OSRS Hellhounds Task

In the game called Old School RuneScape, the thing called hellhounds task refers to the common slayer task. All of them are relatively not that hard to kill and they do not hit very high. Each player of the game is allowed to use the overhead prayers if they want to totally get rid of hellhounds attack.

For those who want to know more about the hellhound tasks in the Old School RuneScape or OSRS, this post is made for you. Keep reading each word and do not skip anything. After reading everything to the last sentence, you will be able to understand the hellhounds task. In case you are still confused, do not hesitate to visit the community.

OSRS Hellhounds task,

Task Amounts

Krystilia, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Konar, Nieve/Steve, and Duradel are the ones that can assign hellhounds. Aside from that, higher combat players are able to fight the Cerberus boss on the hellhound slayer task.

    • Krystilia: 70-123
    • Vannaka: 40-80
    • Chaeldar: 110-170
    • Konar: 120-170
    • Nieve: 120-185
    • Duradel: 130-200

Hellhounds Stats

    • Combat level: 122/127/136
    • Max hit: 11-13
    • XP/kill: 116-150
    • Slayer level required: 75

Hellhounds Locations

There are various locations throughout Gielinor that you can visit to find hellhounds. It is possible for you to see different drops on each location. These locations include:

    • Stronghold slayer cave: This one is able to be safe-spotted.
    • Taverley Dungeon: This one is able to be safe-spotted easily behind the + rocks.
    • Witchaven Dungeon: The player needs a short puzzle to enter the one with hellhounds.
    • God Wars Dungeon: The level 127 is not found in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon.
    • Catacombs of Kourend: This one is able to be safe-spotted. It has some difficulties.
    • Karrulm Slayer Dungeon

Method to Fight Hellhounds

Melee is the only one that is used by the hellbounds to attack. By using the protect from melee overhead, as a player, you are able to totally free yourself from getting any damage when facing hellbounds. Most locations also have safe spots such as stronghold slayer cave, tavern dungeon, and karuulm slayer dungeon. For those who are on a slayer task, bringing a dwarf cannot is a good idea as it is effective to speed up your skills and hourly experience rates dramatically. The stronghold slayer cave, the one that is located in the tree gnome stronghold is the best location for setting up a dwarf cannot on the hellbound task.

In case you do not like the hellbound task, feel free to use an Expeditious bracelet located on the top of the dwarf cannot in order to speed up kills even more. There is a 25% chance of the Expeditious bracelet to count 1 kill as two kills towards the slayer task. The good news is that it does give you the additional experience. There are a total of 30 charges in every bracelet and it is able to be bought for less than 1K from the grand exchange.

Fighting the hellhounds by using the overhead prayers is recommended if you want to get the advantage from armor with high prayer bonuses such as proselyte and the use of a bonecrusher or even bone crusher necklace. For everyone who does not like AFKing, you are able to prayer-flick hellhound slayer tasks in order to reduce the amount of money spent.

Hellhound Gear Setup

The thing named hellhounds are able to be fought with each combat style in the game. Melee is the most recommended one except for when you are a lower level who wants to use the safe spots. For safe-spotting, feel free to use either ranged or magic. It has been known that hellhounds are weak to magic, but the good ranged setup is usually more efficient.


    • Slayer helm or Black mask
    • Amulet of torture or Amulet of fury or Amulet of glory
    • Bandos chestplate or Bandos torso or Bandos obsidian
    • Bandos tassets or Bandos obsidian
    • Primordials or Dragon boots or Granite boots (if using Karuulm slayer dungeon)
    • Ferocious gloves or Barrows gloves or Combat bracelet
    • Avernic or Dragon or Rune defender
    • Ghrazi rapier or Abyssal tentacle
    • Fire cape or Mythical cape or Obby cape
    • Berserker ring (i) or Brimstone ring or Warrior ring(i)
    • Rada’s blessing (4) or God blessing

You might also want to use the high prayer bonus armor such as proselyte if you want to save on prayer potions.


    • Slayer helm or Black mask
    • Necklace of anguish or Necklace of fury or Necklace of glory
    • Armadyl chestplate or Armadyl blessed d’hide
    • Armadyl chainskirt or Armadyl blessed d’hide
    • Pegasian boots or D’hide boots
    • Barrows gloves or Blessed bracers
    • Twisted buckler or Odium ward or Book of law
    • Toxic blowpipe or any crossbow
    • Ava’s assembler or Accumulator
    • Archers ring (i) or Brimstone ring
    • Amethyst broad bolts or Runite bolts or Broad bolts


    • Slayer helm or Black mask
    • Occult necklace or Fury
    • Ancestral or Ahrims or Infinity top
    • Ancestral or Ahrims or Infinity bottoms
    • Eternal boots or Infinity boots
    • Tormented bracelet or Barrows gloves
    • Arcane or Mage’s book
    • Toxic trident or Trident of the seas or Staff of the dead
    • Imbued god cape or God cape
    • Seers ring (i) or Brimstone ring
    • Rada’s blessing 4 or God blessing

Inventory setup

    • 2 super combats/ranging potions
    • 6-14 prayer potions
    • Teleportation method
    • Dwarf cannon
    • Cannonballs
    • Holy wrench (optional)
    • Bonecrusher (optional)
    • 4-10 pieces of food

Hellhounds Drops Table

After death, hellhounds usually drop bones. Apart from bones and a high chance of getting hard clue scrolls, there is no a very extensive drop table of hellhounds.

  • 100%
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Bones 1 Always 89
  • Other
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Looting bag 1 Uncommon (1/30) Not sold
Clue scroll (hard) 1 Uncommon (1/64) Not sold
Mysterious emblem 1 Uncommon

Lv 122: (1/97)

Lv 136: (1/80)

Slayer’s enchantment 1 Rare

Lv 122: (1/227.2)

Lv 136: (1/200)

Ancient shard 1 Rare (1/256) Not sold
Dark totem base 1 Rare (1/384) Not sold
Dark totem middle 1 Rare (1/384) Not sold
Dark totem top 1 Rare (1/384) Not sold
Smouldering stone 1 Very rare (1/32,768) 1,497,061

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