Radioactive Roblox ID Code

The ‘Radioactive’ song has been rapidly popular since a lot of Roblox creators upload either its original song or remix song into Roblox library. Radioactive is Imagine Dragons’ song that received a number of positive reviews from critics and also listeners over the world.

In fact, the Radioactive song also received two Grammy Awards nominations for Best Rock Performance and Record of the Year. The Radioactive is then currently popular among players and is the most-wanted song in Roblox.

Do you also want to play the Radioactive song while playing Roblox games? If so, it’s very easy to listen to this on your Roblox gameplay. What you should have is the ID code of the Radioactive song. Find the Radioactive Roblox ID code from our post.

Radioactive Roblox ID Code

Here’s the Radioactive Roblox ID!

The ID code of the Radioactive song is 2653049912. With this code, you can play the song while playing Roblox games. Keep in mind, in order to play the Radioactive song on your gameplay screen, make sure that you play a game that has a gear icon within.

However, the gear icon will be capable of playing any Roblox audios while you are playing Roblox games. One of the gears that you can choose is Golden Boombox which is available in the catalog of Roblox.

To play the Radioactive song on Roblox, you need to click on the ‘Golden Boombox’. After that, a GUI window will appear on your screen and requires you to enter the ID code of a Radioactive. Click the code bar and paste the ‘Radioactive’ ID code in the GUI. Click the ‘Play’ button to listen to this song.

Another way that you can do to play the Radioactive song while playing Roblox, you can use the admin command. To note, this way is only for you who are an admin of the game that you play. If you’re an admin of the game, you just simply press ‘Ctrl-V’ to paste it in your music ID.

Adding the Radioactive to Your Game, How to Do?

If you are a game creator of Roblox, you may also want to add the ‘Radioactive’ song into your Roblox. That’s very easy, as long as you really know the Asset ID of this song. Thankfully, this post will guide you on how to add the ‘Radioactive’ song into your game. Let’s see the guide below!

Step 1:  Look for the Radioactive Asset ID

To find the Asset ID of a Radioactive song, you need to go to the Roblox Studio. Then, log into your account. If you want to add this song to your game, open your existing games or you can also create a new one. Then, click ‘Marketplace’ using the Toolbox on the left.

After that, you need to open the menu and select the ‘Audio. If you cannot locate  the Toolbox, alternatively you can choose the ‘View’ tab and turn on it on the ‘Show’ options.Use the search bar to look for the Radioactive song.

If you get difficult, narrow your search results by searching for a creator, adjusting the duration by clicking on the filter icon as well as. After finding the Radioactive song, you can right-click on your choice and select ‘Copy Asset ID’. For easier, you just simply copy the ID code of the Radioactive song that we’ve mentioned above.

Step 2: Add the Radioactive Song into Your Game

After finding the Asset ID of the Radioactive song, you can now add this song to your Roblox game. To add Radioactive into your game, you need to go to Roblox Studio. Click on the ‘View’ tab and choose ‘Explorer and ‘Properties’.

Hover an item on Explorer and click on the ‘plus’ icon to insert an object. Select the ‘Sound’ option. You will also be able to click on the newly created Sound object and choose the ‘Properties’ window. In this section, paste the Asset ID of the Radioactive onto the ‘Soundid’ section and press ‘Enter’. Then, make sure to turn on the option of the ‘Playing’.

Step 3: Adjust the Song to be Better

If you successfully add the Radioactive song into your game, to make the audio more easy to listen to, you can also adjust the volume in the ideal; not lower or also higher. Aside from that, you can also enable other features in the properties window.

Afterwards, navigate to StarterGui and click on the ‘plus’ icon and select the ‘LocalScript’ option. Remove all of the content on the script bar and type ‘game.Workspace.Sound:Play()’, after the window appears on the screen. Close the LocalScript window and check if the song can be played in your game. Last step, you need to click the  ‘Play’ button to run the game on the Test section on your Toolbar.

How to Use the Radioactive Song as a Sound Effect?

You may already know that the Roblox audios can be used for any purpose. One of them is called ‘Sound Effect’. To make this song as a sound effect for interactive GUI objects, you need to  use the audio model. You can then hook it up to the ‘Activated’ event listener for the GUI button in order to play Roblox audio immediately.

Add a new ‘ScreenGui’ in StarterGui to add the GUI sounds. Then, create a new ‘TextButton’ within it. You can also look for the GUI buttons and the basic option on this page especially if you’re not familiar with the buttons.

Choose the new button and attach a ‘LocalScript’ and remove all contents on the script bar and then paste the following scripts:

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”)


— Require audio player module

local AudioPlayer = require(ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild(“AudioPlayer”))


— Set up sounds


            [“SimpleClick”] = 3061551819



— Reference the button

local textButton = script.Parent


— Function activated when button is pressed

local function onButtonActivated()




After the script is inserted, it’s a great time for you to play and test the game. Ideally, you should hear the sound name that is specified in the bold line of this script:

— Function activated when button is pressed

local function onButtonActivated()




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