Phone Number to Securus Inmate Calling

Just like any other companies that offers products and services, Securus has phone number that can be dialed by the customers. The phone number is usually dialed by those who want to ask about the products or services offered. For instance, they want to make a refund or they want to complain about something.

There are a total of three phone numbers that will connect you to Securus. The first one is 972 734 1111. It is the main support line of the company. This number is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, meaning it is available everyday for 365 days a year. Feel free to call the number from your mobile device every time you need.

The second one is 1 800 844 6591. This one is for those who want to make a call by using the landline phone or those who want to call from the outside United States.

The third one is 1 877 578 3658. This one is able to be called by those who want to know the information about one of the products or services offered by Securus, which is Securus Video Connect.

If you are thinking to call these phone numbers above to contact the incarcerated one, then you are wrong because you will not achieve your aim. Instead of calling the incarcerated one, you will be able to get collect calls from them with a thing known as AdvanceConnect account. For those who are not familiar with this account, it is the one that is owned by a family or friend of the incarcerated one. It is counted as a prepaid calling account. When you as a family member or a friend of an incarcerated one receives a call from the loved one behind the bar, you will be charged and it will be automatically done from your prepaid account. This kind of account is fortunately able to be controlled by yourself, meaning you will be able to control the spending and make sure that you get the calls from the one that you love.

The advantages of this AdvanceConnect include:

    • The funding amount can be up to $50.00 per transaction.
    • It is possible to get the calls from the one behind the bar as long as there are funds in your account.
    • Feel free to add more than one phone number to your account, making it possible for your loved one to call your home phone, work phone, cell phone, the phone of the relatives/friends/neighbors, and so on.
    • It is possible for the calls to be connected to cell phones as long as it is allowed by the facility.
    • It is available to be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year through the official website of Securus or by contacting them by calling the phone number.

Once again, the concept of AdvanceConnect is to wait for a phone call from an incarcerated one and it is clearly not easy for everyone. Regardless of their behavior, you might want to always get in touch with your loved one even behind the bar and it is normal if you do not want to just sit down waiting for them to call you. When you are away with the one that you love, you might want to be the first one to call them. Is there any product or service offered by Securus that makes it possible?

If you want to call the loved one behind the bar through Securus without having to wait for them to call you first, the good news is that there is a thing offered by Securus where you will be able to proactively reach out and connect with the incarcerated one in real time. The name of such a thing is called Inbound Connect. It is apparently a feature of AdvanceConnect. With it, you will be allowed to connect to the incarcerated one by using your Securus mobile app.

Is it really an inbound call? Actually, it is not like that. The way it works is you are submitting a request through the Securus mobile app for a call request from the loved one. If the one behind the bar agrees to your request, then an expedited outbound call is started. In fact, the expedited call is preprogrammed with the information belongs to the incarcerated one to make the process of outbound call faster.

Even though it is not as perfect as it seems to be, it is still worth trying, especially when it is free to sign up. If you are interested in it, here is step by step that you can follow to connect with your loved one by using Inbound Connect:

    1. First thing first, go to your AdvanceConnect account that is able to be found on the app called Securus that you have downloaded and installed before on your phone.
    2. Then, choose Inbound Connect.
    3. In the next step, add your loved one behind the bar as a contact.
    4. Once the connection is started, the incarcerated will get a real time notification shown on the tablet that they have.
    5. Just like that, you two are connected.

Before using the feature named Inbound Connect, you should know that the availability may vary by agency. When it was mentioned previously that it is free, the standard call rates, taxes, and fees may apply depending on the facility. Another thing to take note is that the real notifications are provided only on the Personal Tablets.

Once again, the phone numbers for the customers cannot be used to reach out the inmate. To get in touch with the loved one behind the bar, AdvanceConnect and Inbound Connect are the perfect ones. If you miss your loved one and want to see their latest appearance, you might also want to try Securus Video Connect, which is also known as Securus Video Visitation. In addition, there is also a messaging service for you to get in touch with the loved one called eMessaging.