Roblox East Brickton Trello Ban List Information

You may want to know about the East Brickton Trello Ban List. This information can be found on Trello website. However, here, you can read some of the Reast Brickton Trello Ban List information. So, you can check it below.

East Brickton Trello Ban List Information

When you access Trello, you will find some ban list information of East Brickton. And here is the East Brickton Banlist.

    • Br0k3rr:2444569744
    • snoopdoge_42O:114813051
    • ImagineHacLOLL:2257458421
    • mouad05:76974168
    • FalconDown:97881471
    • TheCrookedReign:64382510
    • CrockpotBlox:1125638523
    • FLmade_IOO:2585632311
    • HoodDoctr:2598985582
    • BOSS234450:766580880
    • cheifsaveg:247095374
    • DavoGFX:1623975870
    • FNTGuts:1470010984
    • nikooooru:1362825016
    • MistrrManz:471325823
    • BaboonLee:2445190589
    • kinjys:479818000
    • Spirit998:55752582
    • SleepyMir191952821795
    • EastBricktonPee:2499864266

In this list, actually, there are a lot of people who are banned. If you want to know more about the East Brickton Banlist of this list, you are able to access Trello. In the page of Trello which informs about the East Brickton Banlist, there is also an unbanned list. Here are some of them.

    • Cooolguy600:2000932363
    • KhavrosTheMenace:75046318
    • GhettoLuhv:929373197
    • KingKiller224406:327820795
    • hjio:9735328
    • dboy4lif:167978522

To see more of this list, you are able to access Trello.

In the banlist, usually, there is the information of the due date of the ban. There is also the reason why that person is banned. For example, Br0k3rr:2444569744 was banned because of mass DMing people on the server and not fit for the servers standards. The due date of being banned from this account is on August 19th, 2021 at 3:06 am. So, the reason for banning someone can be because the person is annoying or breaks the rules.

Talking about banning, do you know how to make bans? If you want to ban someone, you have to use this format:


You have to make sure that you put the reason for banning in the description.

What Is East Brickton?

East Brickton is one of the games that you are able to find and play on Roblox. Marcus760 is the one who created this game where he created this game on June 13th, 2018. When this article was being created, the last update of this game was on August 15th, 2021. The server size of East Brickton is 85. Do you know the genre of this game? The genre of East Brickton is Town and City so if you really like playing games which have Town and City genre, this game may be suitable for you. As of August 16th, 2021, this game has gained more than 3.5 million visitors and it is a great number. This game has also been favorited more than 50k times.

Do you want to play this game on your mobile devices? As explained in the description of the game by the creator that East Brickton is not aimed to work on mobile devices. The reason is because you will need a mouse and keyboard. When you open this game, you will see that the setting is in the modern 21st century. Creating and customizing your character based on what you want to is allowed in this game.  What else? You are also able to decide the destiny that you want here whether to live life as the best detective of the city or as the most infamous criminal. The destiny of your character will be controlled by you and you are able to become what you want to be.

Do you hope to get a badge in this game? A badge is available to be obtained in East Brickton. What  badge is it? The badge that you are able to get here is  Early Access where it is able to be obtained after you bought the game in Early Access. You will also obtain rewards for your characters when the final product releases.

Now, how about a game pass in East Brickton? There is a game pass that you are able to buy in this game  and the game pass is Extra Safe Storage which is able to be bought for 250 Robux. Let’s say that you have this game pass. So, you are able to increase the amount of items that you are able to put in your safe.

Controls Used for East Brickton

If you are a new player in East Brickton, you may not know how to control this game. So, how to control this game? This information is important so that you are able to play this game well. In this list below, you are able to see the guide of how to control this game

    • WASD

It is for moving around.

    • Shift

It is for holding shift.

    • Space

It is for jumping.

    • 1, 2, 3…

It is for equipping/unequipping item.

    • Backspace

It is for dropping item.

    • Left Mouse Click

It is for using item.

    • ` (Button near 1)

It is for opening or closing backpack.

    • Mouse Scroll Wheel

It is for zooming in and out.

    • /

It is for chatting.

Controls Used to Punch in East Brickton

Now, do you know that you are able to punch in this game? But, how to do that? First, the thing that you must note is that new players will not get the punching mechanic, but you have logged three hours total into the game. Behind this invisible timer, the punch mechanic is locked. Why is it like this? This rule is made to prevent new players from ruining the RP experience by engaging in unnecessary fistfights. Then, when punching does unlock after three hours, here are the controls that you can use.

    • Left Punch

You can do this by using mouse left click.

    • Right Punch

You can do this by using mouse right click.

    • Dodge Left

You can do this by using Q.

    • Dodge Right

You can do this by using E.

In Pro Game Guides, it is explained that in combat, you are able to mix up your punches like a standard boxing match. If you time your punches and your dodge, it allows you to release a player and give you the upper hand during melee combat. However, you have to note that it takes practice. However, after you have figured out the mechanics, you will be safe in a lot of tense combat situations.

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