Roblox Demonfall Guide: All Breathing Trainers Locations

Demonfall in Roblox is based on the popular Demon Slayer anime. The game gives the players 5 breathing styles which the fans of the anime should be familiar with. Each breathing style in Roblox Demon fall needs to be unlocked by interacting with their trainers.

This guide is going to show you all breathing trainers’ locations in Roblox Demonfall. After you unlock any of the five breathing styles, then you are going to have to invest three skill points for each new upgrade of your selected style.

All Breathing Trainers Locations in Roblox Demonfall

All Breathing Trainers Locations in Roblox Demonfall

Here are the locations of Breathing Trainers in Roblox Demonfall:

Thunder Breath Trainer Location

Thunder breath is an amazing style if you want to make your sword deal electric damage. It means that your hits will not only have higher damage, but also stun opponents for a longer time. This breathing style is able to be acquired from Kujima who resides in the Coast Forest in the southern part of the map.

Trainer Requirements Location
Kujima – 4,000 yen
– The players have to purchase 20 Soup (Okuiya Village)
– Deliver messages to Marrone (Slayer Corp.)
Coast Forest
– Near Pink Tree

Thunder Breathing Abilities

    • Passive : This ability is going to generate electricity on your sword.
    • Bonus: This is going to attack and do more stun.
    • Thunderclap Slash: Run forward and then slash at enemy.
    • Six Folda: Thunderclap Slash with 6 dashes.
    • Rice Spirit: Five straight attacks performed in one moment.
    • Thunder Swarm: Spinning wave of thunder, strikes in all directions.
    • Heat Lightning : Single, focused on the slash attack.

Water Breath Trainer Location

Water breath is a style that will allow you to guard break your opponent by using a special Whirlpool attack. Also, it adds 15 percent to your breath bar with each hit that basically makes your breathing last much longer. You are able to learn this water breath style with Urokodaki who is the second trainer that located in the Coast Forest.

Trainer Requirements Location
Urokodaki – 2,000 yen
– The players need to complete Parkour Course
– The players have to destroy Large Boulder
Coast Forest
– Campsite

Water Breathing Abilities

    • Passive : With this ability, each hit gets 15 percent of the breath bar.
    • Surface Slash: Close-range slash.
    • Water Wheel: Long-range slash in the form of a wheel.
    • Flowing Dance : This is mid-range attack, and will be able to hit multiple opponents.    .
    • Striking Tide: Long-range attack.
    • Whirlpool: Large area whirlpool effect.

Fire Breath Trainer Location

Fire breath or Flame breath is very powerful. It makes all opponents burn when they get hit by your sword, dealing passive damage. Rengoku attack is particularly powerful, making an explosion of fire which engulfs all opponents within its area of effect. You are able to learn this style from a trainer called Rengoku, who can be found on the White Peak east of Coast Forest.

Trainer Requirements Location
Rengoku – 20x Demon Horns
– 1x Demon Collar
White Peak Mountain

Fire Breathing Abilities

    • Passive : With this ability, the blade turns red and engulfs in flame. Lights enemies on fire.
    • Unknowing Fire: Charge forward and then decapitate enemy (does not kill).
    • Rising Scorching Sun: Upward flame slash.
    • Flame Bend: Release all flames in one slash.
    • Blooming Flame Undulation: Swings the blade in circular motion. Defends from incoming attacks and can decapitate multiple foes.
    • Flame Tiger: Fiery lunge.
    • Rengoku: Devastating slashing attack.

Wind Breath Trainer Location

If you want to walk and move faster during the battles, then Wind breath style is a must-have. This Wind breath style includes the infamous Wind Typhon attack which makes your character spin and make a whirlwind that functions like an AoE attack. You are able to learn this style from Grimm, a trainer who lives in Okuyia Village to the west of Coast Forest.

Trainer Requirements Location
Grimm – 20x Demon Horns
– The players have to defeat Grimm in battle
Okuyia Village

Wind Breathing Abilities

    • Passive: This ability unleash four vertical slashes.
    • Dust Claw: The ability is close-range slash.
    • Purifying Wind: Leap into air and then release a devastating cyclone, carrying the enemy away.
    • Lotus Tempest : Run forward and slash in a horizontal cyclone pattern.
    • Gale Slash: Jump and release a violent slash of the wind      .
    • Wind Typhoon: Leap into air and then generate.

Mist Breath Trainer Location

Teleportation is able to be a great skill to have, particularly when you need to attack your opponents from behind. Mist breathing style owns the Sea of Clouds and Haze ability. This style is able to be obtained from the Tokito trainer at the Frosty Forest in the northeastern part of the map.

Trainer Requirements Location
Tokito – 2,000 yen
– The players have to complete Maze Trial
Frosty Forest

Mist Breathing Abilities

    • Passive : This is one of Mist breathing abilities. Unfortunately, we do not get more information about this ability.
    • Eight-Layered Mist: This ability will unleash eight slashes in quick succession.
    • Scattering Mist Splash: Summon mist and then become untouchable for several seconds.
    • Shifting Flow Slash: Unleash blade and then strike opponent.
    • Sea of Clouds and Haze: Teleport behind the opponent.
    • Judgement Cut: Run backward and do a series of long distance cuts, this will leave enemy vulnerable for a few seconds.
    • Obscuring Clouds: Alter tempo of movement to disorient the enemy. The clouds will envelop the area.

What are Breathing styles in Roblox Demonfall?

The Breathing styles are powerful swordsmanship styles that all Demon Slayers are able to learn in Roblox Demonfall. Each style comes with its skill tree to learn some new abilities. They are all unique to the elements such as thunder, water, fire, wind and mist. It allows for combat scenarios for PVE and PVP. However, learning a Breathing Style is pretty difficult. First you have to track down the trainer and then complete their requirements before unlocking the skill tree.

Currently, the Breathing Styles listed below are in development:

    • Beast
    • Insect
    • Moon
    • Sound
    • Snake
    • Sun

Well, the text above is an explanation about all Breathing Trainers locations. If you want to ask any question, you are able to give a comment in the section below.

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