Ozzie ACNH Tier

In Animal Crossing, Ozzie is a koala villager and he is lazy. His birthday is on May 7th and he has the play hobby. Which tier is Ozzie in Animal Crossings New Horizons? Let’s find out about the tier of this villager here.

Ozzie’s Tier in ACNH

According to Fanbyte, Ozzie is in the C tier in Koala Tier List. In Fanbyte, the tier list is listed for each species. Koala get extra points for being so colorful, but they are average. In the Koala tier list, Eugene stands out as one of the most unique villagers.

Here is the Koala Tier List and you can see that Ozzie in the C tier.

Tier Villager Personality Catchphrase
B Eugene Smug Yeah buddy
C Alice Normal guvnor
C Lyman Jock chips
C Melba Normal toasty
C Ozzie Lazy Ol’bear
C Sydney Normal sunshine
C Yuka Snooty Tsk tsk
D Canberra Sisterly Nuh uh
D Gonzo Cranky Mate

The Meaning of S, A, B, C and D Tier

What are the meanings of S, A, B, C and D Tier in the tier list above? Here are the meanings of them.

    • S-Tier

It means super popular where everyone wants the villager on their island.

    • A-Tier

It means a great villager. You are able to consider them to be added to your island.

    • B-Tier

It means that the villagers in this tier are above average. They have a few qualities which make them better than an average villager.

    • C-Tier

It means that the villagers which are in the tier are average villager and they do not really stand out.

    • D-Tier

It means that the villagers which are in this tier are below average or awful. However, some villagers who are put in this tier are just okay.

Ozzie ACNH Tier

Ozzie’s Tier According to Other Sources

On the Gamerant website, Ozzie is also put in the C-Tier together with the other animals such as Admiral, Agnes, Annabelle, Big Top, Bettina, Boomer, Cece, Cesar, Claudia, Dizzy, Drake, Ed, Elise, Elvis, Gabi, Kidd, Knox, Liz, Lucha, Maggie, Megan, Moe, Monty, Paolo, Peggy, Rowan, Sandy, Stella, and many more.

According to that site, those animals are put in the C-Tier because there is nothing noteworthy about them and the majority of these villagers have little truly unique about them. Also, they feel like different colored variants of one another or look like a basic version of their real-life counterparts.

On the Animal Crossing Portal website, Ozzie is put in the Tier 4 (middle ground). In this tier list, Ozzie is in the 35th position after Portia which is in 34th position and before Bea which is in the 36 position. In this tier list, there are 60 villagers.

About Ozzie in Animal Crossing

Ozzie in Animal Crossing

Ozzie is one of the animals in Animal Crossing. He is a koala villager in the game and he is lazy. In the Animal Crossing Wild World and City Folk, he was not there and then he went back in Animal Crossing New Leaf.

As explained in Animal Crossing Wiki that Ozzie’s name is derived from the term ‘Aussie’ which is a nickname for Australia. Why do they take the name from the term Aussie which is a nickname for Australia? It is because koalas live in the Australia. Ozzie has a Japanese name, donguri which means acorn. For your information, Ozzie appears on the album cover for K.K. Bazaar.

Ozzie has the play hobby and his birthday is on May 7th. His personality is lazy and his initial phrase is ol’ bear. His initial clothes are Giraffe Tee and then Energetic Sweater which is yellow. He has a home request namely a trip to the school nurse. His skill is baton twirling and his goal is Pro golfer. His coffee is Kilimanjaro, lots of milk and three spoonful of sugar. His favorite song is Mr. K.K.

How about Ozzie’s appearance? He is grey koala and he has a wide smile on his face. His nose is orange and his hair is dark grey on top of his head where it matches the top part of his ears. As you are able to see that his ears transition from dark gray to light gray to white. Initially, he wears the Giraffe Shirt.

Now, how about Ozzie’s personality? As explained earlier, he is lazy villager. However, he will be friendly and easy to get along with because of his laid back lifestyle. Same as all lazy villagers, he loves food and relaxing. He will enjoy doing the usual hobbies where usually the reason is for relaxing or for food such as when he is fishing.

Ozzie can get along well with the other villagers. However, Ozzie may offend or confuse jock villagers who have exercise and fitness lifestyle. The lifestyle of jock villagers opposes with the laziness that is owned by Ozzie.

Ozzie will get along with other lazy villagers so that he can talk about comics, food or superheroes. In addition, he also will get along with normal, peppy, smug and sisterly villagers. Sometimes, he also get along with cranky villagers.

How about Ozzie’s house? The house that is owned by Ozzie is in the school theme. There is a cubby hole, desks, a locker and a blackboard. There is also a Tape Deck which plays Mr. K.K. He chooses Music-room wall for the wallpaper and he chooses the Music-room floor for the flooring.

In his e-Card bio, Ozzie makes a wish to grow taller. On April Fool’s Day in New Leaf, it is sometimes revealed that he is the second of four siblings. In New Leaf, he is afraid of the Bug Mask.

In Japanese, Ozzie’s name is Donguri. How about in the other languages? Check them in the list below.

    • In French, Ozzie’s name is Koko.
    • In Spanish, Ozzie’s name is Koloa.
    • In German, Ozzie’s name is Oskar.
    • In Italian, Ozzie’s name is Ozzy.
    • In Dutch, Ozzie’s name is Ozzie.
    • In Russian, Ozzie’s name is Оззи Ozzi.
    • In Chinese, Ozzie’s name is 阿栗 Ālì.
    • In Korean, Ozzie’s name is동동이 Dongdongi.

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