Raymond ACNH House Exterior

Every villager in ACNH has a unique and different house exterior design. By the way, what do you know about Raymond’s House Exterior? If you come to this page to get information regarding Raymond’s House Exterior, you are able to read this entire article.

Overview – Villager House Exterior

Since you are able to move villager houses easily around your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is worth thinking about incorporating the exterior design of the homes as part of your island’s overall look and feel. If you are looking to theme a particular area, you might discover a villager house matches perfectly. You will be able to discover the villager houses that suit whatever design you want. Or you are able to see what the design of an incoming villager house is going to look like before they move in. Aside from that, personalities of the villagers have included to assist you selecting an exterior home design for your island.

Raymond’s House Interior and Exterior

Raymond's House Interior
Raymond’s House (Interior)
Raymond's House exterior
Raymond’s House (Exterior)

In New Horizons


    • Office Desk
    • Whiteboard
    • Document Stack
    • Desktop Computer
    • Water Cooler
    • Modern Office Chair
    • Iron Worktable
    • Safe
    • Den Chair
    • Wall Clock
    • Document Stack
    • Fax Machine
    • Formal Paper
    • Den Desk
    • Mug
    • Newton’s Cradle

Wall: Office wall

Floor: Monochromatic Tile Flooring

Music: K.K. Cruisin

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Raymond owns an office-themed house. From the Office set, Raymond has a modern office chair and an office desk. The office desk has a document stack and also a black desktop computer. In the middle of Raymond’s house, he has a den desk with a mug and a Newton’s cradle, also a den chair from the Den Set. In the back of Raymond’s house, there is a whiteboard, water cooler, safe, and an iron worktable with a fax machine and document stack on top of it. On the back wall, there is a wall clock and formal paper. For wallpaper, Raymond uses the Office Wall. For flooring, Raymond uses the Monochromatic Tile Flooring.

Animal Crossing House

Talking about Raymond’s house, now you may want to know what house in Animal Crossing is. If you really want to know that information, keep continue to read the following text. Here we will also explain about houses in the game of Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing House

House is the home of the players. It is a customizable and personal part of the town, where the players are able to display their favorite furniture and collectables, get mail, and spend time with the villagers who visit their home. In all games, the house is where the players begin their day. In many games is where the players can or must save and quit the game. At the beginning of each game, the players buy their new home from Tom Nook via a mortgage plan. In New Leaf and New Horizons, the players are going to start off with a tent. For note: Paying off the mortgage will allow you to expand your house.

The house first showed up in Animal Crossing as part of the Town Square. Need to know that the town square includes 4 houses so that 4 players are able to live in the same town on one memory card. The house is able to be furnished with different kinds of items. The carpet and wallpaper are able to be changed out as suit as you want. Also, a custom pattern is able to be installed on the wall or floor. The ACNH house is expected to be well-furnished by Happy Room Academy. The players are encouraged to gather whole sets, series, and themes of furniture to obtain a higher score, and probably the model room at the HRA.

If a player of Animal Crossing does not play their Animal Crossing series game for several times, then they are going to return to discover their house infested with cockroaches. You have to know that Cockroaches are going to hide under furniture until it is replaced or moved, and then they are going to run all over the floor. The only method that the players are able to get rid of the cockroaches is by stepping on them, as opposed to utilizing a net-like when outside since the players cannot use nets indoors. In New Leaf, the cockroaches will not appear if the town has the ordinance Keep Town Beautiful in effect, no matter how long the players have been away.

Outside the front door, you are going to find the mailbox where you are able to receive mail from local players or other villagers. In New Horizons, after the houses have been expanded fully, then the mailbox will become a moveable object which the players are able to place as they want.

House Exterior in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After arriving at the Deserted Island in New Horizons, you are given a tent that you are able to place almost anywhere on the initial portion of the island which can be accessed, including beaches. You will be able to imagine a preview of the tent before confirming the location. After Resident Services is upgraded from a tent to a building, Tom Nook is going to allow you to move the location of your home once per day for a fee of 30,000 Bells.

Formerly, the only part of the house’s exterior which can be customized is the color of the roof, and just when certain house upgrades are contracted. Finally, the players of Animal Crossing are also able to customize the roof’s material, the door, the house’s exterior, and the mailbox for a fee. The exteriors are able to be renovated once per day. After all Animal Crossing house upgrades and your loans have been paid off, then Tom Nook is going to offer exterior renovations for free.

Well, the text above is an explanation about Raymond’s house interior and exterior, and other information related to Animal Crossing house. Read other articles on our site to find other information about the Animal Crossing game.

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