Picture of Among Us Character Venting

Among us is a most played game worldwide, especially in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Its equipment, features, and other gaming modes like venting make it unique. For those who are not aware of venting, then you may be wondering about Among Us Character Venting. Well, let us read more detailed information about venting here.

What is Among Us Character Venting? Here’s Picture

Vent is an ability in the game of Among Us. It is only usable by living Impostors or Engineers as a way to travel and hide around the map. Simply, we are able to say that venting is one of the swift movements to wander around the spaceships. This is a vital capability in the game of Among Us that enables imposters to walk around the map. For your information, all three maps in the Among Us have vents (holes). Vents are able to turn out to be an extremely useful tool for imposters to bump off the crewmates carefully if used properly. Commonly, it is discovered that new entrants get themselves struggling in using the game’s mechanics, especially venting.

The Impostors and Engineers are going to be prevented from using or travelling to any vent which is in use by a Crewmate completing Clean Vent. And anyone which is currently in the vent will be forced out of it once a Crewmate begins the task. The Engineers with Clean Vent cannot enter the vent they have the task in until they complete the task. If the Engineers or Impostors enter a vent which is connected to a vent a Crewmate is using to complete Clean Vent, then the arrow pointing to that vent will be marked with a red X.

Picture of Among Us Character Venting

How to Use Venting?

Now, you may want to know how to use venting. Here are some ways to use Among Us Character Venting:

    • To exit the vent, the imposters have to stand near it, replacing the rec button with the vent button, appearing red.
    • With one click, you are going to hop into the vent. Please be alert of your surroundings as you are going to be thrown out of the ship if seen and called to an emergency meeting.
    • After exiting the vent, you are able to slay the imposter, thereby vandalizing the task. Then, the imposter will be able to travel back through the same or the other vent.

How Can You Make Use of Venting More Accurately?

Here are the factors you need to note while performing Among Us Character Venting:

    • First, you have to ensure that there are no cameras while hopping in and out of the vents.
    • Neither the sabotage nor the kill button works while hidden in the vent. It means that the imposter has to come out to play the game.
    • For more secure playing, the imposters are suggested to close the door while venting to keep their identity secret from the crewmates.

More Information about Venting

    • Commonly, the term “venting” is used by the players to explain using a vent. Officially, this term was used in the description for Engineers.
    • All of the vents are interconnected on MIRA HQ, This makes it the only map where the Impostors and Engineers are able to travel to a vent which is not adjacent to another vent. Several of these vents are different sizes. For instance, the vent in Balcony on MIRA HQ is smaller than other vents.
    • On Polus, the vents show as dug-out holes. They are divided into four separate systems.
    • The vents are not in every location. On The Skeld, there are no vents in Storage, O2 or Communications. On MIRA HQ, there are no vents in Cafeteria, Communications, or Storage. On Polus, there are no vents in the Boiler Room, Communications, Dropship, MedBay, Weapons, Security, Specimen Room, or the Decontamination chambers. On The Airship, there are no vents in Communications, Armory, Brig, Electrical, Hall of Portraits, Lounge, Medical, Meeting Room, Outside, Security and Ventilation. Therefore, Communications is the only location to not have a vent in any map.
    • Outside on Polus has the highest number of the vents out of any location, six in total.
    • Crewmates are able to see the animation of vents opening from other rooms or outside of their circle of vision. But, they cannot see the character entering or exiting the vent. This does not work on Polus, because there is no vent animation on the vent.
    • The back of Impostors and Engineers clamp the vent when using it.
    • When someone is in a vent, then they still show up on Admin.
    • If the user of the vent has a pet, then their pet will disappear several frames after they enter a vent. The pet will reappear. Several frames before the user of the vent can be seen leaving the vent.
    • If an emergency meeting is called while someone is inside a vent, they are going to appear above the vent shortly in a standing position before being moved to the meeting table.
    • In an older version of Among Us, the button of the vent would replace the Sabotage button when usable.
    • In an older version of Among Us, if an Engineer entered a vent, then moved to a vent which they have to use to complete Clean Vent, they could not come out of said vent in particular. The countdown for when Engineers get forced out of the vent would go down while in a vent they needed to clean.
    • The engineers cannot be killed while inside a vent. But, they are still able to be killed during the animation which plays when using the vent. If this occurs, they will not be able to move until the next emergency meeting.


Venting remains one of the most vital modes in the game of Among Us. But, it depends upon the players how wisely they use the art of venting to mislead the crewmates. We hope the information explained above would help you to use Among Us Character Venting more efficiently.

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