Roblox Account Stat Checker

Do you need a Roblox account stat checker? You may need this because you want to know your account stat or other accounts stat in Roblox. However, is there any tools to check Roblox account stat like this? Let’s find out what I found about it.

Roblox Account Stat Checker

When I tried the information about Roblox account stat checker, I found On this website, you can enter a username and then click on the Search button. After that, you will be given the information about the stats of username that you enter including total playtime, total development time, player rank, developer rank, account age and total game visits. I do not know whether this stats checker is valid or not, but you are able to try this stats checker. You may be able to check your Roblox account stats first and you can check whether it is correct or not.

Roblox Account Stat Checker

Another thing that I found when searching about Roblox account stats checker is that in the Developer page of Roblox website. There is a user with a username Wagerling where he told that he recently played a game named ‘Flex Your Account Age’ and then he had been wondering how they see the players stats like what year they joined. He tried to search online for it and there was not a single thing about it. Then, a user with a username MainGag answered that for the account age, membership type and more, you could directly find that in the Player object just like the example below


print(‘This account is ‘..player.AccountAge..’ days old’);


About Stats (My Roblox)

If you access Roblox Wiki, you will find some information about Stats (My Roblox). According to that website, Stats (My Roblox) was a Roblox feature where it showed the viewer the stats of the player based on the player they were viewing. Most of these stats were removed in an update on July 8th, 2015. What are the reasons for this removal. There is no clear reason why these stats were removed.

Current Stats include:

  • Friends: The number of friends that the player has.
  • Place visits: The number of public place visits that the player has got in total. This is the sum of people who have accessed any of the places on the account of the player,

Removed stats include:

  • Forum posts: The number of posts or replies that the player has created to the forums.
  • Knockouts: The amount of knockouts that the player scored in-game.
  • Wipeouts: The total number of wipeouts that the player suffered in-game and it is not shown to other users.
  • Profile views: The amount of times the player’s profile has been visited by other players.
  • Voting accuracy, highest ever voting accuracy: The voting accuracy that the player achieved voting in contests. If there was a contest taking place, the voting accuracy of the player in that contest would be shown. The page would also display the highest voting accuracy they ever got.

Knockouts, profile views, wipeouts, voting accuracy and highest ever voting accuracy were removed from Roblox on July 8th, 2015. The reasons for this removal was unknown.

Developer Statistics

I also found information about Developer Statistics in the Help page on Roblox website. According to that page, Roblox makes it easy to develop your own place, upload it and start playing and some developers may want to monitor how their games are doing over time. The Developer Stats panel of each place can help with that.

Do you want to view Developer Stats? To do that, you have to visit the details page of your place and then you have to click the button that looks like three dots in the upper right corner of the description box. Then, there will be the menu that appears and the thing that you have to choose is Developer Stats. After you have got into the Stats page, there will be a selection of information which allows you to see the number of people who are currently playing inside your place and also some charts and tables of data that you are able to use to check place traffic and earnings as separated by device-type over hourly, daily or monthly time spans. There is a Promotion Tab where it permits you to track how many Robux that you have earned on your place through Developer Attribution and place promotion. How about a Data Export Tab? It is able to be used to export your monthly in-game sales data as a spreadsheet which then can be downloaded to your computer for your own records.

About Roblox

Roblox is an online platform for playing games. In this platform, you are not only permitted to play games, but also to create games. Who are the creators of this platform? Those are David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. This platform was created by them in 2004 and then in 2006 this platform was released.

This game is free to play and this game has a currency named Robux. If players want to buy something on this platform such as items, accessories, clothes, and many other things, they need Robux for it. According to Roblox Wiki, as of August 2020, Roblox has over 164 million monthly active users. From this total, there were over half of all children aged under 16 in the United States who played Roblox.

Roblox is easy to be accessed because it can be accessed through a number of devices such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Windows Store. In this platform, you are also able to create your own unique username. You can also create your own places and have your own character. The character that you create in this gaming platform can be customized as you want because it has an avatar shop where you can buy the items for customizing your character.

If you want, you are able to join Premium membership. With it, you will get a monthly Robux stipend and a 10% bonus when you buy Robux. Besides, you will also get access to the economy features of Roblox such as selling, buying, and trading items and also increased revenue share on all sales in your games.

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