest in the upcoming direct listing of Roblox if you live in the US. Roblox will start trading on the NYSE after listing. You are able to shop around for brokers and decide where you want to open an account. However, when you decide where you open a brokerage account, there are some factors that you may consider as you are able to see in the list below.

    • The type of account

You have to be familiar with the types of brokerage accounts so that it can help you to select the best option for tax reporting.

    • Commissions and fees

There are some brokers who offer commission free trading. However, there are also some brokers who charge a small fee when you purchase or sell a share or stock. So, it is better to check the fee schedule of a broker.

    • Access to additional market types

You are able to choose any broker based in the US if you only want to buy and sell shares of stock which trade on American markets such as NYSE and the Nasdaq. However, if you want to access foreign markets, forex trading or cryptocurrency, you can choose a broker which offers access to all of the assets that you want to add to your portfolio.

After choosing a brokerage, the second step is to decide how many shares that you want. If you want to invest in Roblox on the date of its listing, it is better for you to set a budget before the market opens. It is because Roblox has chosen a direct listing rather than a traditional IPO. It means that it is hard to know how much you will pay per share before you know the shares of Roblox.

In the third step, you have to choose your order type. There are a lot of brokers who offer access to a lpt of types of orders. The most common buy orders are market orders, limit orders, trailing stop orders and stop orders. It is important for you to know that the types of orders that you will have access to will be various. It depends on the broker where you have an account.

And now, you are able to put your order through the platform of your brokerage. After that, your broker will take care of filling the order on your behalf.

The Reason Why Roblox IPO

As reported by Sarah Horvath in Benzinga, Roblox changed its documents to be able to postpone its IPO to February 2021 from last quarter. After that, recently they filed an additional amendment and it pushes the IPO date to March 10th, 2021. A standard IPO had been filed at first by Roblox and then later chose a direct listing after DoorDash and Airbnb priced their IPOs below the stock opening prices. On March 10th, 2021, they officially IPO with IPO price at $45 per share.