OSRS Zulrah Guide for Beginners / Noobs

If you just started to play Old School  RuneScape, it means that you need a guide about Zulrah for beginners. By coming to this site, it is a good decision because here we are going to give you information about Zulrah for you as a beginner in OSRS.

Zulrah’s Forms

Zulrah is a solo snake boss in level 725. This monster is able to be harmed with Ranged or Magic and even though this monster can be reached with a halberd, it is immune to melee attacks. Along the fight, Zulrah will dive into the swamp where it will deliver a plethora of attacks before doing so. Then, it will appear again in its next phase and continue its attacks, usually it will be a different form.

Here are the forms of Zulrah.

    • In the serpentine form (green), it will attack with Ranged, with a few exceptions such as its Jad phase. In this form, this monster is weak against magical attacks  – possessing – 45 magic defence and +50 ranged defence in this form.

serpentine form (green)

    • In the magma form (red), it will attack with Melee. This monster will stare at the position of the player for several seconds before it whips its tail at that area. In case the player does not move away from the targeted area in time, they will be dealt up to 30 damage and be stunned for several seconds. In this form, this monster is still weak against magical attacks – possessing +0 magic defence and +300 ranged defence in this form.

In the magma form (red)

    • In the tanzanite form (blue), it will randomly attack with both Magic and Ranged attacks, even though it uses magic much more often if we compare it to ranged. When this monster is in this form, it is weak to ranged attacks – having +300 magic defence and +0 ranged defence in this form.

In the tanzanite form (blue)

Zulrah’s Special Attack

In the fight, Zulrah is able to summon and/ or venom clouds in any form. However, the phase where it does it and when during the phase, it is determined by the rotation. What are snakelings and venom clouds? You are able to see the description of each attack below.

    • Snarkelings

These are monsters which will be summoned by Zulrah during the fight through shooting white orbs. They only have 1 Hitpoint, even though their moderately high combat level of 90. They attack with magic or melee. However, they never attack both. The magic snakeling has a Magic level of 185 with +120 melee accuracy, +80 magic accuracy and -20 magic strength. The melee snakeling has an Attack level of 140, Strength level 138 and +120 melee accuracy. These snakelings possess 1 Defence with -40 against all combat styles and possess a max hit og 15.

    • Venom Clouds

Venom Clouds

Venomous clouds will be spawned by Zulrah during the fight through a barrage of dark-green orbs. If there is a player who stands in a cloud’s 2×2 radius, they will be dealt varying damage per tick which is able to add up quickly. Players will position themselves accordingly for each phase to minimize the potential damage from these clouds. There may be phases which force the player to run through venom clouds to reposition themselves. If it is done, it will deal some damage to the player, but it is a better outcome than the potential  damage which is caused by an unprepared Zulrah attack.

How to Get to Zulrah

Do you want to get to Zulrah? To do this, make sure that you have completed Regicide to the point of reaching Port Tyras. If you have achieved this point, then there are two ways to get to Zulrah. According to MMOGAH site, the first way to get to Zulrah is to use the Fairy ring teleport b•j•s to the small island west of Zul-Andra and then you have to leap across the stepping stones and it requires 76 Agility. If you find that your Agility is lower, it seems that it may not be for you. However, if you have the required Agility level, it is recommended for you to use this way because it does not take long to get to Zulrah. Also, with this way, it will save you some RS gold on the Zul-Andra teleports.

The second way can be used if you do not have the required Agility level and you cannot boost for it. From the Grand Exchange, you are able to buy Zul-Andra teleports and that will put you right in the middle of the Zul-Andra town from which you are able to run east to a dock. There, you have to talk to the priestess and then you will be taken by her to Zulrah’s island.

Requirements to Kill Zulrah

Requirements to Kill Zulrah

There are some requirements that you must be fulfilled to kill Zulrah. For skills, here are the requirements that you must fulfill.


    • Defence: 70+
    • Ranged: 80+
    • Magic: 85+
    • Hitpoint: 80
    • Prayer: 45+


And in the list below, you can see the items that you need.

    • Magic and Ranged armour such as Black d’hide or Armadyl armour, Mystic or Ahrim’s robes or Void with ranged and mage helm
    • Ranged weapon such as Karil’s crossbow, Toxic blowpipe or Magic shortbow (i), and projectiles
    • Magic weapon such as Trident of the swamp or Seas and casting runes
    • Some food such as shark or monkfish
    • Combo food such as Karambwan or Chocolate bomb
    • 1 Anti-venom+
    • 1 Divine ranging potion
    • 1 Prayer potion
    • 1 Divine magic potion or Imbued heart, but it is optional
    • 1 to 2 Ring of recoils or Ring of suffering (ri)
    • 1 Ring of dueling for Clan Wars teleport or Teleport to House tablets with access to an ornate pool but it is optional
    • Runes for Vengeance spell

As explained earlier that to be able to kill Zulrah, you have to complete Regicide to the point of reaching Port Tyras. Before you fight this monster, you need to speak with High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa and then offer yourself as the sacrifice in place of the gnome child.

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