OSRS Hellhound Cannon Guide

You may be looking for the best way to kill Hellhound. However, killing this  mid-to-high level monster is pretty easy as long as you really know the best way to eliminate it. Keep in mind that you do not also think that defeating this demonic creature will be easy as Hellhounds are not easy to defeat.

Thankfully, this post will share with you the best way to kill hellhounds which is a relatively rare way to find some guides. Well, in this post, we’ll guide you for Slayer cannon guides that you can get on our post below!

Here’s the Guide for Hellhounds Cannon!

This Hellhound cannon guide is only for advanced players who focus on cannoning tasks rich in experience, meaning it expects you to know more from Old School Runescape. Well, here’s a Hellhounds guide that you can do on your Slayer Hellhound task!

    • Use Dwarf multicannon

Dwarf multicannon

One fast way to kill Hellhounds, a demonic creature is with Dwarf multicannon in the Stronghold Slayer Dungeon due to it has a large amount of Hellhounds which allows the player to put a cannon and also has a lot of safe spots to stand it.

    • Place Cannon in the best possible spot

The first way that you can do when cannoning the Hellhounds is by placing it in a good spot. If the cannon is placed on the best possible spot in the area, you surely will get a maximal chance of not only hitting them once bit also twice.

Well, it’s so possible to hit them twice where it can occur if Hellhounds take in size two or more squares on the ground without being too close or too far from the cannon.

    • Notice for free space

Aside from that, you also have to pay attention to the free space. It means that you do not set up your cannon in a spot where it’s impossible to shoot every direction. If you have put your cannon down correctly, it’s a good time for you to select your position.

However, it’s so important as Hellhounds are after you once they’re engaged in combat by you or your cannon. In this case, you also have to re-position yourself if the cannon isn’t able to hit this monster. Commonly, the best spot is next to your cannon in the northeast.

    • Shoot Hellhounds with 2000 cannonballs

Before you shoot Hellhounds with Dwarf multicannon, it’s better for you to check the picture for the exact spot in the middle of the room, in the northwestern room of Hellhounds in Stronghold Slayer cave.

To defeat Hellhounds, you can use melee in Bandos. You should also bring prayer restoring potions if not flicking Piety (+Holy Wrench), 2000 cannonballs, 2 Supersets, Sharks and a sgs. You must also notice that Hellhounds will hit you accurately.

Okay, that’s the guide of how to cannon Hellhounds with Dwarf multicannon.

Why Should You Use Dwarf Multicannon to Kill Hellhounds?

Need to know that Dwarf multicannon is the only way to even add any external damage, excluding poison/ venom, however, it’s also because it makes your slayer tasks considerably faster. However, it’s no doubt that you will not want to use it when killing if you can afford it.

The truth is that maintaining hours of Slayer training while constantly feeding your cannons is very expensive and can easily break your bank. Then, if you’re only taking high experience tasks all day every day until 99 Slayer and nothing else, we guarantee that your hard wealth will lose right before your eyes.

Otherwise, when you get higher Slayer level 87 and 93, you can unlock demi-boss tasks which can fill that void in your wallet. Even the measly but still precious items drops will assist you against the evident cannonball consumption as long as you bother to take them.

In this case, it’s also possible that you do not have to worry about cash at all. Sure, using the cannon while killing the monsters will actually be your thing. It’s so great as well. over all, your casual hack and slash will be much more exciting. You also have to pay more attention to what is happening if you desire efficiency.

As you want to be efficient, you desire to do everything to maximize experience which is gained per hour, allowing you to cannon even in a single combat zone in good conscience.

The point is, cannon is the best single component to raise your experience rates in Slayer. It’s bang for your buck, hands down. Well, it can motivate you to kill or even make you fall in love with Slayer. If you use it, you will love it!

Where Is the Best Place to Cannon Hellhounds?

Of course, Hellhounds are located in a variety of locations which each have their own advantages. Sure, this monster can be safe spotted in nearly every single location which makes them an easy task for lower levels to complete.

Players in higher level can choose to fight the Cerberus boss for more loot and Slayer experience. While, Skeletal Hellhounds which are spawned by the Vet’ion boss will also count towards your task.

Sure, the best and fastest location to find Hellhounds is in the Stronghold Slayer cave next to the Slayer Master Nieve. After you enter, you should run south until you get some Hellhounds.

Safespotting Hellhounds is as easy as standing in the corridors around the dungeon. Many pro OSRS players prefer to stand between the path which connects two rooms around the cave as you can attack them from boths rooms and neither can reach you.

You can also find more Hellhounds in the Taverly Dungeon. Catacombs of Kourend, Karuulm Dungeon, and Witchaven Dungeon. However, all of them can be safespotted by using objects around the room. Moreover, you’re able to place a cannon in all of those locations, except the Catacombs of Kourend.

Hellhounds will also spawn in the Wilderness inside of the Revenant Caves and in two high level areas around the Resource and Deserted Keep area. It’s important to note that it’s a very dangerous place to complete your task, due to all areas that can be found fairly deep in the Wilderness. If you get the Wilderness area, please don’t bring any items which you do not want to lose.

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