Roblox East Brickton Map

In East Brickton, you must have an understanding of the city. To know all locations and any spots in the city, you will learn through the map. Of course, the map offers a quick reference showing you a specific location that you are looking for. Without a map, you will get lost and encourage you to enter the wrong neighborhood.

Knowing all locations and memorizing a specific place in detail through the map will let you get a job, earn money, obtain weapons or any other stuff easily, as you will visit a specific location you want.

Well, we think just by looking at the map, you will not fully understand the location you want to visit in your city. Thankfully, this post will show you the guides of how to get a specific location to do what you want through the map. Let’s see our explanation below!

Learn to Know All Locations Through the Map

Roblox East Brickton Map

As you can see on the map, there are numerous locations that you will find in your city. Without the map, you probably will not know where the Mercy Hospital is located or where the Salty Saloon can be found. Fortunately, you can now learn all locations through the East Brickton map above.

All locations available in the city including:

    • Courts
    • Brickton Gas Station
    • Mercy Hospital
    • Shaffer Village
    • Barbershop
    • Venu
    • Parking Lot
    • Studio
    • Job Center
    • Boxing Club
    • Performing Arts Center
    • La Fancy
    • Pawn
    • Apts.
    • Deli
    • BT&T
    • Salty Saloon
    • Condos
    • Fuegoz
    • Lit Lifts
    • Community Center
    • Mini Mart
    • Genesee Homes
    • Auto Shop
    • Tatto
    • Courthouse
    • Gun Shop
    • Car Dealership
    • DMV
    • Bank
    • Police Department
    • News Station


    • Kent Ave.
    • Walace St.
    • York St.
    • Busti Ave.
    • Genesee St.
    • Broadway Ave.
    • Langfield St.
    • Cable Rd.

Certainly, there are some spots in your city for certain purposes. The spots here are marked with different colors.

    • The ‘grey’ color (Ready To Kill) shows an area which allows you to kill other players.
    • The  first ‘maroon’ color shows an area for Neighborhood 37.
    • The ‘blue’ color shows an area for 720 Eightball Connection.
    • The second ‘maroon’ color shows an area for 700 Broadway Bloods.
    • The ‘pink’ color shows an area for 1030 Bedford Ave Brims.
    • The ‘brown’ color shows an area for Project Boyz.

How to Get a Specific Location in East Brickton?

You may need more tutorials to help you find a specific location in the city. So, here’s how to find all locations in East Brickton!

    • Mercy Hospital

In the downsection of the map, you can see Mercy Hospital. This place is the current spawn point where everyone spawns once they created their character loaded into the game.

    • Venu

Beside the Mercy Hospital, you can find Venu. This is a job and also a nightclub where people throw their parties here, but usually it never really works well.

    • Brickton Police Department

The Brickton Police Department is a building which can be found just across from the Mercy Hospital. You really know this place where the people are arrested and placed in custody.

    • Salty saloon

You will find Salty Saloon in York central. This place opens at 7 a.m and you are able to work here for quick money, but it will pay you a little bit of money.

    • Key Resources Employment Office

You will find this place just across the street from the Salty Saloon. This place also opens at 7 a.m and you will find many people waiting to get a job.

    • La Fancy

La Fancy is two buildings away from the employment office. This place opens at 7 a.m where you can purchase suits here.

    • Lit Lifts

Just further down the street, you will find Lit Lifts. This place opens at 7 a.m where you will get street wear and other types of clothing here.

    • Brickton Gas Station

Beside the Lit Lifts, you will find Brickton gas station where you can buy fuel for 24 hours. This place can be robbed and the clerk will also sell your stuff. If you enter the gas station and then talk to the NPC vendor, this is what you could  purchase: dice, a gas or also a recording camera and even a ski mask.

    • Face Tattoo Shop

You will find Face Tattoo next to the gas station. This place allows you to create permanent tattoos which costs around 15 Robux.

    • Mini Mart

Mini Mart can be found next to the Face Tattoo shop. This place opens at 7 a.m where you can purchase any stuff like the gas station.

    • Genesee Homes

Just across the street from the east breakthrough minimart, you will find Genesee Homes. This place is where a lot of people gather here to party, buy homes and store stuff in their safes. Need to know that every home in East Brickton provides a safe and some of them provide music.

    • Homes

Across from Genesee homes, you will find lake view homes. Those homes commonly go for around 400 Robux. They are very expensive, but they provide more rooms and bigger space.

    • East Brickton Gun Store

When you cross the road from the lake view homes, you will find the East Brickton Gun Store. This place is enterable where it opens at 7 a.m. If you enter the gun shop, you can purchase a gun permit which allows you to buy whatever gun you want to buy.

You need to spend a certain amount of brickton bucks to get a specific gun. Brickton Bucks is the in-game currency where you need to spend around 450 Robux to get 1000 brickton bucks that you can use to buy a gun permit, allowing you to buy a gun in this legal place.

    • York Condos

Behind the East Brickton Gun Store, you will find York Condos. This place provides two available houses that you can buy for 150 Bucks

    • East Brickton Community Center

Between Lit Fits and York Condos, you will find East Brickton Community Center. In this place, you can workout and change your character’s size and height.

Well, there are some locations that we can find in East Brickton. To get another location in the city, you can get the way from our other articles on this page.