PlayVS Fortnite Prize Pool High School

PlayVS as a software company which builds competitive experience around games previously has partnered with Epic-owned Psyonic to roll out the competition of Rocket League games. Sure, it marks its first foray into competitions at the collegiate level.

Well, the high school competitive area here will consist of six conferences which are assigned to the six time Zones of the United States including Mountain, Pacific, Alaska, Eastern, Central and Hawaii. While, the collegiate area will feature one all-encompassing conference. Sure, each conference will roll out a championship event to decide its winner.

PlayVS Fortnite Prize Pool High School
Here’s the Prize Pool for High School

You may already know that the prize pool for the PlayVS Fortnite tournament is awarded in the form of scholarships. PlayVS in a total of prize pool is offering $230,000 in scholarships with $100,000. Sure, Fortnite is also receiving a little change in comparison to the previous season.

The total case scholarships prize pool for the PlayVS tournament for high school is around $100,000 divided into two categories. $50,000 for Solos and $50,000 for Trios. Well, all prizing here will be granted as scholarships.

Moreover, PlayVS offers more scholarship for amateur esports than ever before as a form of collaboration with Epic Games. They are also offering limited edition or exclusive Fortnite merchandise throughout the 2020 – 2021 seasons. Well, the scholarship here can be awarded for Solo players and Trios. Of course, the further details of the prize pool will be released at the start of the season.

Rules of PlayVS Fortnite Tournament

PlayVS is rolling out a Fortnite tournament for youth players aged 13 to 10. This tournament  also gives an opportunity for college students to participate in open national leagues as well as regional leagues.

As we know, Fortnite recently became a part of PlayVS as the only place where esports is treated like a recognized sport in universities. As the most popular free-to-play games in the world, sure, there are plenty of tournaments and also events where the players are able to test their skills within.

PlayVS also provides two separate game modes to compete in this tournament. Sure, every participant has a chance to choose either rely on their individual skills in solo competitions or to team up with two other players and compete in the trios competition.

Here’s the format for PlayVS for Fortnite Youth Leagues!

    • Game Format: Solos, Trios
    • Genre: Battle Royale
    • # of Leagues: 5
    • Team Size: 1 (Solo) or 3 players (Trio)
    • Best of: 1 match
    • Playoff Advancement: Couplings of the top 2 teams per match round

Here’s the format for PlayVS for Fortnite college league!

    • Game Format: Solos, Trios
    • Genre: Battle Royale
    • # of Leagues: 3
    • Team Size: 1 (Solo) or 3 players (Trio)
    • Playoff Advancement: Couplings of the top 2 teams per match round

Considering Fortnite is one of the hottest battle royale games over the world, we can say that PlayVS witnessed a huge splurge in the number of participants. PlayVS seems to have a desire for broadcasting the tournament on almost all platforms.

The platforms supported by PlayVS to play the tournament are PC, Macintosh, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X and Android.

How to Join the PlayVS Fortnite Tournament

How to Join the PlayVS Fortnite Tournament?

Even though the registration for the tournament is now closed, knowing how to participate in PlayVS tournament is a must for you. Why? It’s because PlayVS will regularly open up a new wave of sign-ups for incoming and currently active college students. Sure, there is a possibility that the tournament with Fortnite will reopen.

Sure, joining up for the PlayVS Fortnite tournament is pretty easy. You just simply access PlayVS official site for registration here. Once signing up, you will see the PlayVS Fortnite tournament information such as the stats, community events, scheduling, trends, supports and scouting. Make sure you also read up on their Fortnite Game Day Protocol.

For more information, PlayVS Spring 2021 has begun for Fortnite. Certainly, Fortnite players who are interested in participating in this tournament should enroll by February 26 to play in their next Youth League season kicking off March 1.

Then, after creating an account on PlayVS and rallying your squad, make sure you join it as a consideration for a spot in one of the leagues.

The players cannot sign up for trio tournaments by themselves, meaning they must be registered with a school or university to sign up for the PlayVS Youth League tournaments. Aside from that, they will also require a team to compete if they want to participate in a trios tournament.

As this tournament is specifically for young players (ages 13 to 18) and students, of course they can participate in this tournament via PlayVS and can do it for free without participation or entry fees.

More About PlayVS Fortnite Tournament

PlayVS is a tournament organizer which is dedicated to build competitive collegiate and high school Esports events, for the previously, it titles such as League of Legends and Rocket League.

Recently, PlayVS has announced a strategic partnership with Epic Games to cross over and add Fortnite as a title. They deal to roll out Fortnite’s college Esports athletes which will be reserved for a much larger prize pool earmarked for educational purposes.

Of course, the topic of this popular Fortnite tournament organized by PlayVS has been one of the most talked about among the Fortnite community. Not a few players want to participate in the PlayVS tournament. How to sign up to PlayVS tournaments is one of the trending topics much talked about among Fortnite players.

PlayVS organization have made a name for themselves by holding multiple state-level esports tournaments in high school and universities over the winter. They also have conducted some regional tournaments in California, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas and Kentucky among others. For their great contribution, sure, PlayVS already provides a fantastic platform for upcoming youth esports athletes.

Of course, there’s a lot of information about the PlayVS tournament that you can find on PlayVS official site that you can access here.

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