OSRS Vorkath Kills Per Hour

After awakening, Vorkath’s attack pattern consists of six random standard attacks, six random attacks, one special attack, the other special attack until it can be defeated. Of course, the players have to keep running off throughout the kills and also use the control click to run as needed.

As we know, Vorkath is a high-level boss which will be unlocked upon completion of Dragon Slayer II. Exactly, before the fight, you have to boost your stats with respective potions and weaken his defence with Dragon warhammer or Bando godswprd’s special attack.

Well, in the way of fighting Vorkath, a lot of players really wonder how many times Vorkath kills per hour. That’s due to the high number of kills per trip, leaving the dragon skin unknown and restarting the trop when it was full was commonly an accepted strategy for maximizing profits.

OSRS Vorkath Kills Per Hour

Assumptions 30 Kills Per Hour

Knowing Vorkath kills per hour can be separated from your strategy, skills and weapons that you use for killing Vorkath. It means that your strategy and attack will be 30 kills per hour or even lower than this number. However, it depends on your stats and also maxed gear you have.

Here’s a list of requirement for killing Vorkath using Dragon hunter lance:


    • Attack: 90+
    • Strength: 90+
    • Hitpoints: 90+
    • Defence: 85+
    • Prayer: 70% for Piety recommended

Quest: Dragon Slayer II

Recommended Items for Ranged Attack

Most Effective

    • Void ranger helm
    • Salve amulet(ei)
    • Ava’s assembler
    • Elite void top /  Void knight top
    • Elite void robe /  Void knight robe
    • Dragon hunter crossbow
    • Dragonfire ward
    • Ruby dragon bolts (e) (until 35% or 265 HP) +  Diamond dragon bolts (e)
    • Void knight gloves
    • Pegasian boots
    • Archers ring (i)
    • Slayer helmet (i)
    • Necklace of anguish
    • Ava’s accumulator
    • Armadyl chestplate
    • Armadyl chainskirt
    • Armadyl crossbow
    • Anti-dragon shield
    • Ruby bolts (e) (until 35% or 265 HP) +  Diamond bolts (e)
    • Barrows gloves
    • Ranger boots
    • Ring of suffering (i)

Less Effective

    • Armadyl helmet
    • Serpentine helm
    • Robin hood hat/ Blessed coif
    • Amulet of fury
    • Amulet of glory
    • Amulet of power
    • Ranging cape
    • Ava’s attractor
    • Infernal cape
    • Karil’s leathertop
    • Blessed body
    • Black d’hide body
    • Karil’s leatherskirt
    • Blessed chaps
    • Black d’hide chaps
    • Dragon crossbow
    • Rune crossbow
    • Odium ward
    • Onyx dragon bolts (e) /  Opal dragon bolts (e)
    • Blessed vambraces
    • Black d’hide vambraces
    • Ranger gloves
    • Blessed boots
    • Boots of brimstone
    • Snakeskin boots
    • Brimstone ring
    • Archers ring
    • Ring of the gods (i)


    • Construction: 82+ for an Ornate rejuvenation pool
    • Rune pouch
    • Moonclan Teleport house portal/ Fremennik sea boots 4

Here’s for the results:

Profit: 3,012,676 per hour

Experienced gained

    • Attack: 36,000
    • Strength: 36,000
    • Defence: 36,000
    • Hitpoints: 36,000

Inputs: 397,705

    • 5 × Anti-venom+(4) (48,325)
    • 100 × Manta ray (113,200)
    • 15 × Super restore(4) (168,315)
    • 3 × Divine super combat potion(4) (48,342)
    • 2.5 × Extended super antifire(4) (18,523)


    • 0.8 × Dragon battleaxe (95,442)
    • 0.8 × Dragon platelegs (129,016)
    • 60 × Superior dragon bones (516,300)
    • 5 × Rune longsword (93,180)
    • 5 × Rune kiteshield (160,235)
    • Numerous

The listed profit rate presumes 30 kills per hour, however up to 34 is possible with maxed stats and gear. Your expected profit will actually vary depending on your kills per hour.

Before you go fighting Vorkath, you should equip the Bandos godsword and use one special attack on Vorkath with Protect from Magic and Piety. However, Protection from Magic is needed to prevent dragonfire damage from Vorkath as the high-defence melee gear which is worn in this guide, the damage taken from melee and ranged attacks must be minimal.

After killing Vorkath, you must restore your health and prayers and replenish your God Bandos sword and prepare to determine if the energy is available.

Assumptions 20 Kills Per Hour

Aside from the assumptions 30 kills per hour, this post will also show you the asumptions 20 kill per hour.

Here’s a list of requirement for killing Vorkath:


    • Attack: 80+
    • Strength: 80+
    • Hitpoints: 90+
    • Ranged: 90+
    • Defence: 80+
    • Prayer: 75+ for Protect from Magic  recommended

Quest: Dragon Slayer II

Recommended Items for Ranged Attack

    • Dragon hunter crossbow or  Toxic blowpipe and Twisted buckler with appropriate ammo
    • Dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword
    • (Elite) void knight equipment with melee and ranger helms
    • Ava’s assembler (or other Ava’s device)
    • Salve amulet(ei)
    • Pegasian boots
    • Archers ring (i)
    • food and potions


    • Dragon Slayer II
    • Legends’ Quest
    • Family Crest
    • Heroes’ Quest
    • Shield of Arrav
    • Lost City
    • Many more


    • 200 quest point
    • Elite Fremennik Diary for Fremennik sea boots 4 for unlimited teleports to Relleka, but it’s optional

Intensity: High

Here’s for the results:

Profit: 2,437,200 per hour

Experience gained

    • Ranged: 60,000
    • Hitpoints: 20,000


    • 1000 x Zulrah’s scales (207,000)
    • 300 x Adamant darts (29,400)
    • 100 x Manta ray (112,300)
    • Various potions


  • 40 x Superior dragon bones (471,200)
    • 64 x Blue dragonhide (112,320)
    • Numerous

Well, that’s a guide which assumes 20 kills per hour. Then, rates probably will vary between the players.

In case of Venom, you should walk around the area to avoid Vorkath’s special dragonfire attack that can kill you within ticks. In this case, the ‘moonwalk’ will also be an option. The Zombified spawn is removed with one Crumble Undead. If it’s not killed, it would do a lot of damage. Among the normal attacks are the bombard attacks, which are very distinctive. If not avoided by moving 2 or more tiles, it will deal a lethal amount of damage.

Why Is Melee Not Recommended to Kill Vorkath?

Melee Vorkath is not a good idea because of the mechanics of the boss. That’s because the mobility of the fight and you will be limited when trying to get back into melee range. In other words, using a Dragon Hunter Lance will be the only decent weapon to go up againts him.

Not only having a strong stab attack, but that also has a 20% damage and accuracy boots against this boss. Sure, you can combine it with the strongest strength bonus you can. Then, you can get up to 30 kills an hour. It’s important to note that Vorkath is assumed to be one of the most consistent money makers in this game as it has high requirements to kill.