Paramount Plus Error Code 3004 PS4

You may want to watch the content on Paramount Plus on your PS4, but you get error code 3004. If so, you are able to try to fix it. But, what methods do we have to use to fix the error code in Paramount Plus on PS4?

Fixing Paramount Plus Issues on PS4

I tried to find the methods to fix Paramount Plus Error code 3004 on PS4. However, I could not find the method for fixing exactly error code 3004 in Paramount Plus on PS4. However, according to Paramount Plus Help site, if you find issues on your device when you try to watch content such as seeing a black screen, seeing the ‘video unavailable’ message, a loading image, or the app is frozen, you are able to use this method to fix it on your PS4.

    • First, you have to go to the Home Screen by pressing the PS home button.
    • After that, you need to highlight Application to close.
    • Then, you need to press and hold the PS button.
    • Here, you need to choose Close Application.
    • And now, if you are still having an issue, you can try to restart the modem/ router and then relaunch the Paramount+ app.

Paramount Plus Error Code 3004 PS4

Fixing Paramount Plus Not Working/ Crashing on PS4 or PS5

According to the Get Droid Tips, if you find that Paramount Plus is not working/ crashing on PS4 or PS5, you are able to try to apply these methods to fix it.

    • Restarting the Paramount Plus Application

There are a lot of technical glitches which can be fixed by restarting the application. So, you can try to restart the Paramount application before you move to any fix and restart the PS once. To restart the app, you can press and hold the PS button from the controller. Then, you have to go to the highlighted application from the menu and then choose Close. Then, you have to press and hold the PS button again and choose the Restart option. You need to wait until the PlayStation is restarted and then open the Paramount app again.

    • Checking the Modem/ Router Status

It is important to know that the streaming services need a minimum speed to provide output. So, you need to check the internet connection by using websites which can check your internet speed. If you find that the speed is low, you can contact the service provider. However, before you contact them, it is better for you to restart your router or modem to remove any technical glitch.

    • Re-signing in on Paramount Plus App

You can try to sign out from the Paramount Plus app once and then sign in again. Sometimes, because of server errors, the page of the subscription has issues so that if you log in again, it can reload your account’s subscription and solve the bugs. To log out from the app, you have to click on your profile picture and choose Account from the right side corner of the screen and then tap on log out.

    • Checking The Paramount Plus Server Status

You can try to check the Paramount Plus server status from the official website of Paramount Plus. Or, you can check it from social media and other sites like Downdetector. If there is an issue found there, you have to wait for the company to fix it.

    • Checking for Updates

Update Application

    1. First, you need to go to the application and press the PS button from the remote.
    2. Then, you have to choose the check for updates and install if any update is available.
    3. You are also able to go to the notification panel and the go-to Downloads.
    4. Now, you must check if any pending update is available and download then updates.
    5. After the Update, the Paramount Plus app will be restarted by the PlayStation and you can watch any content.

Update PlayStation

    1. You must go to the settings option and then choose System Software update.
    2. After that, select Check Update and wait until it finds any update available.
    3. If there is any update available, you have to tap on Next and then follow the instructions on the screen.
    4. You have to wait until the PlayStation restart once and then check for the app.

Fixing Paramount Plus Error Codes When Trying to Playback Video on Paramount

According to the Paramount Plus Help site, if you are finding an error message when you try to stream content, you can solve it with some simple tips as you can see below.

Methods for Fixing 4201 or 1200 Error Codes

    • It seems that you have Ad Blockers enabled and you have to disable it to be able to stream P+ content.
    • Your firewall restrictions may be blocking Paramount Plus so that you have to ensure that you do not have firewall restrictions.
    • You need to check your antivirus software to ensure you have Paramount Plus whitelisted or allowed.

Methods for Fixing 1106, 6999, 3002, 3005, 6290, or 6310 Error Codes

    • You have to click on the OK button on the error page. You will be directed to the previous page and it may clear the error. You have to try to play the video again.
    • Alternatively, you are able to try closing the Paramount+ app and opening it again to refresh the app. Then, you can try to play the video.

Methods for Fixing 3301 Error Code

    • You can try to restart your browser
    • Alternatively, you can try to restart your device.

Methods for Fixing 3304 Error Code

    • You need to turn off Ad Blocker if you have enabled it.
    • Let’s say that you are using a Chrome browser on a PC. If so, you have to disable Hardware Acceleration in your browser’s Setting option.
    • You can try to restart your computer and then relaunch your browser.

Methods for Fixing 4200 Error Codes

    • You have to make sure that your mobile device is running the newest software version.
    • If you are streaming through PC, you have to ensure there are no pending updates.
    • You have to ensure you are running the latest version of the Paramount Plus app.
    • You need to restart your device and then¬† relaunch Paramount Plus again.

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