OSRS Recipe for Disaster Skill Requirements

Before you go on completing the Recipe for Disaster quest, there are plenty of requirements that you should fulfill. Aside from item requirements, you should also have skill Requirements that can support you to successfully complete this quest.

Then, how many skill requirements do you need to complete the Recipe for Disaster quest? To know deeply about them, let’s see our explanation below!

OSRS Recipe for Disaster Skill Requirements

All Skill Requirements of Recipe for Disaster Quest

Here’s a list of skill requirements that you should have for completing the quest of Recipe for Disaster:

Main Skill

    • Quest points (175)

Quest points (175)

The first skill requirement for completing the Recipe for Disaster quest is Quest Point. You should already have 175 quest points if you want to complete the Recipe for Disaster quest. The quest point here is part of the reward players that they get after completing the quests. This point is considered as a measure of quest in OSRS. The amount granted is depending on the quest, starting from 1 to 6 points.

    • Cooking (70)

Cooking (70)-

The second skill requirement is cooking as a skill which can allow you to cook raw food into food that you finally can eat. This cooking skill is along with the Fishing skill due to the you are able to cook the fish they get after an inventory is made. If you have no stove nearby, instead you can cut down a tree and make a fire with it to cook the fish on.

By leveling up your cooking skill, so you can cook the more profitable foods including monkfish, swordfish, shark and also lobsters. If you eat the food that you cooked, you will obtain Hitpoint which is very useful for training your battle skills.

    • Agility (48)

Agility (48)

This is a member only skill that can give access to various shortcuts around RuneScape. Aside from the shortcuts, the Agility skill also has plenty of other uses such as fighting Commander Zilyana and getting the Graceful outfit.

A higher level of Agility skill will allow you for faster run energy restoration. At level 1, you can recover 1% of your run energy every 7.5 seconds. And then at level 50, you can recover the same amount in only 4 seconds.

    • Firemaking (50)

Firemaking (50)

Firemaking is a skill which will be needed to complete the Recipe for Disaster quest. This is a companion skill of Woodcutting which can be often trained by every player to successfully complete the quests or minigames which allow a certain level of Firemaking.

Aside from completing the quest of Recipe for Disaster, Firemaking skill will also be needed for Desert Treasure quest and also Shades of Mort’ton and the Wintertodt boss which can award you with good rewards.

You can also use Firemaking skill to create a fire and cook things such as fist and meat on the spot. You can also cook rat meat and consume it to heal your life point. Last, you can increase your Firemaking skill level by defeating the Wintertodt as the only way to get a Pyromancer outfit.

    • Defeating Skill

The last skill that you will need to complete the quest of Recipe for Disaster is to have a skill to defeat many high level monsters without prayer. As we know in the way of completing this quest, you will be required to defeat enemies. Here are they:

  • Icefiend (level 13)
  • 5 Mudskippers (level 30/31)
  • Crab (level 21/23)
  • Evil Chicken (level varies) (see below)
  • Monkey guard (level 167)
  • Ninja monkey (level 86)
  • Black dragon (level 227)
  • Big Snake (level 84)
  • Karamel (level 136)
  • Agrith-Na-Na (Level 146)
  • Flambeed (level 149)
  • Dessourt (level 121)
  • Gelatinnoth Mother (level 130)
  • Culinaromancer (level 75)
  • Zombie monkey (levels 82/129)

One of the enemies which is hard to defeat is Culinaromancer as he straps the council member with his spell. He will enter the room and start to put magic spells on everyone at the table. Gypsy Aris just in time will arrive and freeze everyone in the room, except you.

Secondary Skill

    • Mining (50)

Mining (50)

Mining skill can allow you to get ores and gems that you can obtain from rocks. This skill is one of the popular skills in RuneScape because a lot of players try to get a profit from this skill. The mining areas are marked with a regular pickaxe icon and the mining shop with a gold pickaxe icon. With ores, you can then either smelt bars and create equipment using Smithing skill or sell them to get more profit.

    • Fishing (53)

Fishing (53)

Fishing skill allows you to catch fish from selected spots around Gielinor. The higher levels of fishing skill enable different mechanisms of Fishing including capability to catch a larger selection of fist and increase your catch rate.

    • Thieving (53)

Thieving (53)

This skill allows you to get coins and items by stealing from chests,  market stalls, or by pickpocketing NPC characters. IT can also unlock the doors and disarm traps.

    • Herblore (25)

Herblore (25)-

This is a members-only skill which allows you to create potions from herbs. By using this skill, it will require completion of the Druidic Ritual quest.


    • Magic (59)


Magic is one of the most crucial skills in this game in which it can allow you to enchante the crafted items. You can also use this skill in combat and to fast transport around the world through teleports and then convert the items into coins via High Level Alchemy.

    • Smithing (40)

Smithing (40)

This is a production skill, allowing you to create a wide variety of metal items from metal bars and ore. This skill is the companion skill of Mining to generate all of the raw materials used in Smithing.

    • Ranged (40)

Ranged (40)

This skill allows you to use bows, crossbows and also throwing weapons to damage your enemies from a distance.


    • Crafting (40)

Crafting (40)

Crafting skill allows you to make any items such as pottery, jewelry, and also armour for use or for trade. You can find Crafting Guild northwest of Rimmington which can be entered at level 40 crafting.

    • Fletching (10)

Fletching (10)

This skill allows you to make various types of ranged weapons and their ammunition. You can use this skill in combat.


    • Slayer (10)

Slayer (10)

Slayer skill allows you to defeat monsters which are immune to damage.



    • Woodcutting (36)

Woodcutting (36)-

This skill allows you to cut and chop the trees to get logs which can be used in the Fletching, Construction and also Firemaking skill.

Well, those are all skills that you will need to complete the OSRS’s quests especially the quest of Recipe for Disaster.