Roblox Shirt Template Size

To create a custom shirt in Roblox, of course there are a bunch of requirements that you should meet. One of them is the Shirt template which is known as a way to create, custom and design an outfit in Roblox. Additionally, this shirt template also allows you to create a unique Roblox character.

In the way of making a shirt, pants or also shoes, you may wonder what the maximum size of the template is. However, there’s a limitation of Roblox shirt template size for creating a shirt in Roblox. Thankfully, this post will show you the Roblox shirt template size  used to create  a perfect Roblox shirt. Here you go!

Recommended Roblox Shirt Template Size

Generally, the maximum dimensions of  Roblox shirt template is a size of 585 wide and 559 tall. Of course, the size of the outfit will be lower in these dimensions. Well, to make you understand, we’ll also explain each part of Roblox shirt template.

Here’s the dimensions of  Roblox shirt templates:

Recommended Roblox Shirt Template Size

    • Both the front side and the backside of the torso are 128×128 pixels.
    • The sides of the torso and the sides of arms have a dimension of 64×128 pixels.
    • The top and bottom of the torso have 128×64 pixels.
    • The top and the bottom of the arms and legs are 64×64 pixels.

Here’s for the explanation:

    • The top part of the template is the torso that shows all of the angles which you will have to cover on the clothing.
    • Up is what shows beneath the head of the avatar.
    • L is the left side of the model.
    • R is the Right side of the model.
    • Down is what shows beneath your legs.

Try to think of the torso has a 3-dimensional rectangle and you have to cover all of the sides. Then, the dotted line is where the body of a Roblox character flexes and folds.

The arms are below the torso which is similarly labeled to the torso. Furthermore, the up portion will show at the top of the arm and the down portion will show below where the hand meets.

When you want to create a shirt, make sure you follow those dimensions before submitting the template. If not, the Roblox shirt template will be rejected.

It’s important to note that Roblox only accepts the templates provided by them. It means that you cannot use the different dimensions of the image while making a shirt for your character. Fortunately, Roblox has distributed the images of the templates that you can use directly to customize.

Aside from choosing the proper template to create a Roblox shirt, another important requirement is editing skills. In other words, you should have editing and creative skills in order to create a gorgeous shirt.

In making a Roblox shirt, a lot of Roblox players are using Paint.Net or Photoshop. But, Photoshop has a lot of advantages over

When Do You Use the Transparent Shirt Template in Roblox?

In this case, the Roblox Transparent Shirt Template is perfectly used when you are making a shirt which has cutouts or areas which will reveal the body beneath. Well, this is usually used with clothing with holes or crop tops.

We think that it can be a great idea to have the standard shirt template underneath the transparent one. However, this way you can tell where the dotted lines will show up. So, you can see where folds are going to happen. You may want to hide this layer after it’s ready to be saved.

If you are ready to save your shirt, ensure to save it as a PNG which will keep the transparency or the see-through aspects of your design might not work.

How to Create a Shirt Using a Template?

If you want to create a shirt with a template, make sure to go to this site here. However, it contains image templates for shirts and pants for Roblox avatars. Sure, you should have a Roblox subscription to upload a shirt design to Roblox.

Step 1: Downloading the shirt template

You definitely can download the shirt template by accessing the link above. Make sure to download the template with ‘Torso + Arms’ image on the left side of the page. To download the shirt template, you can right-click the image, click Save Image As and then click on the ‘Save’ button.

 download the template with ‘Torso + Arms’
Torso + Arms

Step 2: Open the Template in an editor

The image editors that you can use include Photoshop, GIMP, or But, many players prefer to create a shirt on Photoshop. Then, open the shirt template that you have downloaded.

Step 3: Add a new layer

After that, you can then add a new layer to the image. Of course, it will be the layer you use to design the shirt. The layers panel is in the lower-right corner on both Photoshop and GMP. Then, to add a new layer, you can click the icon which resembles a blank sheet of paper below the Layers panel.

Step 4: Color the shirt

The shirt template consists of three parts for the body, right arms and left arms. The fronts are color-coded in red, the backs are in blue, the lefts are in yellow and the rights are in green, the tops are in light blue and the bottoms are in orange.

To choose the area that you want to color, you can use the rectangle marquee tool and you can fill the area with a color of your choice with the Paint Bucket tool.

Step 5: Design your shirt

However, this is the part where you can express your creativity. You definitely can add anything you want to your shirt. You can add the text, draw or add the texture, or also attach the image or pattern from another image.

 Design your shirt

Step 6: Save the shirt

After you successfully complete your shirt in template, you can then save the image in its native in case you have to edit it later on. To save your image, you can click on File, then click on the Save As and type a name for the file and last click on the ‘Save’ button.

Congratulations! You successfully create a shirt using Roblox shirt template.