Raz Kids Star Rewards Explained

To arouse the students’ interest in reading, Raz Kids seems to offer amazing incentives and rewards. The students who have successfully completed the practice will earn the amount of stars depending on activities they do. Certainly, the amount of stars will be different for each practice and completion.

If you are currently on Raz Kids and want to know how many stars you will get after completion, you can find the information about it in our post, as this post explains the Raz Kids StarRewards as clearly as possible. So, let’s dive into our post below!

Raz Kids Star Rewards Explained

How Many Stars Will You Earn After Taking Practice?

If you practice a lot and complete some assignments with different activities, Raz Kids will grant you a certain amount of the stars. The stars will be earned across all of the Learning A-Z’s resources where you access through Kids A-Z.

As we’ve mentioned, the stars you will earn  have different amounts, depending on the activities you do on Raz-Kids. Certainly, if you want to get a lot of stars, you may need to know which activities will give you a large amount of stars. Thankfully, this post will show you what activities that will give you stars and how many stars you will earn. Here they are:

    • Practice Recording
      If you take recording practice, you will earn 10 stars.
    • Listen Book
      If you take listening book practice, you will earn 10 stars.
    • Read Book
      If you take reading book practice, you will earn 50 stars.
    • Quiz Passed
      If you complete the quiz, you will earn 100 stars.
    • Interactivity Not Passed
      Through Interactivity Not Passed activity, you will earn 100 stars.
    • Perfect Quiz
      If you complete the perfect quiz, you will earn 150 stars.
    • Interactivity Passed
      Through Interactivity Passed activity, you will earn 200 stars.
    • Interactivity Perfect
      Through Interactivity Perfect activity, you will earn 300 stars.
    • Assessment Complete
      If you have completed assessment activity, you will earn 300 stars.
    • Assignment Complete
      If you have completed the assignment, you will earn 100/ 500 stars depending on the assignment you complete.

Okay, those are the activities on Learning A-Z, especially on Raz-Kids and Raz Plus that will give you a certain amount of stars. Certainly, the Student Incentives and Rewards with Stars that Raz Kids provide aims to increase the student’s reading interest. With the stars earned, hopefully, they will have a high interest in Reading.

What Can You Do with Stars in Raz-Kids?

The stars that you have earned can be used to buy fun items to customize the Raz Rocket. Aside from that, you can also use the stars to create a customized avatar using the Avatar Builder. Here’s how to use stars in Raz Kids!

    • Raz Rocket Customization
      With stars, you can create a room inside your Raz Rocket with furniture, aliens, plants, robots, equipment and other items that you may want in your space-themed environment. You can take Raz Rocket Customization after your teacher enables the Raz Rocket from the Roster for the whole class or for the individual student pages. You can use the stars to purchase the items from the catalog to customize your Raz Rocket.
    • Avatar Customization
      In addition to personalizing your Raz Rocket, you can also use the stars to create a custom avatar that will help you to customize your online experience. You can use the stars to purchase parts and accessories to personalize your avatar’s look.

Just like Raz Rocket, you can also access the Avatar Building after your teacher enables it from the Roster or individual students pages. It’s important to note, all the students will receive 500 bonus stars as they first enter the new Avatar Builders. Then, their current robots will be replicated as closely as possible.

You can also get Seasonal Avatar in Avatar Builder. You will find the Seasonal Avatar items for 6o days at a time with new seasonal items that are presented every quarter. You can keep purchased seasonal items beyond the season, but those not purchased disappear from availability.

As a teacher, you will have an option either to turn on or off student access to the Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder by customizing the student incentives settings in your Roster or on individual student pages.

How to Get Badges in Raz Kids?

Learning A-Z recently introduced new badges that can be obtained as rewards for achieving milestones available on Raz Kids, Raz Plus, Science A-Z, Writing A-Z and Headsprout. The badges will instantly reward students after they reach specific milestones that encourage goal setting and incentives students to be more engaged in their learning.

In other words, the badges are used to help you set goals and complete more reading, writing and science activities. You can also print out the badges to hang on your bedroom wall.

You will be able to see the progress that you are making toward each badge. To see your Badges, you can access it through the ‘My Stats’ area in Kid A-Z. Here’s how to see your Badges!

    • First, you need to log into Kids A-Z with your student account here.
    • After logging in, you need to find ‘My Stats’ located in the bottom center. Then, click on it.
    • From the My Stats area, you can click Badges at the top center of the page.
    • In the Badges section, you will view all badges that are eligible to receive with a brief description of the requirements that you need to meet in order to earn each badge.

Well, the badges you’ve earned will be shown in full color. Additionally. The badges will be shown varily based on the products to which your students have access. If you visit the Badges room, you can monitor your progress toward earning individual badges that will help you to accomplish your goal

For more information, the students who are using the new, customizable portal design can access the Badges area by clicking on the Badges button that is shown on the home page after logging into Kids A-Z site.