OSRS Gargoyles Slayer Task Guide

There is a possibility of the Gargoyles to be assigned as a slayer task at level 75, level 80 combat, and with the completion of the Priest in Peril quest by various slayer masters. If you have no idea, these things are able to be only found in the Slayer Tower, which is either on the top floor or in the basement.

The players can kill the ones located in the basement of the Slayer Tower while on a Slayer task. In case the players try to kill them outside the Slayer task, they will be stopped by Raulyn. It is worth nothing that Gargoyles have a Superior slayer monster variant, the level 349 Marble gargoyle. It is also possible for the Gargoyles to drip the Brittle key, the one that gives the access to the Grotesque Guardians at the top of the Slayer Tower, the name of the boss variant of the monster.

Using a rock hammer, a rock thrownhammer, or a granite hammer is a must in order to kill a gargoyle. It is when the players reach 9 or lower Hitpoints. In the normal state, the item has to be used on the gargoyle, but the players have an option to buy the Gargoyle Smasher perk which costs 120 Slayer Points. To buy it, please see Slayer masters. This item is so good as it has the ability to automatically smash the gargoyle when it falls to 9 or lower Hitpoints. It is only possible in case there is a rock hammer or something like that in the inventory of the player. If it is equipped, the gargoyles will automatically be smashed by the granite hammer even without the perk.


    • Skills: 75 Slayer
    • Combat level: 80
    • Other: Completion of Priest in Peril

Task amounts

    • Vannaka: 60-120 (200-250)
    • Chaeldar: 110-170 (200-250)
    • Konar: 120-170 (200-250)
    • Nieve: 120-185 (200-250)
    • Diradel: 130-200 (200-250)

Slayer unlocks

    • Unlock: Gargoyle smasher

Points cost: 120
Notes: Gargoyles will automatically deal the finishing blow when there is a Rock hammer in the inventory of the player.

    • Unlock: Double Trouble

Points cost: 500
Notes: Rather than one, slaying Dusk and Dawn now will be counted for two kills towards your tasks.

    • Unlock: Bigger and Badder

Points cost: 150
Notes: The risk against specific slayer monsters can be increased with the chance of a superior version spawning whilst on a slayer task.

    • Unlock: Get smashed

Points cost: 100
Notes: Number of gargoyle assigned has changed to 200-250.

Monster variants

    • Monster: Gargoyle

Combat level: 111
Slayer XP: 105
Locations: Slayer Tower
Notes: Standard Gargoyles, found in the slayer Tower.

    • Monster: Marble gargoyle

Combat level: 349
Slayer XP: 2,768
Locations: Slayer Tower
Notes: Superior slayer monster variant, which has a chance of spawning on the death of Gargoyle after buying the Bigger and Badder unlock for 150 Slayer reward points from any Slayer master.

    • Monster: Dawn

Combat level: 228
Slayer XP: 0
Locations: Slayer Tower rooftop
Notes: One half of the Gretesque Guardians duo.

    • Monster: Dusk

Combat level: 248, 328 (second form)
Slayer XP: 1,350
Locations: Slayer Tower rooftop
Notes: One half of the Grotesque Guardians duo.

Location comparison

    • Location: Slayer Tower (top floor)

Amount: 8
Multicombat: No
Cannonable: No
Safespottable: Yes
Notes: The players will encounter a lot of dangerous monsters if they run through the floors of the Slayer Tower. These dangerous monsters include Banshees and Aberrant spectres, the ones that will lower the stat of the player without proper protection.

    • Location: Slayer Tower (basement)

Amount: 12
Multicombat: No
Cannonable: No
Safespottable: Yes
Notes: Gargoyle is able to only be killed in the basement while on a Slayer task.

    • Location: Slayer Tower (roof)

Amount: 2
Multicombat: Yes
Cannonable: No
Safespottable: No
Notes: This one is only available after getting a Brittle key that is dropped from regular Gargoyles. The roof acts like a boss arena for the Grotesque Guardians.

RS3 Gargoyles Slayer Guide

In RuneScape 3, Gargoyles are able to be assigned at level 75 slayer by a total of six different Slayer Masters, such as Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel, Kuradal, Morvran, and Mandrith. Each of the monsters that has been mentioned is the best overall tasks for mid level Slayer and it is recommended to add them to the list until you reach a higher level.

Aside from having a great experience in both Slayer and Magic, they also have a great profit. Plus, they are also able to be found in many different locations so that everyone can access them easily. The only minus point is that they need to be smashed with a rock hammer. However, players can purchase it automatically for 40 Slayer points to make everything easy.

Gargoyles can be found in some different locations around the game. If you want to get extra experience, you can complete the task in the Wilderness. Before trying it, do keep in mind that this location is dangerous. Apparently, each of these following locations has its own advantages. It means you have to select wisely before making a decision.

    • Slayer Tower
    • Kuradal’s Dungeon
    • East Ruins
    • Chaos Tunnels

The strategy is started by preparing everything. Do not forget to take a Ferocious Ring if you are using Kuradal’s. Besides, you need to also bring a Full Slayer Helmet or Hexcrest. It is needed for you to bring Rock Hammer if the ability to smash Gargoyles automatically has not been unlocked. You can bring the cheap mid tier one in case you are using the Wilderness to complete the task.

It has been known that Gargoyles do not use any ranged attacks, making them easy to safespot by using some different objects in any location. However, they have low hitpoints. Actually, killing them is easy as long as you are using a T70 or higher weapon and you should be by level 75 Slayer.

In some cases, runes might also be helpful for the High Alchemy spell. In addition, please use and complete Contracts if the Slayer Tower or Wilderness locations are used.