OSRS Gargoyle Best Weapon

In Old School RuneScape, Gargoyle is a slayer monster which can be found in the top floor and basement of the Slayer Tower. If you want to defeat this monster, you need to use the best weapon. So, what is the best weapon for defeating Gargoyle in OSRS? Here, we will inform you about it.

The Best Weapon for Defeating Gargoyle

If you want to defeat OSRS Gargoyle, you need to have 75 slayers and enough slayer points or gp to be able to buy the hammer items and gargoyle smasher perk. You can buy a rock hammer which can be bought from a slayer master.

The best weapon that you are able to use for defeating Gargoyle is the abyssal bludgeon. It is a two handed crush weapon. It is created by having The Overseer combine three untradeable components including bludgeon claw, bludgeon axon, and bludgeon spine. If you have had the Overseer to create it, you are able to use the three components on the book it left behind. To equip this weapon, you need level 70 Attack and Strength. You are able to get the components from using the unsired, dropped by the Abyssal Sire, on the Font of Consumption.

Abyssal Bludgeon
If you want to finish a full budgeon, the average number of Sire kills needed by players is 619.4. The number of kills most players need to get to complete a bludgeon is at least 552. The bludgeon has a unique characteristic where all of its attack styles are aggressive. It means that it is only able to be used for Strength training. Besides, all of its attack styles use crush.

Knowing More About The Abyssal Bludgeon

Penance is the special attack of the abyssal bludgeon. This special attack can increase damage dealt by 0.5% for every prayer point that the wielder is missing, consuming 50% of the wielder’s special attack energy.

The bludgeon has the similar attack speed as the abyssal whip. Even though it does not match the offensive bonuses of a whip which is combined with a dragon defender oor avernic defender, the bludgeon features the second highest overall damage of any crush weapon after Inquisitor’s mace. It makes this weapon a good choice to use for attacking monsters weak ¬†like gargoyles and kalphites.

The abyssal bludgeon is the fourth best weapon to train Strength with. The position of this weapon as the fourth best weapon is behind the other weapons including Ghrazi rapier, blade of saeldor, and Inquisitor’s mace. The abyssal bludgeon features superior damage per second of every other non-degradable weapon to feature an aggressive attack style. It makes this weapon a common weapon option for mid-wealth players.

There are some changes of the abyssal bludgeon as you are able to see in the list below.

    • On July 9th, 2020

There has been a change in the sound effect of this weapon when attacking.

    • On January 11th, 2018

The weight of the abyssal bludgeon has been increased from 0 kg to 6 kg. It has happened to match the weights of the components needed to create it.

    • On October 22nd, 2015

Instead of 0.3%, the special attack of the abyssal bludgeon now does 0.5% damage per missing prayer point.

How to Kill Gargoyles

To kill Gargoyles, you need at least 75 slayer so that you are able to deal damage to gargoyles. Here are the things that you may need.

    • Slayer helmet and amulet torture
    • Fire cap
    • Proselyte hauberk
    • War blessing
    • abyssal bludgeon
    • barrows gloves
    • dragon boots and berserker ring

Instead of the slayer helmet, you may use the dwarven helmet because it can give you a crush bonus. Also, you are able to use the serpentine helm.

The amulet of torture may be changed with fury or glory and you may change the fire cape with an obsidian cape which may give you defensive bonuses or a cloak which can give you a prayer bonus. You can also use a mythical cape which can give you a crush bonus. You can also change the Berserker ring to a tyrannical ring which can give you a crush bonus. You have to use proselyte armors to save money on prayer options. If you do not want to use it, you can use barrows armors.

To kill gargoyles, you need a rock hammer and you are able to buy it from a slayer master. As explained above that the abyssal bludgeon is the best weapon that you can use to defeat gargoyles. Also, you are able to bring a whip and a dragon defender or a dragon scimiter and a defender.

You are also able to bring a super potion with four doses, six prayer potions, about 14 sharks and a slayer ring to teleport to the Morytania Slayer Tower. The rock hammer must be brought and you can bring a rune pouch which is filled with nature and fire runes but it is optional. Also, you need a teleport to house.

When you see that the gargoyle reaches below ten health, you can use the rock hammer on the gargoyle. Alternatively, you are able to buy the gargoyle smasher from the slayer store for 120 points. Automatically, the gargoyle smasher uses the rock hammer on the gargoyle when it’s health is less than 10.

To access the slayer tower, you have to rub the slayer ring and then teleport to the Morytania Slayer Tower. Also, you may use the dramen staff and a fairy ring with code CKS to be able to access it and then you can travel by foot. When you arrive in the slayer tower, if you are in a slayer test, you can kill the gargoyles in the basement area. If you cannot do that, you can go to the top floor and then kill gargoyles there. You need to climb down the ladder and then you have to drink a dose of the super combat potion. The location of the gargoyles are on the eastern side. You have to keep your inventory empty for good drops from these monsters. If you see the marble gargoyle, pray melee and then you can attack it. Make sure that you avoid its red disc.

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