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Having your own Roblox GFX is such everyone’s desire in Roblox. However, Roblox GFX pictures will present a more gorgeous and perfect-detail texture, than default pictures available in Roblox. With GFX, your Roblox game will be more interesting and attract people’s attention.

Then, how to create your own Roblox GFX? Thankfully, this post will show some recommended apps that can help you in creating your Roblox GFX. What are they? Let’s find the great app for making your Roblox GFX in our post below!

Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio serves as the first software of player’s choice for making Roblox GFX.  In other words, Roblox Studio is a gorgeous building tool to help players express your creativity. It also offers a 3D video game program that is easy and free to use. Roblox Studio allows you to create terrains including savannahs, city scapes, high rise buildings and also volcanic islands.

As you know, Roblox is generally played by kids. With Roblox Studio, kids will express their creativity in making their Roblox GFX images. Roblox Studio definitely gives easy access for kids to take their design and creativity deeply.

In fact, the aim of Roblox Studio is to allow creators and developers to create, share, and connect their creation to other players. Certainly, Roblox can distinguish the user by encouraging a group that supports learning, creativity and imagination.



For quite a long time, Blender has been known as an animation maker app with great and complete features within. This app can also be used to create 3D printed models, visual effects, video games and interactive 3D apps. Blender offers a variety of features including texturing, 3D modeling, bitmap image editing, digital sculpting to rendering and video editing.

This app may take your time to learn how it works. In Roblox, you may learn the use of the Blender app to pose Roblox models. Of course, this is one of the examples in which the more time you spend playing around in the program, the better you will be overall. In other words, practice will make it perfect. With Blender, you can express your creativity in many ways for creating your own Roblox GFX.

However, Blender app offers some Roblox creations such as shirt templates, song IDs that you can add to a soundtrack. You may think that creating a unique GFX is hard, however, the skills you’ve learned with Blender will get you started on a career in animation, if you really want to take it that far.

Here’s for Blender’s pros and cons:


    • The software is lightweight so that it can be operated with computers that have low specifications
    • Does not require a lot of capacity space
    • Open source software so it can run on Linux operating systems
    • Light when rendering
    • Easy to use
    • Can be obtained for free


    • The tools you have are incomplete
    • Looks quite messy
    • All processes are done manually
    • GUI that’s hard to understand

Adobe Photoshop

Roblox GFX with Adobe Photoshop.

Aside from Roblox Studio and Blender, you can also create your own Roblox GFX with Adobe Photoshop. However, to use this app, it may allow you to pay for premium, to get more amazing and complete features.

Adobe Photoshop is known as image editing software with bitmap type. with some features quite complete and very easy to use.

To use Photoshop to make Roblox GFX, you certainly have to know the functions of the tools already contained in Photoshop. If you understand, you can use it and express your creativity, so that one day you can become a great Roblox content creator or  developer.

Here are what you can do with Photoshop:

    • Merge two photos into one
    • Add or remove objects in a photo
    • Refine photos
    • Resize photo
    • Change photo format
    • Create a new object
    • Etc



Lunapic is also included in one of the photo editor options to create your own Roblox GFX picture. You do not need to download it either on your smartphone or PC, you can instead use it online, just visiting the Lunapic site here.

Lunapic also offers numerous amazing features. One of the popular features which are mostly used by Roblox players is the Transparency. Lunapic can be used as an online photo editor application that has a feature to make the image background transparent.

To note, images uploaded to Lunapic to be made transparent must be in JPG format. However, after being transparent and re-downloaded, the image format automatically becomes PNG which indicates that the image supports the transparent format.

Unlike Photoshop or other applications, in Lunapic, we simply click on the background of the image to be removed, so that our photo background becomes transparent very easily and quickly.



PicMonkey is an image editor web application with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. This web application has so many filters and effects. Thanks to the great features available, many Roblox players have eventually switched to using PicMonkey to create their own Roblox GFX pictures.

With PicMonkey, all you have to do is add your photos by drag and drop, which will save you time if you want to fix multiple photos. PicMonkey will fix your Roblox images automatically, providing a variety of effects that give GFX to your Roblox images.

Well, if you really want to use PicMonkey to create your own Roblox GFX, you can visit the official site of PicMonkey here.


Paint.NET Roblox GFX

Recently, many Roblox players have looked at the usefulness of Yeah… This is image and photo editing software for PCs running Windows. is really great for intuitive and innovative user interface with some support features including layers, special effects, unlimited undo and a variety of helpful and powerful tools.

Many active and growing Roblox creators choose this tool as a powerful tool to develop their creativity in creating Roblox content including making Roblox avatars, accessories, clothes and more.

If you need a free multipurpose photo editor that is very reliable and useful to have, we think that Paint.NET is a program that you should definitely install on your computer system.

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