OSRS Tourist Trap Quick Guide

Are you playing OSRS (Old School RuneScape)? If you are playing this game now, you may need a guide of completing the Tourist Trap quest. Here, we have the quick guide for completing this quest. Let’s check it out!

The Details of OSRS Tourist Trap

The difficulty of this quest is intermediate and the length is medium. The requirements of this quest are listed below.

  • 10 Fletching
  • 20 Smithing
  • The ability to be able to beat a level 47 enemy

OSRS Tourist Trap Quick Guide

The item which are required are listed below.

  • Full Desert clothing the required ones are robe, shirt and boots.
  • 1 to 3 Bronze bars where you can buy them from Shantay and they can be lost while experimenting.
  • A hammer which can be bought from Shantay.
  • 30 to 50 feathers which can be bought from Shantay.
  • A Shantay pass to get into the desert which can be bought at the desert entrance or the other means of getting into the desert such as the Desert amulet 2 or battle’s teleports, Fairy ring teleports, the Pollnivneach house teleport or the Pharaoh’s sceptre teleports.

The recommended items are:

  • Stamina or energy potions
  • 100 coins which are needed to bribe the mine cart driver. However, if you choose the right dialogue, you do not need it.
  • A pickaxe if you are caught in the mine, you will need to mine 15 rocks to be able to get out.
  • A ring of dueling to bring you to the start point of the quest quickly.

And here, the enemy that you must defeat is Mercenary Captain in level 47.

The Walkthrough of The Tourist Trap/ Quick Guide

Starting the Quest

  • First, you will start the quest by speaking with Irena. You can find her just south of Shantay Pass. The fairy ring is b•i•q and then run north east. (1•1•2•1•1)

Entering The Camp

  • You have to visit the Desert Mining Camp entrance (south-south-west of Irena).
  • And then, you need to speak with the Mercenary Captain (1•2•2•2•1).
  • You need to know that you will be attacked by him. So, you have to kill him and then get the key of the gate. If you skip the dialogue and attack him, you will be arrested.
  • You have to unequip any weapons and armour and get into the gate. If you wear graceful outfit, you will not be jailed as long as its not worn in place of the desert clothing. If you equip armour or weapons or unequip your slave clothing while in the camp, you will be jailed.

Entering the Mine

  • In this step, you have to speak with the Male slave on the east wall (not the south-east wall) when a guard is not nearby. (1•2•1•1•1•1•1). If you have spoken with him ( 1•Y•1). If you find you trying to break the cuff of slave, you will be sent to the jail. Do you want to escape the jail? You have to bend the bars on the window, climb out and climb over the rock wall and cliff. After that, you have to enter through the gate again.
  • You must equip the clothes of slave.
  • You must get into the mine to the north. It is important to know that there are NPCs which are aggressive in this mine, so you must be careful if you are low level.
  • You need to follow the path until you can reach a guarded cave entrance.
  • You must speak to one of the guards.
  • You must run back to the surface, unequip all pieces of your slave robes and then leave the desert camp via the front gate or you can go back to fairy ring b•i•q. Note that you can be jailed if you do not unequip your slave robes before you leave the camp via the front gate or if you exit the mine via the doors with them unequipped.

The Plans

  • You must speak with Al Shabim in the south tent in the Bedabin Camp. It is directly west of the Desert Mining Camp. A Bedabin key will be given to you.
  • Return to the Desert Mining Camp. Put on your slave outfit before getting into the gate.
  • Now, you must go up the ladder in the jail building and then find the south bookcase on the western wall. There will be a message saying that you notice some books on the subject of sailing.
  • In the similar room, you must speak with Captain Siad.
  • Now, you must open the chest to get the technical plans. Click on the Continue to make the plans go to your inventory.
  • Return to the Bedabin Camp and show the plans to Al Shabim.
  • You must use the anvil in the northern tent. You must follow the plans and make a prototype dart.
    • You must use a bronze bar to make a prototype dart tip.
    •  You must use 10 feathers on the tip to make the dart.
  • You must take the dart to Al Shabim who will in return give you the Tenti pineapple.

Discovering Ana

  • You must equip your slave outfit and go back to the guards in the mine with your pineapple and give it to one of them.
  • You must go through the cave entrance and go east until you are beside the mine cart.
  • You need to find the nearby barrels to get a barrel.
  • You must enter the mine cart by searching it. Make sure that you do not speak with Ana.
  • You need to take the west-north-west path and then use a barrel on Ana.

Saving Ana

  • You have to go back to the mine cart. Then, you must put Ana in the mine cart and take the cart yourself.
  • In this step, you have to search nearby barrels to be able to find Ana.
  • Now, you have to put Ana on the winch bucket (north-west area of room).
  • Make sure that you do not raise the guard’s suspicious when he offers help. Also, never remove clothes to go to jail. If you do that, you will mine 15 rocks to get out.
  • Now, you must go back to the surface.
  • Then, operate the winch and search the barrel west of the winch to find Ana.
  • You have to put Ana on the wooden cart at the centre of the Camp.
  • Speak with mine  cart driver.
  • And then get on the cart by searching it. Never try to teleport with Ana in your inventory, the barrel will drop first.
  • Go back to Irena for getting your reward.

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