OSRS Zulrah Scales Fishing

Are you here because you are curious about the thing called Zulrah scales fishing in the game known as Old School RuneScape or OSRS? If the answer to the question is yes, you are in the right place so please stay and keep reading.

Zulrah Scale Fishing

People of Zul-Andra have released additional information about their local things called Sacred Eels. It is time for you to get your fishing rod, bat and go to the tribe to investigate Zulrah scale fishing.


Apparently, the waters of Zul-Andra are places for the bad creatures to live. One of them is behind the cause of the crazed nature of the locals. It is said that the Sacred Eels are polluted after eating the scales thrown by Zulrah. Everyone is able to get the Sacred Eels from the waters of Zul-Andra with a fishing level of 87 or higher. To catch them, fishing rods and bait are needed.

There is no way for the Sacred Eels to be traded after being caught. However, those who have a total of 72 cooking levels or higher are able to extract some Zulrah scales by using a knife on the eels.

The button of Grand Exchange

There is a new button located at the top left of the Grand Exchange interface. This one allows you to quickly access the Grand Exchange history. There is also a similar one that is added to the top left of the Grand Exchange history interface. This one allows you to quickly access the main exchange interface.

Deadman Mode Death Changes

A change to a death within guarded zones has been made as an effort to minimize the viability of suiciding inside guarded zones in Deadman mode. There is a possibility of you losing 10% of your experience in protected skills if you die with a skull inside the guarded zone. Besides, you will also lose the existing item as well as XP. On the other hand, you will not lose any experience in the protected skills in case you die without a skull inside a guarded zone.

Blank Space

For those who want to get a quick and easy to edit screenshot, there is a blank space for you. If you have no idea, it refers to the area with nothing in it. The only thing is a dark map square, which is perfect for taking screenshots as they are able to be cropped easily.

If you want to access the blank space, you can just go to the Dwarven mine that is located below the Falador. Then, right click a disc of returning and choose the Blackout option. In the end, you will be transported to the black space and you are able to leave by using the light that is found in the south west corner.

Bug Fixes

    • From now on, the spears poisoned with poisoned Karambwan paste will be converted to the tradable form and lost on death. That’s why it can be lost on the Deadman worlds.
    • In the Deadman mode, a bug behind the players to keep getting bank keys from the players who die to monsters has been fixed.
    • The telescope of the Wise old man has been disabled on Deadman worlds.
    • It is not allowed for the shades to flicker after retreating.
    • Using the Dragon token in the Freeing Sir Amil Varze subquest is no longer allowed when skulled in Deadman worlds.
    • Etc.

Sacred Eels


    • Released date: November 26, 2015
    • Members: Yes
    • Quest item: No
    • Tradeable: No
    • Equipable: No
    • Stackable: No
    • Destroy: Drop
    • Examine: An eel is used to live in a toxic swamp that has the discarded scales of Zulrah.
    • Value: 140 coins
    • High alch: 84 coins
    • Low alch; 56 coins
    • Weight: 0.6 kg

Sacred Eels,

Sacred eels are known as the only fish of the members that are able to be caught at Zul-Andra by using a fishing rod and fishing bait. Each eel caught requires a minimum of level 87 Fishing and rewarding 105 Fishing experience. It is able for the players to access the village once they reach the Tyras Camp during Regicide. It is also needed for them to talk to the High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa before trying to catch the eels. If they do not do that, one of the people there will stop them.

Apparently, the fish is able to be operated with a knife to extract Zulrah’s scales. The minimum Cooking level to do it is 72. Operating the fish rewarded everyone with 3-0 scales and 109-127 Cooking experience and 100 base XP plus 3 for every scale that is obtained. The Cooking level of the player has something to do with the number of the scales they get when they are operated. Below, you will be able to find the minimum, maximum, and average scales per level that can be obtained. Aside from that, the Sacred Eels also give a high chance of around 1/500 of getting Clue bottles. By having 90 Fishing and Cooking, you can expect to get about 21,300 Fishing experience, 23,800 Cooking experience, and about 1,200 Zulrah’s scales per hour. If you have 97 Fishing and 99 Cooking, you can expect to earn a total of 23,500 Fishing experience, 26,400 Cooking experience, and about 1,500 scales per hour or about 200 to 225 eels. The thing called Rada’s Blessings is so good at increasing the amount of eels fished per hour. For your information, it is able to be obtained by completing the Kourend & Kebos Diary.

    • Cooking Level: 72-79

Scale Range: 3-5
Average Scales: 4
Gp/Eel Average: 394 coins

    • Cooking Level: 80-87

Scale Range: 4-6
Average Scales: 5
Gp/Eel Average: 495 coins

    • Cooking Level: 88-95

Scale Range: 5-7
Average Scales: 6
Gp/Eel Average: 594 coins

    • Cooking Level: 96-103

Scale Range: 6-8
Average Scales: 7
Gp/Eel Average: 693 coins

    • Cooking Level: 104-111

Scale Range: 7-9
Average Scales: 8
Gp/Eel Average: 792 coins

Keep in mind that the maximum amount of scales that are obtained from every operation of the Sacred Eels increases in 8 level intervals and it is limited at a boosted level of 104 or 9 scales. When death, the Sacred Eel is worth 16 coins each. Operating a Sacred Eel is the challenge that is handed by Sherlock on a master level Treasure Trail.

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