Roblox Fake ID Ban

Roblox is one of the biggest platforms to play games. The players who play here vary from age. To create a safe circumstance, everyone must follow its Terms and Use. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this idea.

In fact, there are a lot of users who violate the rules, which lead them to getting banned. Some of the most popular cases are using fake IDs. Using the fake ID is prohibited as it breaks the rule and if one is proven to be guilty, their profile will be banned. Basically, Roblox will send a notification saying that the account is banned or terminated. Here is the example of the notification

Account Deleted

Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at Roblox has been in violation of our Terms of Use.

Reviewed: 9/21/2021 9:21:20 PM (CT)

Moderator Note: The ID sent to us has been confirmed to be falsified. Your billing information has been sent to the proper authorities.

Reason: Fake ID

Offensive item:

Your account has been terminated.

If you wish to appeal, please contact us via the Support Form.

Roblox always tries their best to make everyone feel comfortable spending their time on the platform but some people just do not listen and they do not even care. Ban has become a normal thing due to these kinds of people.

Actually, the ones who break the Terms and Use are not banned immediately. They are usually given warnings on their first few offenses and the number of warnings one can get before getting the real band varies. In the extreme cases, including scamming, phishing, adult content, game theft, or violation of federal law, there will be no notices or commands before the deletion.

Not only that, a player is able to get a ban from an individual game. The difference is that this ban is only carried out by a game moderator and not by a Roblox administrator. Usually, the one that carries out these bands is an admin command script.

There is no way for the players to view the profiles of the accounts that have been deleted. However, there was a bug on January 15, 2014 that made it possible for the users access to view the profiles of the accounts that have been terminated. A forum reply by Merely stated that an administrator called NobleDragon said that the bug was an update. however, the announcement is no longer able to be found. It seems like the announcement was deleted in order to avoid spreading further misinformation about the change.

As mentioned earlier, bans can be different depending on the offense and one is able to get banned for different lengths of time. If one violates the Terms of Use of Roblox, they will be given one of these warnings. These warnings vary from in experience bans to permanent IP bans.

Talking about the bans in Roblox, there are a total of ten bans that are currently available to apply for those who break the rules. These current bans include:

    • In experience ban
    • Warning
    • 1-day ban
    • 3-day ban
    • 1-week ban
    • Account deletion/termination
    • Poison ban (1 year/permanent)
    • IP ban (7 days)
    • Invalid credentials ban (permanent IP ban)
    • Error 0x1 (MAC address ban)

There are also developer forum bans, which include:

    • DevForum feedback message
    • DevForum strike
    • DevForum suspension
    • DevForum login error ban

In the past, there were a few more bans. However, these were no longer active. They include:

    • Forum purge
    • Reminder
    • 2-week ban

Getting banned means getting notes from the moderator. The notes will inform the players about what happens to their Roblox accounts. Below are some moderator notes that include with bans:

    • This image is not appropriate for Roblox. Please review our rules and only upload appropriate content.
    • It’s Prohibited to create, promote, or participate in inappropriate behavior or content. / Your account has been deleted/moderated for creating, promoting, or participating in inappropriate behavior or content. This is a violation of our Terms of Use.
    • Your username is inappropriate for Roblox. / This username is not permitted on Roblox.
    • Your account has been banned for Inappropriate Content.
    • Roblox does not permit discriminatory speech, content, or actions based on race or ethnic origin, national origin, religion or religious affiliation, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. (Your game [GAME LINK] has been permanently suspended.)
    • Your account has been suspended for violating our Terms of Use for bullying.
    • This content is not appropriate (for Roblox). Do not chat, post or otherwise discuss inappropriate topics on Roblox.
    • Do not upload excessively loud audio to Roblox.
    • We’re sorry, but due to a request from the copyright holder, we cannot permit this content on Roblox.
    • Please make sure all text are readable. If we cannot read the text in your image, it will not be permitted on Roblox.
    • Please do not create games, shirts, or post comments about this tragic event. We understand that you intended this to be a respectful memorial, but we can’t risk having other players behave in an inappropriate manner in or around the content you’re posting.
    • Adult content is not tolerated on Roblox! (Image) / Adult content is not tolerated on Roblox.
    • This account has been closed due to violating Roblox terms of service.
    • Your account has been deleted for theft of an account and/or it’s assets.
    • Account has been deleted/suspended for unauthorized/disputed charges.
    • Dating or other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable on Roblox.

When getting the moderator notes, including the one that states the account is banned for fake ID, it is better for everyone to appeal a moderation action by filling out the Roblox Support form. The ban will be lifted if they are proven to be innocent. The responses of the appeal may take some time so please be patient.

Apparently, those who have been terminated with the active Roblox Premium subscription will get an additional notification. The additional one identifies when their Roblox membership will expire or renew and how to cancel their membership subscription if they want.