Reading A-Z Intro

Reading A-Z is one of the products of Learning A-Z, the one that provides affordable, online curriculum resources. This program was released in the first month of 2002. Since the first time it was launched, it has earned more than 170,000 members. The main goal of this program is to provide every educator and every student with the developmentally appropriate teaching and learning solutions that are able to be accessed.

Due to the fact that Reading A-Z is delivered over the internet, it is a constantly changing program. Every month, there are new books added to the program. Not only that, some other things that are added every month include lesson plans and other resources. Every day, it keeps expanding its wealth of materials. Right now, it has more than 2,500 books. The good thing is that each of them is able to be downloaded. Besides, some versions such as English, Spanish, and French, are also available. In addition to these books, there are also thousands of teaching and learning materials.

Reading A-Z Intro

Aside from the K-6 market, Reading A-Z materials have found widespread use at a range of grade levels in special education and special needs, remedial reading, ESL, and ELL.

The program known as Reading A-Z is undoubtedly the best one. It has earned a few awards, as follows:

    • Eddie Awards – 18th Annual Educational Software Review Winner
    • 2014 SIIA CODiE Award Finalist
    • 2011 Teachers’ Choice Award
    • 2009 Teachers Choice Award
    • 2009 and 2010 Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Awards
    • 2006 Technology and Learning Award of Excellence (Language Arts)
    • 2004 Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner (Web Site)
    • 2003 Global Learning Initiative Award (Innovation in Learning)
    • 2002 Technology and Learning Award of Excellence (Language arts)
    • March 2003 EducationPlanet (Top Web site of the Month)

Beside these awards above, the Reading A-Z is also ranked #1 by teachers. According to its official website, it is already being used in almost half of the school districts in the United States and Canada and in more than 155 countries worldwide. Here are some reasons why it is popular and ranks #1 by teachers:

    • Both books and resources correlated to the state and Common Core Standards.
    • It has a ton of reading lessons, decodable books, reader’s theater scripts, reading worksheets and assessments.
    • Leveled readers spanned across 29 levels of difficulty.
    • There are fluency passages that are good at improving the reading rate, accuracy and expression.
    • It has phonological awareness and phonics lessons, flashcards, worksheets.
    • It has vocabulary books, graphic organizers, word sorts and other vocabulary resources.

Reading A-Z is very useful for learning. If you are interested in using this program, it is time for you to order it now. If you have no idea how to order it, below is the guide to follow:

    1. The first thing that you have to do is to go to the official website of Reading A-Z.
    2. When you are there, find the red Order Now button located at the top of the page. Actually, there are two Order Now buttons that you will be able to find on the page. Feel free to click any of these as all of them are the same. By clicking on the button, you will be taken to the Let’s Get Started page.
    3. On the Let’s Get Started page, enter your username and password.
    4. Then, press the Log In button.
    5. After logging in, please follow the instructions to order the program.

If you do not have an account with any Learning A-Z product, instead of logging in to the site, you will have to press the Continue to Cart button to get an opportunity to make an account during checkout. Here are the rest of the steps to follow:

    1. By pressing this button, you will be taken to the Tell Us More About Your Order page.
    2. On this new page, enter the number of classrooms and choose the length of license.
    3. In this opportunity, you can also add additional products to your shipping cart.
    4. Please check out the right side of the page to make sure that your order is correct.
    5. On this page, you can also add a discount code if there is any.
    6. After making sure that everything is alright and you agree with the total of money that you have to pay, it is time for you to press the Checkout button.
    7. On the new page, provide your contact details, including your email, first name, last name, street address, city, zip or postal code, country, state or province, and phone number.
    8. Next, provide the information about the user details.
    9. Then, you should also provide the information about the payment.
    10. Lastly, hit the Complete Order button.

A lot of people have found Reading A-Z to be helpful. If you want to know what they say, here are some reviews for you to convince you to order the program now:

    • “Reading A-Z materials are a great addition to our reading program. I enjoy them because of the wonderful fiction and non-fiction selections, the work sheets, the benchmark books for each level, the comprehension quizzes, and the lesson plans for teachers. It is important that children have a reason to read, and the activities with these books are making the students realize that we do have to go back to the text for deeper understanding of what we have read. I have introduced my fellow teachers as well as my teaching assistant to Reading A-Z, and they are very enthusiastic about the program.” — Kathy Lavers; First/Second/Third-Grade Teacher; Scotsburn Elementary School; Scotsburn, Nova Scotia
    • “I am enjoying Reading A-Z very much and using it not only with my children, but also with the various beginning English courses that I teach here in Germany. The French and Spanish are also coming in very handy for my kids, too.” — Janice Lupas; Tuebingen, Germany

For more information about Reading A-Z, you can just go to its official website at here.