OSRS Cerberus Ghost Help

A lot of people have been wondering about a lot of things related to Old School RuneScape the game, including Cerberus and ghosts. They usually seek help by making a discussion on the communities. When it comes to the games like Old School RuneScape, Reddit is one of the best and one of the most popular forums.

In Reddit, there is a post posted by a user named kingzenite two years ago. The user is wondering whether the ghosts smite you directly to 0 prayer when they are killing Cerberus. They are also wondering if that means they cannot switch the prayer styles and how the ghosts work exactly.

OSRS Cerberus Ghost Help

Cdaw1992 is the first one that replied to the post. They said that the ghosts take off 30 prayers each 15 if the players have the spectral spirit shield if they get the correct prayer against them. The ghosts take 30 HP each if the players miss the prayer. Richman4 added that if the players have less than 30 (15 with a spectral) prayer points, the ghosts smite the players but they players still do not take damage.

Another user called TheUltimateGing inserted the thing from Wiki. Basically, the order of the ghosts is random, but it always goes from west to east. There is no way for the souls to be attacked, and they will only attack the player once in their respective combat style. It is said that their attacks will always hit for 30 damage regardless of the armor bonuses of the player if the player does not use the correct protection prayer. A total of 30 prayer points will be drained in case the right protection prayer is used instead.

The exact thing that happens is Cerberus goes Aro and the ghosts come forward. Then, a total of three ghosts attack in quick succession, either dealing 30 damage each (draining no prayer). In case the players pray correctly, the ghosts will drain 30 prayer points each. The possibilities include losing prayer points and taking damage.

If a Spectral spirit shield is worn, rather than draining 30 prayer, the ghosts will drain 15 prayer each. On the other words, the players are safe as long as there are more than 30 prayer points when the ghosts start to attack and they are safe as long as they pray correctly.

Another scenario is that the players have a Spectral and Cerberus Aro. The ghosts make an appearance and attack. There are a total of 34 prayer points. In the end, the ghost one drains 15, the ghost two drains 15, and the ghost three drains 4. Now, the player is smited. However, if they prayed correctly, they took 0 damage.

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These followings will talk about the ghosts in the game known as Old School RuneScape. If after reading these things you have something to ask, do not hesitate to seek help from the community like Reddit.

In OSRS, a ghost can be described as an undead monster which is usually found in many different kinds of places and dungeons. Due to the fact that they are undead, Crumble Undead and the salve amulet work well on all of them. It is such a rare thing for the ghosts to be used for training as they drop nothing in most places.


    • Released date: January 4, 2001
    • Combat level: 19
    • Always drops: Nothing

Combat info:

    • Hitpoints: 25
    • Aggressive: Yes, except in Melzar’s Maze
    • Poisonous: No
    • Max hit: 2
    • Weakness: Salve amulet, Magic

Attack styles: Melee (crush)

Slayer info:

    • Slayer level: 1
    • Slayer XP: 25
    • Category: Ghost

Assigned by: Turael, Mazchna

Combat stats:

    • Attack: 13
    • Strength: 13
    • Defense: 18
    • Magic: 1
    • Ranged: 1

Aggressive stats:

    • Stab: +0
    • Slash: +0
    • Crush: +0
    • Magic: +0
    • Ranged: +0

Defense stats:

    • Stab: +5
    • Slash: +5
    • Crush: +5
    • Magic: -5
    • Ranged: +5

Other bonuses:

    • Monster’s attack bonus: ?
    • Monster’s strength bonus: ?
    • Monster’s ranged strength bonus? +0
    • Monster’s magic strength bonus: +0%


    • Poison: Not immune
    • Venom: Not immune

The location of the ghosts include Catacombs of Kourend, just south of the dark altar; Death Altar; Upstairs in Draynor Manor (the second floor); Grave of Scorpius (level 24); Mynydd; North east of Arceuus essence mine; North east of Chaos Temple (Wilderness); North west of Ferox Enclave; Stronghold of Security: Sepulchre of Death (level 76 and level 77); Taverley Dungeon; Temple in The Golem; The Forgotten Cemetery, located in the Wilderness; Varrock Sewers; West Ardougne Graveyard; Melzar’s Maze; and Haunted Mine.

It is a must for the players to kill the ghosts located in the Melzar’s Maze if they want to progress through the level of the maze. The players can communicate with the ones in this place by using a Ghostspeak amulet. According to their speech hits, they were the victims of Elvarg the dragon.

Unlike the ones in Melzar’s Maze, the players do not need the Ghostspeak amulet to speak with the ghosts found in the Grave of Scorpius. They will say that they are waiting for the payers to join them before proceeding to attack the players.

The players can safe spot the ghosts in the Varrock Sewers by using the northern most chair. The ones in the second floor or Draynor Manor are able to be soft spotted by using the skeletons in the room.

There are actually some creatures that resemble ghosts in appearance. Are they really ghosts? The answer to the question is they are surprisingly not included as ghosts and they do not count towards fulfilling a Slayer assignment for ghosts. These creatures include aberrant spectres and all variants, all kinds of ghasts, all kinds of shades, and Kolodion the Master of Battle Magic and head of the Mage Arena.