OSRS Skeletal Wyvern Safe Spot Guide

In the game of OSRS, a safe spot can be mentioned as a crucial and safe area when you’re trying to kill any kinds of monsters. In this area, you can set your position from which a monster may be attacked by using Magic or Ranged combat or also using a halberd among an obstacle without retaliation.

Likewise when you’re trying to kill Skeletal Wyverns, an undead slayer monster. Well, in order to kill them easily, you should find the right safe spot which is probably a good position to attack them. Thankfully, this post will show you the right safespot that you can reach to kill Skeletal Wyverns. Here you go!

Where Is a  Safe Spot to Kill Skeletal Wyverns?

If you’re trying to kill Skeletal Wyverns, it’s possible for you to use a safe spot. The best safe spot to kill Skeletal Wyverns is the entrance cave. You can trap them on one side and range them from there. Moreover, there are also additional safe spots at the pillar to the south. It’s important to note, you totally can use a safe spot after Skeletal Wyverns become tolerant.

OSRS Skeletal Wyvern Safe Spot Guide

Additionally, it’s possible to use a safe spot by attacking a monster one square out of its wander radius. Carrying out attacks in this manner is often referred to as a “safe spot”. However, it works as NPCs and some automatic player movements always move toward their target directly which don’t detour around obstacles if that would mean moving away.

For larger monsters like dragons probably end up snagged on a corner although it looks like they have an almost direct path. Sure, how safe a spot depends on some conditions that we’ll mention below:

    • It’s impossible to use safe-spot tactics against other players, even if a temporary advantage can be obtained.
    • It may be hard to reach a safe position against aggressive monsters. However, several safe spots are only effective after the monsters have become tolerant, such as Skeletal Wyverns.
    • The monsters which retreat cannot be safe-found, but spells and longbows sometimes have a range long enough to attack the enemy at the farthest retreating location.
    • It’s commonly impossible against enemies who use a ranged or magic attack. Well, standing outside their patrol area will force them to retreat and lure the player from the safe spot. Some enemies can be safe-found when the player’s weapon has longer range than the enemies’ attack.
    • Common examples of safe spots are rocks, fences, rivers, entrance cave, and even elevated areas.

Guides to Use Safe Spot for Killing Skeletal Wyverns

Here are the easy guides to kill Skeletal Wyverns:

    • Pass entrance cave while frozen

After finding a safe spot to kill Skeletal Wyverns, you can go through it while frozen and wait safely for the effect to wear off.

    • Use Void Knight equipment

It’s recommended for you to use Void Knight equipment after 92 Ranged as at this level is more effective than Dragonhide armour. In this case, armadyl armour is still worthy to use. Additionally, a friend can help to bring additional supplies if needed while you are safe-spotting, however the friend should confront it with aggressiveness.

    • Get your position at least seven spaces

The range of the Skeletal Wyverns’ icy breath attack is 6, while their ranged attack is 7. Sure, you will never be hit with magic damage as long as you’re at least 7 spaces away ranging.

    • Find a good safe

Walking the Wyvern constantly will take you to the door close emergency exit. In this way, you should find a good spot where you can only be attacked by one wyvern at one time. However, it prevents a second ice breath or ranged attack once killing the one of them you’re fighting against.

    • Stay away from the wyvern

If you’re looking for the Wyverns and protecting against Ranged, you surely can try to stay away from them as far as possible. Because the Wyvern’s ice breath has a shorter range than its ranged attack, it’ll only use its ranged attack that will be  nullified by the protection prayer, however it can eliminate the need to eat food.

You can try to bring a few pieces of food in case the Wyvern near you starts to attack you after another Wyvern has been killed, as the damage stacks.

    • Locate another safe spot where Wyvern cannot attack

After Skeletal Wyverns become non-aggressive, there’s a safe spot for rangers where they cannot attack you at all. It’s because their ranged attack has a shorter range than your crossbow on long-range mode. Then, if you trap them, you will not get attacked. It’s also possible in rapid-style, however it becomes more difficult.

    • Use cannons only in lower part of the cave

In the way of killing Skeletal Wyverns, the cannons are allowed but only in the lower part of the cave. However, in ‘a no cannon zone’ is the upper slayer exclusive part. In this case, the cannon will create your kills faster at the cost of less profit.

    • Make sure to use fire spells

Use fire spells and take Skeletal Wyverns down effectively as they’re very dangerous and hard to hit with arrows when they slip right through. You will need some elemental shielding from their ice breath to stand a good chance for surviving.

Some points that you should notice when trying to kill Skeletal Wyverns:

    • Eating while frozen will not be efficient and effective as each food consumed extends the freeze by 1.8 seconds (or 3 in-game ticks).
    • Skeletal Wyverns are resistant to the effects of the spell Crumble Undead and the Salve amulet. Even though they’re made of bones, but they’re not categorized as undead creatures but rather as animated bones.
    • The antifire potion will not affect Wyvern’s ice breath attack, neither do ice gloves.
    • However, a bolt pouch will be useful due to the players can collect the dropped bolts in one inventory slot.
    • Higher stats are recommended to kill Skeletal Wyvern as they have a very high defence and capability to hit high and often.

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