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Are you looking for a guide to ragged records in Genshin Impact?  If the answer to the question is yes, fortunately, this page has the information about it. Here is the guide of the Dragonspine ragged records that you are able to follow:

In order to unlock this quest, the first thing that you will have to do is to unlock all 4 cyro statues and activate the mechanisms. Then, go out of the cave. The next thing that should be done is to go to Entombed City Outskirts. The second part of the ragged records can be found. Please teleport to waypoint below Entombed City and go out of the cave. After that, glide down towards the ocean and head to the place shown on the screen. The final part will be located near the right side of the cave beside the broken boat.

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The rewards of the Dragonspine ragged records quest include Luxurious Chest with Crimson Agate and an achievement. In the game, chests are known as objects that you can open to get items and some other rewards. They can be found throughout Teyvat in fixed locations and they usually offer Primogems, Adventure EXP, Sigils, Mora, and a random assortment of weapons, artifacts, and character EXP materials.

The Luxurious Chest will reward you 10 to 40 Primogems, 30 to 60 Adventure Rank EXP, 4 to 10 Sigils, Mora, and a random assortment of weapons, artifacts, and character EXP material. It is able to be found in very well hidden spots throughout the world. Spawning upon solving some certain puzzles will increase the rewards. It is also able to be found within the Shrine of Depths to increase rewards. In addition, it can be spawned after completing particular World Quests.

Crimson Agate is defined as a new collectible in the game that is able to be only found in the Dragonspine area. Just like the thing called Anemoculus that were everywhere in the Moodstadt, you will find these new red shining crystals in almost every place in the Dragonspine. The only thing that makes them different is that you will offer Crimson Agate to Frostbearing Tree instead of Statue of the Seven.

Ragged records refer to the records that will tell you about something. For example, it will tell you if a specific place used to be a prison. Ragged records usually tell you to go to find someone at a certain place. All that you will have to do is to follow the traces that will take you to the waterway north and go to the second place. You can do it by using e sight. At the second location, you will be able to find other ragged records. This one will tell you to head east to the place where the mountain meets the sea. Please teleport to the waypoint shown in the picture and go to the third place that is shown in another one. At the third location, after discovering the third one, you will be able to find a “investigate” function. For those who have no idea, it will spawn a chest that has a Crimson Agate inside.

Once again, all that should be done is to just follow the clues left by the ragged records. It is important for you to follow the details by the words. Keep in mind that the important locations or directions are highlighted in blue text. For instance, upon finding one in the cage, the elemental vision is used to follow the trail of the author up to an area that looks like a cliff. It is after you find records telling you they went east, toward the sea. Once you have found the last scroll by the sea, you will notice that the person has left back to the main part of Mondstat and you earn reward.

In Genshin Impact, there is a thing called Ragged Notebook. This one is the name of one of the quest items. It is located in the rock that can be broken on the south end of Nameless Island. Another trivia about it is usually used in the quest named Time and the Wind.

Some sentences are written on the Ragged Notebook. Here is the brief summary of what’s written:

The words on the sundial that seem to follow on from the one by the Thousand Winds Temple. They are taken together, the four lines and then send the complete message. This place and the Thousand Winds Temple must be related to a god of Time. It is kind of ironic thinking that the ravages of Time have devoured all traces of the god who supposedly was a leader. Aside from that, the literature says that a few ancient thinkers thought the Anemo Archon had some sort of connection with the god. If it is proven true, then there must be some proof of that somewhere, specifically, in the form of elemental evidence. Also, it seems weird to be there here at a certain time of the day. Everything starts around 2 AM and ends by 5 AM at the latest. After all, the sundial is here, and in the early hours of the day the shadow of the blade falls directly downwards. It is quite eye catching, hence it stands out in the memory. The thing is, “I” have no vision. When it is known that something is up and makes a theory about what the cause might be, there is no way to investigate it properly.

That’s just the summary of the thing that is written on the Ragged Notebook. It might seem off but it does cover everything that is written on the book. If you want to see the full text of Ragged Notebook, you can visit the Genshin Impact page on click this button below:

In the same place, you will be able to find a lot of things related to the Genshin Impact, so you might want to visit the site often.

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