OSRS Blue Dragon Weakness

The Blue dragons are the 3rd strongest of the chromatic dragons, behind Red dragons and Black dragons. Like all dragons in OSRS, they are able to breathe dragonfire, which can generate over 50 damage if proper protections are not used. Dragonfire will be able to be decreased by equipping an anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield, together with the usage of an antifire potion, that will completely obviate dragonfire damage. Also, they attack with an accurate slash attack on top of the strong dragonfire breath.

Weakness of OSRS Blue Dragons

The weakness of OSRS Blue Dragons are:

    • Stab
    • Magic
    • Ranged
    • Dragon hunter crossbow


    • Stab weapons are weapons which deal stab-based damage. These weapons deal damage to monsters with a specific weakness to stab attacks.
    • Magic is one of the most essential skills. Also, it is one of the three combat classes. Magic is used in Combat. It allows crafted items to be enchanted, convert items into coins via High Level Alchemy and fast transport around the world via teleports. Probably, magic is the largest source of coins into the OSRS game. While it is probable to play the game without being skilled in Magic, it is a big benefit to be able to use lots of spells.
    • Ranged is one of Combat classes. It entangles using crossbows, bows, and thrown weapons to damage the enemies from a distance. Mostly Ranged armour can be made from animal hides. The players who specialize in this skill are recognized as a rangers or archers.
    • The dragon hunter crossbow is a probable reward from the Chambers of Xeric. Equipping the crossbow needs 65 Ranged and boosts both accuracy and damage by 30% once fighting dragons (excluding Elvarg and revenant dragons), also wyverns and the Great Olm. This stacks additively with Void Knight equipment. However, the dragon hunter crossbow will stack multiplicatively with the Slayer helm (49.5%).

OSRS Blue Dragon Weakness


As with all dragons in OSRS, protection from their dragonfire is needed. An Anti-dragon shield or type of dragonfire shield is able to be combined with an anti-fire potion and also a one-handed weapon to obviate the deadly breath. Super anti-fire potions are unnecessary because the dragonfire damage is negligible with only an anti-fire potion. At the higher levels the need for those items will be unnecessary because the speed of the player can kill each dragon.

Using Ranged: Need to know that OSRS Blue dragons are weak to bolts, even though other ranged weapons prove effective. Ranged armour will be able to protect you from their magic attacks. Also, you are able to place yourself out the range of their melee attacks. Using royal dragonhide armour is extremely effective against their magic, thus this is very recommended.

Using Magic: If magic is your choice, so you have to use the highest levelled wand which you can wield, together with an anti-dragon shield. Without a certain magical weakness, you will be able to use the most damaging spell that you can cast. The use of an Antifire potion or an Anti-dragon shield becomes unnecessary at the higher levels of Defence and Magic. This may allows for use of the Polypore staff and Staff of light. Please be careful when doing this. At close range the dragons still use their dragonfire, and can hit at about an average of 1100.

Using Melee: It is highly not recommended to engage these monsters in melee combat without at least level 60 equipment, as their classification as mages. If melee combat is still preferred, then you have to increase your accuracy with potions and prayers. No matter what an Antifire potion and shield will always be necessary. If not using super antifires, the abyssal whip and Korasi’s sword are good options against these creatures. If you have an extremely high level in all melee stats including defence, another choice is to use a godsword or high-level halberd against them.

How do you kill a Blue Dragon OSRS?

OSRS Blue dragons constantly drop dragon bones and blue dragon hide (together with other opportunity drops), which sell respectively for 1,458 and 1,610. This will make each kill worth 3,068 coins. Probably, the players who have already completed Dragon Slayer II prefer killing blue dragons in the Myths’ Guild basement, because they are much closer to a bank besides the ease of access by the mythical cape teleport.

You will be able to attack the Blue Dragons safely and effectively with Ranged (level 70+ recommended) or Magic (Fire Bolt/ Fire Blast recommended). To engage the Blue Dragons with Melee, 90 Combat or higher is very recommended. The single blue dragon in the Heroes’ Guild is able to be found easily, accessible very fast with a games necklace, banking in the Rogues’ Den, even though it can be difficult to discover an empty world.

Each trip will need several minutes to bank hides and bones if using Taverley Dungeon. The best way of banking is to teleport to Falador by using a Falador teleport tablet, bank at Falador West Bank, and then return to the dungeon. Do not forget to use the shortcut in the western wall of the city (west of the Falador west bank). Next, run north-west to the dungeon entrance.

With 70 Agility, the shortcut of agility to the blue dragon area can be used. Running from the Falador west bank to this area of the dungeon just takes a few minutes. The shortcut will be able to be used at 65 Agility. However it will need the use of Summer pies to improve to 70 Agility. It is highly recommended to have at least 65 Agility to use the pipe shortcut. It is really time consuming to run around the dungeon and also will need the player to carry the dusty key, that will reduce kills per hour. Need to know that kills per hour can be maximized by picking up drops in rotation, because it takes a second or two seconds for each dragon’s drops to arise after being killed.

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