Roblox Appeal Copy and Paste

If your Roblox account gets banned, you may be upset, as you will not have access to all Roblox content. Whatever your defense, if you violate the Roblox’s terms and services, your Roblox account will be banned for a long time, even forever.

If you feel that you don’t perform any actions, on the contrary to Roblox terms and services, you may submit an appeal to Roblox Support. Certainly, there are some requirements you will need to meet to submit an appeal. So, let’s find out the information about Roblox appeal in our post below!

Can You Submit an Appeal Moderation with Copy and Paste?

Roblox Appeal Copy and Paste-

The players who get banned will have a chance to submit an appeal to Roblox Support once. After you submit an appeal, you may need to wait about 1 month for the moderation action that affects the account.

If Roblox Appeals find the duplicate appeals for the same moderation action on one account, the same account will not be reviewed again. In other words, you should wait for 30 days until Roblox Appeal Support gives the response.

Roblox has run the moderation system that will block any Roblox accounts that violate the Terms of Use or Community Rules. Roblox will send a moderation message to inform you that your Roblox account has been banned, because of certain reasons. Of course, the message will be different for each account who gets banned.

Roblox Ban Appeal

Roblox seems to provide a pretty easy way that allows the players to submit an appeal, when their Roblox account gets banned. Unfortunately, submitting an appeal to Roblox support does not guarantee that your bad will be removed.

Roblox appeals team will work to review the situation if your Roblox account has been banned or moderated. After submitting an appeal, the team will give the moderation a second look and create any necessary adjustment to your account’s moderation status.

To submit an appeal, you do not need to log into the account or any other hassle, instead you can only fill out the form by providing your information as correctly as possible. However, submitting an appeal to Roblox Support is very easy, as long as you really know the way to do it.

What Are Restrictions When Submitting an Appeal to Roblox Support?

As we’ve mentioned, there will be a bunch of requirements that you should meet to submit an appeal to Roblox Support. Here they are:

    • Your appeal should be submitted within 30 days of the moderation action that affects the account.
    • After a moderation has been reviewed, it cannot be reviewed again. It’s important to note, duplicate appeals for the same moderation action on an account will not be reviewed.
    • To protect your privacy, only the owner of a Roblox account may send an appeal.
    • Ensure to contact Roblox Appeal support from a valid email address for the account that you are appealing.

Additionally, you need to include your account username and brief statement regardless of the reason for your appeal.

How to Submit an Appeal Moderation to Roblox Support?

The only one way to submit an appeal to Roblox Support is by filling out an appeal form. You can find the form here. There are a bunch of sections that you should fill.

In the first section, you need to provide your contact information in detail, including:

    • Your Username
    • First Name
    • Email Address
    • Confirm Email Address

In the second section, you have to provide your issue in details, including:

    • What device you are using when having the problem
    • Type of the help category. Here, you need to choose the ‘Account Hacked or Can’t Log in’ category
    • Description of issue. In this form, you need to describe the issue that you are encountering. You also need to include any relevant information like where the issue is occurring or the error message.

Once you fill out all the sections, you can just click the ‘Submit’ button located on the bottom right underneath the form.

Okay, that’s how to submit an appeal moderation to Roblox Support. Afterwards, you just need to wait until Roblox gets back to you via email, or you may need to always check the Spam folder.

In the case of your Roblox account gets banned, because of the actions that you do not perform, you may need to try an escalation for hijacking and make sure to provide the following things:

    • A screenshot or copy and paste of the original suspension email
    • A screenshot of the rejected appeal
    • A screenshot relating to the unusual uploaded videos
    • Your channel/ URL that may have been linked in the original suspension email, as a link to your name in the first paragraph of that email. So, if you copy and paste the original suspension email, it may be possible to get that.

How Long Does Your Roblox Account Get Banned?

Each Roblox account that has been banned by Roblox will have a different length of time, depending on the severity of the behaviour. There are some length of time levels for an account that has been blocked. Here they are:

    • Warning : Every Roblox player will get back into their account right away if they agree to the Roblox Terms of Use. It is sometimes used to provide the players with feedback about their creations.
    • 1 day ban: About 24 hours from the time the moderation was initiated.
    • 3 day ban: About 72 hours from the time the moderation was initiated.
    • 7 day ban: About 1 week from the time the moderation was initiated.
    • Deletion: A player’s Roblox account has been closed and cannot be reopened automatically.

Furthermore, if you want to see your Moderation History, you can view it through your account settings up until 2015. The Moderation History was a feature that was initially available exclusively to only Parent accounts.

However, this feature later became available for any player to access once Parent accounts were removed. For more information, the moderation history would be seen in a user’s account settings.

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