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On Wednesday, Mojang Studios released the full-fledged Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta for ‘The Wild Update.’ Also, Mojang Studios released a new Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot for ‘The Wild Update’ with similar additions. Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a brings some features. One of them is the Recovery compass.


The Wild Update is arriving for Minecraft on every platform this year. It will include a lot of new features and content additions. Mojang Studios is developing a new content update for their gaming masterpiece. The Minecraft community will be able to test its progress in stages via betas and snapshots. On Wednesday, Mojang Studios released Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a with a sizable collection of the new features.

Recovery Compass – A New Feature of Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a

Recovery Compass Minecraft

One of interesting features in the latest snapshot for The Wild Update is the arrival of the Recovery compass. For your information, Recovery compass made by using Echo Shards that can only be discovered in Ancient City cheats. For your information, Ancient Cities can be discovered deep beneath the surface, so you have to get ready to go to the depths of the world. You are going to need a regular compass to craft the Recovery Compass. Also, grab iron and red stone.

Recovery compass will be able to point the players toward the location of their last death. It should be incredibly helpful for tracking down all the items and gear you may have lost.

Here are some notes you need to know about Recovery Compass:

    • This new Recovery Compass can be crafted with Soul Shards that can only be found in Ancient City chests.
    • Unlike a normal Compass, this Recovery Compass will point to the last place you died.
    • If you are not in the dimension you last died, or you have not died yet in your world, it will spin randomly.
    • Recovery Compass can be crafted with 1 Compass surrounded by 8 Echo Shards that can be found in Ancient Cities.

For those who want to try the new snapshot, you are able to download it from the Minecraft Launcher and also read more about the new features and changes in the official blog post. Minecraft Snapshots will be able to corrupt existing worlds, so you have to remember to save them to a different folder to avoid any issues.

Other Features of Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a

Other Features of Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a

Here are other features of Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a:

Clay Renewability

    • Placing Mud above a block which has Pointed Dripstone underneath will finally turn the Mud Block into Clay.

Mangrove Trees

    • Introducing a new type of water-adapted tree which spawns propped up on the roots.
    • Have an opportunity of spawning a Bee Nest.
    • Grows from Mangrove Propagules

Mangrove Swamp

    • This Mangrove Swamp is muddy, murky, and magnificent. Welcome to this newest biome.
    • Mangrove Swamp is located in warmer, more humid places where you usually find the Swamp biome in Minecraft.
    • Here you are able to discover the Bees and Warm Frogs.
    • The floor of this Mangrove Swamp is coated with a thick layer of Mud, so you have to be sure to pack your best boots
    • Here you will be able to enjoy a nice boat ride under and around the larger-than-life roots of the mangrove trees.

Fixed Bugs in Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a

Here are some fixed bugs in Minecraft Snapshot 22w14a:

    • MC-207289
      Now, sculk sensor wool occlusion has directional bias.
    • MC-207635
      Now, sculk sensors react differently to wool occlusion. It depends on the global direction.
    • MC-249075
      Sculk shrieker is not grouped with other sculk related to the blocks in the decorations tab of creative inventory.
    • MC-249122
      Now, block.sculk_catalyst.bloom has no subtitle.
    • MC-249254
      Now, frogs eating slimes or magma cubes are not logged in the console.
    • MC-249384
      Wardens can make Light, barriers or structure voids particles when digging.
    • MC-249386
      The entity shadows of the wardens are too small in relation to the size of their own models.
    • MC-249387
      The Warden’s digging sound is the same as its emerging sound.
    • MC-249400
      The vertical movement of the wardens when they are in liquids is too sensitive.
    • MC-249401
      Warden spawn egg is not alphabetized correctly.
    • MC-249415
      Wardens will not find a path through lava even though they are immune to it.
    • MC-249422
      Several subtitles relating to the warden will not contain possessive apostrophes.
    • MC-249430
      Wardens remember the players in creative mode.
    • MC-249434
      Warden roars when attacked by multiple entities.
    • MC-249451
      Warden does not appear in spawner.
    • MC-249473
      Some Warden sounds play in the Peaceful difficulty.
    • MC-249476
      Wardens will be able to spawn in water.
    • MC-249479
      Wardens are going to attack their teammates.
    • MC-249504
      The sounds of wardens groaning angrily are not controlled by the Hostile Creatures sound slider.
    • MC-249509
      Warden is invisible for a split second once spawned in by spawner or spawn egg.
    • MC-249517
      Warden does not detect non-player mobs colliding with them.
    • MC-249530
      Warden’s hitbox will show up in peaceful difficulty.
    • MC-249531
      Warden will roar indefinitely when the attack target is invulnerable.
    • MC-249659
      Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Veins just drop when broken by Silk Touch hoe.
    • MC-249664
      Warden will despawn when far away.
    • MC-249674
      Wardens will forget their targets on world reload.
    • MC-249712
      Server hangs and the game will stop responding when loading a chunk containing a structure with an allay.
    • MC-249714
      Fighting can be seen on the wings of allays during their own death animation.
    • MC-249720
      The wings of Allay are not attached to its body.
    • MC-249727
      Wardens will stop sensing vibrations after world reload.
    • MC-249728
      Lava may be generated in ancient cities and also burn wool or make structures fly.
    • MC-249758
      Fighting can be seen when the arms of the allays intersect their bodies.
    • MC-249761
      By default, the trapdoor in Ancient Cities is open right now.
    • MC-249764
      Now, the second lamp in the centers of Ancient Cities is missing its sculk sensor.
    • MC-249780
      Blocks which need support can generate floating in ancient cities.
    • MC-249785
      Warden is able to be pushed when emerging and digging.
    • MC-249800
      Eating does not activate redstone door in the Ancient City center.
    • MC-249816
      Warden’s hitbox does not adjust when emerging and digging.

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