Roblox East Brickton to Do List

When you are playing Roblox East Brickton, you certainly will find numerous things that you should do within the game. You may already understand that the East Brickton allows you to create and customize your characters as well as choose your character’s destiny.

In East Brickton, you could be either the most infamous criminal or the best detective. Well, whatever character you choose, you will encounter certain actions that you have to do, based on the character you choose.

To make it easier for you to perform what you should do in East Brickton, at least you have to notice what to do list. Thankfully, this post will show you a list of actions you need to do in the game. Let’s find out in our post below!

Roblox East Brickton to Do List

To Do List in East Brickton

Here’s a list of actions what you have to do in the game of East Brickton:

    1. Getting a Job

Getting a job can be included into a list of what you should do in this game. However, by getting a job, you will earn money that you can use for purchasing guns, weapons, or anything else. There are some job positions  that you can apply in East Brickton including:

    • Working at hospital
    • Working on ATM
    • LitFits Clerk
    • Club Security
    • Club DJ
    • Fast Food Employee
    • Pawnshop Clerk

If there’s no job available, you can also earn money at Salty Saloon. In this place, you will get a job for a little money. Here, you will apply for any positions such as cleaners, waiters and others. So, make sure to apply for any available positions in this game.

To note, if you are doing crime, it will remove your eligibility to get the better jobs, as there are certain jobs which require you to have a good criminal record.

    1. Purchasing a Gun

After you have enough money, you can then use your money for purchasing any in-game items, one of them is a gun. Of course, you will need a gun to fight other players. In East Brickton, you will have a gun by purchasing it before.

You will purchase a gun from the dealer. However, some dealers will sell for higher prices. It’s important to note, you do not harass the dealer, as they will kill you too. In addition, only use your gun in a safe environment. Make sure to use your gun away from others as the gun is illegal.

    1. Using Your Gun

If you already have a gun, you need to use a /me  command to use your gun. However, this game will not let you shoot until /me command safety is flicked off. You need to know the more bullets you get, the damage will multiply by 2x starting at the base of the weapon damage /4* .05.

Moreover, you can shoot with guns while running, but the crosshair will be invisible with the bad accuracy. You can also add recoil to the guns somehow.

    1. Fight Another Player

As we’ve mentioned, in East Brickton, you are allowed to customize your one character to be what you want, either criminal or detective. Certainly, whatever the role your character chooses, you should get good as well. Well, you need to win a combat when another player hinders your goal.

Furthermore, you can do arson on the buildings that locks them from the public. We guess that you build a building down, while the entrance and fire effect are locked off for 6 minutes.

Once the building will display dark spots or tape which represents burnt marks and tape around the building. Then, after 20 minutes, the building will respawn to normal and the door will also be unlocked and enterable.

Well, those are a bunch of actions that you have to do in East Brickton. Sure, there will be other actions to make it easier for you to get good at this game.

Suggestions to Do in East Brickton

The main actions listed above seem to not be enough for you to get good in East Brickton. For that reason, we will give you some suggestions that you can do in the game to make your gameplay better. Here are they:

    • Make sure to stay inside your building

In this game, there will be a snowstorm to come where you will see snow growing in inches on the streets. If there is rain during or after the snowstorm, it’s better for you to be inside, unless you will lose your health or something.

    • Make your character keep healthy

You should also notice for your character health if you want to get good in East Brickton. Eating over food will add weight. Of course, you have to lose weight by going to a gym and clicking on a treadmill or by waiting for a little hard job.

    • Build a prison

In East Brickton, you are also allowed to build a prison. You can create it on an island when the prison is added to the game. Make sure to build a prison far away from the city. In fact, that’s on an island to make it more advanced from RRP2.

    • Use clickable curtain

You definitely have an ability to click curtains and close and also open them.

    • Be careful to new group

You need to know that immigrants will come in a plane for an intro. Certainly, citizens or higher will only spawn into the City.

    • Do your jobs well

You may prefer to work at restaurants. If so, it’s better to choose a Pizza restaurant. When you work at a Pizza restaurant, you need to open the oven and click again to put Pizza in Italian bar. You also need to clean up the tables of drinks.

    • Add legal factions

To add legal factions, you will do some things below!

    1. EBPD  Mission: To do it, you need to take a mugshot of NPCS or give parking tickets before you join the actual pd.
    2. EB Paramedics Mission: to do it, you have to clean the hospital before.
    3. EBFD Mission: To do it, you need to choose 1-3 houses going on fire, or fix fire hydrants around the city.

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