Roblox Project New World Codes (July 2021)

Are you looking for Project New World codes in July 2021? If so, you have come to the right place. So, ensure you read this entire article, and then redeem this code. Well, let’s find out all Project New World codes here.


Project New World is an anime-themed RPG. Taking much of its inspiration from One Piece, in Project New World you are going to be leveling your character while exploring new lands and completing quests. You are able to collect the devil fruits to get special abilities. The journey to becoming the strongest is not easy. Here are some Project New World codes to help you along your way.

Just collect devil fruit, use unique weapons, and then complete tough quests in this anime-inspired Roblox game. You will be able to sink lots of hours into Project New World by reaching the big level cap or sailing the ocean on one of available vessels.

Project New World Codes (July 2021)

Project New World Codes

Project New World codes give you a ton of powerful boosts. Most of the codes are going to allow you to double your XP and money collection for a period of time. Besides those direct boosts, there are also Stat and Race spin codes. Roblox Project New World has different races, including human, skypeian, Fishman, and Clan. Of course, each race has different attributes. You are able to use codes to get spins to switch between races. Also, your character has stats that you sink points into as a level. After several times, you may decide to rearrange how you distribute your ustat points. Please use them wisely!

Project New World codes are going to give you extra XP, free stat resets, and even a couple of spins. We are going to keep this list up to date, so ensure you check back frequently. Also, it is worth noting that Project New World is currently in a public testing phase, meaning you may discover a bug or two while traversing the map.

These Project New World codes have been updated and are correct at the time of publishing. If you use the codes you are going to get some free rewards such as XP and Money.

Here are some Project New World codes that work:

    • FreeStatReset: After redeem this code, you are going to get a free Stat Reset.
    • FreeRaceSpin: After redeem this code, you are going to get a free Race Spin.
    • WowResetStats: After redeem this code, you are going to get a Stat Reset.
    • 30KLIKES: After redeem this code, you are going to get 2x XP, 2x Money & 15 Gems.
    • DOUBLEXP: After redeem this code, you are going to get x2 XP for 30 minutes.
    • GROUPONLY: After redeem this code, you are going to get x2 XP, mastery & money for 30 minutes (exclusive for Group Members).

How to Redeem Project New World Codes?

    • If you want to redeem your Project New World codes, first go to the in-game menu.
    • Then, you will be able to see a small bird icon.
    • After that, click on this icon and a textbox will appear.
    • In the textbox paste the codes from this page one by one.
    • Next, click enter, and you are going to get all the rewards.

Remember that some of these Project New World codes will only last for a few minutes when activated, so you have to take full advantage of them. The Project New World codes on this page are checked routinely and updated whenever new codes are released. So, you have to ensure to bookmark the page and check back frequently.

How to Play Project New World Game?

It is quite simple to play the game of Project New World:

    • Fruits spawn: 60 minutes. Despawn: 20 minutes.
    • Fruits spawn in VIP Servers
    • Current Level Cap: 900
    • Current Bounty Cap: 500k / If you have below 10k bounty, you will not lose any.
    • You have to be 10 levels above NPC for Logia Effect to work.

About The New Worlds Project

Talking about Roblox Project New World codes, now we are going to talk about the New Worlds Project game. It was inspired by a similar play-by-post game entitled Star Trek: Independence. The game utilizes the Star Trek setting and modified it to make a setting compatible with the methods of play-by-post gaming.

The New Worlds Project’s founders served as administrators within that game and they were able to see the strengths and weaknesses of Star Trek: Independence. Also inspired to make a wholly original setting, the administrators inspired themselves from the gameplay of Star Trek: Independence as the basis for their own project. The founders spent two years perfecting their concept, focusing particular attention around their original setting. The New World Project opened in August 2003 to the public, accepting a hundred applications within a month.

Role-playing game of the New Worlds Project

The New Worlds Project’s setting is utilized as the basis of a play-by-post role-playing game. It is the role-playing game which opened to the public in August 2003. The role-playing game counts more than 250 registered users. The setting is utilized as the backdrop for on-going cooperative writings that feature players’ characters struggling to survive combat missions (whether in space or on the ground). Also, other players have tried to further expand the setting using civilian characters.

The New Worlds Project maintained an office of external relations to govern its relations with other role-playing games. Under this aegis, the New Worlds Project maintained regular contacts with its partner games via the DragonMuseNetwork. Through the Network it was partnered with Blue Horizon, a New Worlds offshoot, and Tazlure, an original fantasy role-playing game. Also, the New Worlds maintained a small list of affiliate sites. New Worlds has had tumultuous relations with the Simming League, a Star Trek role-playing game network. The New Worlds Project members voted to withdraw its membership from the League. Even though, in the year of 2004, the League awarded to project its Internet Technology for unique applications of content management systems.

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