Nitro Type Review for Teachers

Have you ever heard about Nitro Type? If you are a teacher, you may need another source of ideas, platforms, or resources that you are able to use for teaching your students so that your class will be more interesting.

Nitro Type is a multiplayer car racing game where if you want to win it, the key is the typing speed and accuracy. In this site, to start the game, players will do it with a basic vehicle matched up with other players on a race track. Then, when the race starts, the players will have to type words that they see on the screen to make their cars accelerate. If you can type faster and accurately, you can win the race. If you type accurately, you can earn boosts which you can use to accelerate faster so that it encourages an emphasis on proper typing.

Nitro Type Review for Teachers

If you are able to win races, you will earn nitros and cash and you are able to use them for buying new cars. Every user of this platform can create teams. As a teacher, you are able to use this feature to permit students to race against one another and team up in partnerships.

In this game, there are chat functions which allow users to send each other canned responses during races. Users are also able to comment on ‘News’ stories on the site and it is important for you to note that posts are monitored to protect privacy.

The website can be accessed for free by everyone. However, as explained on the Common Sense site, if you want to upgrade to a Gold account, it can cost $9.99. All of the features are able to be used by you without the upgrade. However, it is important for you to note that if you choose not to upgrade, you will have to be ready for annoying ads which will appear in the free version.

How Teachers Can Teach with Nitro Type?

If you just heard about this game at a glance, you may think that Nitro Type is just a racing car game. However, it is more than that. And if you are a teacher and you heard about this game, you may think that you will not use this game for teaching your students since there are no lessons. However, you may be wrong because the thing that you may miss is that after students have mastered the ‘home row’ basics, they can be provided with incentive so that they are able to continue to practice and build their words-per-minute (WPM).

When teachers decide to use this game for teaching students, it is important for the teachers to be careful to monitor the students and make sure that they are using proper techniques and also show good sporting behaviour. With this game, students are able to have fun holding a classroom Grand Prix and they even are able to track winners and improve skills over time.

Is Nitro Type Good for Learning?

According to the Common Sense site, Nitro Type will involve students in typing practice more than the more traditional, single-player typing trainers. In this game, students will enjoy practicing typing with their friends in the multiplayer mode as well. This game is a good way to brush up on skills. However, the thing that teachers need to remember is that it does not teach typing in any way and it does not offer suggestions on how to improve. This game will motivate students with existing basic skills, but it will not offer the pacing and instruction that beginners may need.

So, this game can be given by teachers just for fun once a while to practice them in typing but in a fun way.

The Things That Are Offered by Nitro Type

According to the Nitro Type site, here are a number of things which are offered by Nitro Type.

    • It is completely free.
      It is completely free to access the teacher portal.
    • It provides custom reports.
      You are able to track student progress with custom reports.
    • It offers classroom friendly content.
      There are no player chat or other classroom no-nos.
    • There are game timers.
      You are able to limit play time by pausing class access.
    • It provides real time status.
      You are able to keep a real-time eye on who is racing and who is off-track.
    • It offers easy sign on.
      You are able to save time with class rostering and single sign-on through Google Classroom and Clever Library.
    • This game allows you to race with classmates.
      In this platform, students get automatic ‘friends’ with all classmates.
    • It has a custom class page.
      This site offers an automatic custom ‘class’ page so that students are able to view each other’s stats and cars.

What They Say About Nitro Type

Here are some reviews about Nitro Type from the teachers who use it in their class according to the Clever Library site.

    • Philip W.
      October 11th, 2019
      My students LOVE NitroType. It has really helped them improve their typing skills. They enjoy challenging me to races and they do surprising well even when I don’t take it easy on them. Although I have not used it through the Clever platform yet, I’m excited that it’s now available to them that way. The sign up/login process via the website was a little challenging for my 5th graders.”
    • Corrie A.
      September 4th, 2019
      Not user friendly. Not linking kids to adult. Sent a help ticket a couple of weeks ago with no response. I don’t need this, my student does so it’s not useful. Deleted app.”
    • Morgan H.
      October 4th, 2019
      I got to use Nitro Type for helping students increase their familiarity with the keyboard. Since all of our standardized stated testing is online, knowing the keyboard is very important to improving the ability to write and complete the testing in a timely manner. My students love Nitro Type and beg to be allowed to use it.”
    • Jessica S.
      March 24th, 2022
      My students love Nitro Type. The user names it gives you can be inappropriate for school.”
    • Laritssa C.
      June 14th, 2022
      Good practice for students.