OMG Burse App Real or Fake in Hindi?

Have you ever heard about an app called OMG Burse? This app claims that the users can get a lot of rupees through the app or site. When we talk about free money, we have to be careful since there are a lot of scams spreading in the internet which offer you free money or the other advantages but actually they are fake. Now, how about the OMG Burse app? Is it real or fake?

Is OMG Burse App Real or Fake?

If you ask whether OMG Burse app is real or fake, when we tried to search the facts about this app, we found two opinions. Some say it is real, but some others say it is not recommended to use due to bad safety. According to the APK Shelf site, they say that it is real, safe and even guaranteed. The reason why they write this is because hundreds of thousands of people in India earn money from this app.

OMG Burse App Real or Fake in Hindi

However, according to Cyber Planet site and APK Result site, they say that this app is not recommended to use because it is not safe. Why do they say it? Here are the reasons why OMG Burse is not safe to use.

  • There is no owner name or founder and contact of this app.
  • This app offers plans which are very interesting and usually this thing is used by scammers to trick other people.
  • To contact OMG Burse, there is only email address where this is a one-way contact. It means that when you send them a message, there is no guarantee that you will get the same answer. And even the customer case number does not work.
  • When they check the app, they do not get any official registration data.
  • Even in the review, there is a statement that there is a possibility that OMG Bure developers hire people to show that their app is real.
  • The site and app are created poorly.

So, from the reasons above, Cyber Planet site and APK Result site recommend you not to use this app since the app is not safe.

Since there are two opinions about this app, you may be confused. But, our opinion is that since this is about money and even at first you have to invest some money to be able to use the app, and also due to the reasons mentioned above, it is better for you to be careful. If you think that you are afraid of being scammed, do not download and use this app. Stay away from this app and find the other good way if you need money. But, if you are curious about this app, you are able to try it with a note that you must be careful when you use this app.

About OMG Burse App

According to the Apk Shelf site, OMG Burse is a platform that you are able to use to get orders for Amazon products. However, before you work there, you need to refill or invest a number of money there so that you are able to earn money from the app.

This OMG Burse app is easy and simple to use. Nevertheless, this app is only available for Indian citizens. If you are Indian citizens or you live in India now, you are able to use this app by starting with making an account. How does this app work? Basically, you have to sell something and then you will get some commissions from your selling.

Once again, if you are not a citizen of India or you do not live in India, you will not be able to use this app since it is only available in India. If you are in India, you can search OMG Burse app on your android. For your information, the version is v01.1010.01 and the size of the app is 17.20 MB. If you want to download and use this app on your android, at least your android must be 4.4 or higher.

How to Download, Install and Use OMG Burse Apps APK

This app can be downloaded in the APK Result site by clicking on the OMG Burse button on that site. Then, if the process of download is done, there will be the APK in the Downloads section of your browser. You have to make sure that third party app are permitted on your device before you install this app on your phone. How to do that? You have to open Menu and then go to the Settings and then choose Security. After that, you have to check for unknown sources so that your phone can install apps from sources which come from other than Google Play Store.

Now, you have to go to Download in your browser and then tap the file if the download process is finished. Then, you will see that an installation prompt will come up which asks you for permission and you can complete the process of installation. However, it is important for you to know that installing apps from other than Google Play store is risky because it is not usually checked by Google where it may harm your phone. So, just be careful when you get apps from out of Google Play Store. If you are afraid that it can harm your phone, it is better for you not to download it.

After you download the app, then you can launch it on your phone. On that app, you have to create an account and then you will get an OTP code that you have to enter there. Then, you have to enter the password and click on the Register button. Now, you have to refill a number of money such as 500, 1000, 3000 and so on. The commissions that you will get depends on the amount of investment that you send there. After that, you are able to start to get an order by choosing any products there. There, you have a limitation of getting 30 orders in a day so that you cannot do more than that.

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