Roblox Asset 2777416604 Review

In Roblox, you can use assets for various things. Assets here are components which have a unique ID which is associated with a single Roblox account. The assets are automatically submitted to Roblox’s moderation team at the time of uploading. Your assets can be then used in Roblox Studio after approval.

All assets in Roblox have a creator and possibly one or many owners. Moreover, there are a lot of types of assets, some of which are used to store data for use in games. The Roblox things included assets are audio, models, video, and texture which are stored online.

Unlike many engines, there’s no local game asset storage for either the Roblox player or the developer. It seems to allow for better team collaboration and assist alleviate storage concerns on older player devices.

Roblox Asset 2777416604 Review

What Is  2777416604 in Roblox Assets?

As we’ve explained, all Roblox assets have IDs which are created by developers or creators. Then, the  ID can be used for making any things in Roblox such as shirts, Tshirt, pants, texture, models, and much more. Generally, the ID appears on the top bar which shows the information about the currently open place, including its name.

Talking about Roblox assets ID for 2777416604, unfortunately, we cannot share to you who created this ID and what the ID is for? This Roblox assets ID may be for either T-shirt, shirt, pants, texture, model or others.

Learn More about Roblox Assets

All assets in Roblox include models, textures, audio and videos. All assets in Roblox have a unique ID which is associated with a single Roblox account and they’re automatically submitted to Roblox’s moderation team when uploading.

Here are the things found in Roblox assets:


In Roblox assets, images can be uploaded within Studio for use as textures in the   3D world, as part of GUIs for menus and interactive objects or images for particle effects. Moreover, Roblox utilizes in .jpg, .png, .tga, or .bmp format.

Well, the fastest way to upload the images is through the Asset Manager window which is accessible from the View tab in Roblox Studio. After the window is open and the game is launched, you can then click on the ‘Import’ button to import one or more images.


Audio in Roblox assets are available in .mp3 or .ogg format. If the users want to add audio assets to your game, make sure to follow the instructions in the Sounds and Music article.


Roblox takes advantage of video in .webm format. Recently, only curated videos which are made by the community are available via the Toolbox. To make it more understanding, you can start at the VideoFrame page. Currently, only two videos probably play simultaneously on any player client.


In this case, a Meshpart is a physically-simulated object which supports upload of custom meshes in .fbx or .obj format. Just like the images, the easiest way to add meshes to your game is through the Asset Manager window.

After the window is open and the place is launched, you can then click on the ‘Import’ button and find out your mesh file (s).


The Roblox’s character animations which are created through the Animation Editor can either be stored within the game itself or uploaded to Roblox. For more detail, you can see Using the Animation Editor page.


In Roblox, the term ‘model’ refers to any game object, similar to ‘Prefabs’ in Unity. The model mechanism is beneficial for creating and sharing groups of parts/ objects, scripts, 3D  meshes, physical contraptions and more.


In Roblox development, packages allow you to create object hierarchies once and reuse them in as many games as you would like. The main advantage of this workflow is that you are able to keep packages in sync by updating any copy within any game to the most current version. You can see the Roblox Packages article for details here.

Place Name/ ID

In Asset Manager, you can also find the Place Name/ ID section. This section shows the information about the currently open place including its name and ID.

Asset Folder

Assets in Roblox are organized within folders based on their type. In Asset Folder, you can switch between grid view and list view by cliking the ‘view toggle’ button.

The ‘Places’ folder contains all of the game’s places. Each will have just one starting place which is marked with the ‘settings’ icon, while a game can be created up of many places. If you want to add a new place into the game, you can right-click in any empty region of the window (not over a place tile/name) and choose ‘Add New Place’.

Bulk Importing Guides

The Asset Manager window is good for importing an entire batch of images, audio files or meshes. Here’s how to import!

    • First, click on the ‘Import’ button.
    • Choose all of the files you want to import from your local machine. It may be useful to place them into a dedicated folder before importing.
    • You can confirm the selections and Studio will proceed with the upload process. When it performs, you are able to monitor the status in the ‘Bulk Importer’ widget which will automatically open.

Once the import process is complete, the items will then appear in their proper folders.

Here’s a List of Asset Types!

All asset types in Roblox have an identifier used in some URL parameters on the site.

Identifier Type Subcategory
Image 1
T-Shirt 2 12
Audio 3 15
Mesh 4
Lua 5
Text 7
Hat 8 8
Place 9
Model 10 6
Shirt 11 11
Pants 12 13
Decal 13 7
Avatar 16
Head 17 14
Face 18 9
Gear 19 5
Badge 21
Group Emblem 22
Animation 24
Arms 25
Legs 26
Torso 27
Right Arm 28
Left Arm 29
Left Leg 30
Right Leg 31
Package 32 10
YouTubeVideo 33
Game Pass 34
App 35
Code 37
Plugin 38
SolidModel 39
MeshPart 40
Hair Accessory 41
Face Accessory 42
Neck Accessory 43
Shoulder Accessory 44
Front Accessory 45
Back Accessory 46
Waist Accessory 47
Climb Animation 48
Death Animation 49
Fall Animation 50
Idle Animation 51
Jump Animation 52
Run Animation 53
Swim Animation 54
Walk Animation 55
Pose Animation 56
Ear Accessory 57
Eye Accessory 58
Ear Accessory 57
Emote Animation 61
Video 62

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