Peter Griffin Fortnite Skin

Fortnite leakers, data-miners and also fans are currently giving rumors where Peter Griffin skin will be released to Fortnite. Although there is no certainty and also official confirmation from Epic Games regarding the rumors of the release of this skin, apparently Fortnite fans are sure that a new male skin will come to Fortnite, that’s Peter Griffin.

Why is Peter Griffin’s Skin Being Rumored?

Fortnite data miners really got new information once the Street Fighter skins were released in Fortnite. This is where Peter Griffin was rumored to hit Fortnite immediately to be yet another Fortnite skin.

Peter Griffin Fortnite Skin

Moreover, in some of the new files which are released in the Street Fighter Fortnite update, one Fortnite date miner GmatrixGames found some clips to go along with a “FrenchFry” back bling.

Even though the code name may not give off a significant Family Guy vibe, there are a series of screenshots of Peter Griffin. Well, those images are a bunch of Family Guy clips which mainly featured Peter Griffin. He appeared to be framed from the chicken fight that he has in one of the early seasons, becoming iconic.

For more information, Family Guy is a cartoon which has been running for a very long time, following a family from Rhode island. Then, Peter Griffin is the father and is the goofiest of the bunch due to him getting involved in numerous mischief or bad situations.

As the images of Peter Griffin were circulated on Twitter, sure some users really trust that the Peter Griffin images were a test batch for one of the new Street Fighter back bling options. However, this is a mini ole arcade machine which features a functioning screen full of animations. Many people think that the theory of the Family Guy scenes and Peter Griffin were really used to test.

Meanwhile, the evidence might point to Peter Griffin’s clip as just a test image for back bling. Then, there is one more strange finding in the file where there will be an XL and male-only skin that will appear in Fortnite.

As a flashback, the last time Fortnite’s skin was XL was when Thanos was added to the game, so surely they won’t be thrown all the time. Even if there was an XL skin on Fortnite, of course Peter Griffin would have met the size requirements. However, how can that cartoon skin actually enter the battle royale?

Is It Possible the Family Guy Character Coming to Fortnite?

As you know, Fortnite has collaborated with numerous iconic movies, shows and also franchises over the past couple of years. The skins which have come to Fortnite include Master Chief, Black Widow, God of War, Mandalorian, Thanos and many more.

In fact, Fortnite has a habit of introducing pop-culture characters into the game frequently with their regular updates. Recently, some latest Fortnite leaks point that Peter Griffin from the TV show Family Guy may just show up in the game. Of course, the Fortnite’s latest leaks show one of the strangest crossover ever where Fortnite x Family Guy crossover may be coming up soon.

Sure, Fortnite fans enthusiasts make memes which discuss the appearance of the Family Guy characters as one of the Fortnite skins posted on Twitter.

Reason Why Peter Griffin Is Good for Fortnite Skin

Sure, a lot of Fortnite fans are sure that Peter Griffin is one of the most suitable  characters for Fortnite skin among other Family Guy characters. Well, the attractive part here is some of the shots showing Peter Griffin dancing. Of course, Fortnite fans directly connect with Fortnite’s emote where the Peter Griffin’s dance is a source for emote to this character.

Certainly, it is not yet how the Peter Griffin dance looks like in the 2D animated form which will be converted into a 3D game like Fortnite.

Weird Things for Family Guy Coming to Fortnite

Somehow, those leaks seem weird for a few reasons where the Family Guy is a very adult-themed show with numerous offensive contents, considering Fortnite’s majority of the player base are totally kids and young teenagers.

Aside from that, Family Guy used to be one of the most well-known shows a few years ago, but as of now, this show is not popular anymore. We think that Fortnte has frequently collaborated with the most popular of pop-culture, so Peter Griffin Fortnite leaks seem out of its place.

It seems that a new leak came through a hacker who was mining the new Street Fighter cosmetic data that was recently added to the game. As we know that data miner doesn’t give a complete Family Guy skin reveal but it does reveal a back bling texture which you might be able to see some tweets featuring Family Guy images.

Of course, that can mean a few things, they are:

    • There may be an actual Peter Griffin skin from the Family Guy being added to Fortnite.
    • Epic Games got tired of the hacker. They may put the clues there as a joke to troll to the hackers and confuse the Fortnite community.

The point is, only time will reveal the truth if Peter Griffin skin really hits Fortnite. So, stay waiting for the latest information about this skin.

About Fortnite Update 15.50 Update Leaks

Fortnite is almost debuting a new set of skins which will hold several events for the new update of version 15.50 which is now online and ready to release any time once the recent server downtime. Then, the next update will be under version 15.50 which will hold an event leaked as the ‘unstable’ event which introduces the new skins.

Epic Games has had numerous crossovers in the game like DC, Marvel, NFL, Predator and many more. Sure, it may be the first time for Epic Games to include sitcom characters in the game, that may be Family Guy.

The leak regarding Peter Griffin from Family Guy, now, has a stronger one and many insiders have suggested his arrival as a cosmetic enhancement. The list of skins which are leaked include Lazarbeam skin, Female Golden Midas skin and also Family Guy skin.