OSRS Kraken Slayer Guide Max

Kraken is a Slayer boss in OSRS. It can be killed while on the Slayer task. Kraken is located in Kraken Cove. It is much recommended to use the Magic attack style to fight the Kraken. Need to know that the Kraken is highly resistant to ranged and immune to Melee because it cannot be reached by Melee attacks.

The Kraken is known as the popular boss in OSRS because there are no complex mechanics when fighting this boss. Probably, it will be hard to discover an empty world. It means it might be hard to discover an empty world. As the alternative, the player has an option to make an instance for 25,000 coins. It lasts only until the player leaves or logs out.

Kraken Slayer Guide Max

Kraken is a larger version of the cave kraken. It needs level 87 Slayer to kill. Found at the Kraken Cove, the Kraken can be attacked if the player has cave krakens as a Slayer task, which also requires level 50 Magic. Together with their non-boss variants, they are the monsters that drop the Kraken tentacle. Aside from the tentacle, the Kraken is the monster to drop the Trident of the seas.

OSRS Kraken Slayer Guide Max

Suggested Skills

    • 75+ Magic
    • 87+ Slayer
    • 75+ Defense
    • 80+ Hitpoints
    • 75+ Prayer (Elysian spirit shield)

Mechanics (Disturbing the Kraken & Attack styles)

Disturbing the Kraken

To disturb the Kraken and start the fight, first you have to attack the four small whirlpools. Then, you have to attack the central larger whirlpool. The smaller whirlpools are going to change into four Enormous Tentacles, while the central whirlpool is going to change into the Kraken itself.

Attack styles

During the fight, you are going to be attacked by four Enormous Tentacles and by the Kraken itself.

The Kraken just attacks with a typeless magical ranged attack:

    • Typeless meaning that protection prayer will not have any effect.
    • Magical ranged meaning that the accuracy of attack is depending on the ranged attack bonuses of the Kraken and also the magic defence bonuses of the player.
    • The maximum hit of this attack is 28.
    • The attack is not really accurate. It has an attack speed of 4.

The Enormous Tentacles just attack with a typeless magical ranged attack:

    • Typeless meaning that protection prayers will not have any effect.
    • Magical ranged meaning that the attack accuracy is decided by the ranged attack bonuses of the Enormous Tentacles and the magic defence bonuses of the player.
    • The maximum hit of this attack is 2.
    • The attack is really accurate. Also,  it has an attack speed of 4.


This is the best in slot available equipment that can be used to mage the Kraken in OSRS. The following set has a price of 1,256,845,639 coins.

    • Cast the fire spells with a charged tome of fire equipped, it can boost the spell’s damage by 50 percent.
    • The occult necklace, tormented bracelet, imbued god capes and ancestral robes can boost the maximum hit of the player’s Magic spells.
    • Use the device of Ava if using the hunters’ crossbow with kebbit bolts.
    • A magic short bow with iron arrows will save one inventory space because you do not need Ava’s device.
    • Rune pouch can be used to hold rune drops.
    • The Imbued heart is going to improve your damage and reduce the damage you take considerably.
    • 1 or 2 Prayer potions/Super restores for using the Preserve prayer to keep imbued heart stats up.
    • Use Dramen staff for fairy ring akq, if the elite Lumbridge diary is not completed.
    • Use the four of explorer rings for high alchemy if not bringing runes.
    • The Eldritch nightmare staff’s special attack is going to restore your prayer, offering you to keep Augury and Preserve on for the imbued heart boost to maintain high magic defence.
    • The Volatile nightmare staff is a best special attack choice if you are looking to farm Kraken as quickly as possible.
    • The Toxic blowpipe offers a cheaper choice for those who do not want to spend money on the Eldritch/Volatile nightmare staff. One only can use its special attack on the Enormous Tentacles, because Kraken is highly resistant to ranged damage. Although having a +270 ranged defence bonus, you are going to hit often because of their level one base defence level. This is really useful when wearing Karils or Armadyl armour.


    • The toxic blowpipe or magic shortbow with arrows.
    • 1 Magic potion or Imbued heart.
    • 3 – 4 Prayer potions.
    • Empty Rune pouch that will be used to pick up runes which are dropped by Kraken or runes for blood spells to extend trips or high Level Alchemy.
    • A house tab or Ectophial for escaping.
    • High dealing food like pineapple pizzas or sharks to full the remaining inventory spaces.


    • The amount of food which is dropped by Kraken is a lot. It can be 5 edible seaweed. Also, it is possible for it to drop 5 sharks. As a player, you have to practice juggling or dropping them, picking them before they disappear. It is required to extend a trip because it will be a shame to leave all the free health to disappear.
    • Keep in mind that the items disappear two minutes after being dropped. The dropped items can be seen by the players after one minute. But, it is fine if instancing, as they disappear in a half hour within the Kraken Cove instance.
    • If you want to prevent getting comboed out, you are able to try to keep the health at 35.
    • In most cases, the main damage will come from Enormous Tentacles. The reason is because they have a max hit of 2, they have accurate attack, even with high magic defense. On the other side, there is a higher max hit of 28 of Kraken. But, this one is not accurate.
    • Remember that Protect from Magic has no effect on the OSRS Kraken and its tentacles attacks. Thus, it is better for you to hope for the Augury or Mystic Might instead in order to rise up the accuracy and magical defense.

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