Nerf Roblox Guns Pulse Laser

Pulse Laser is one of the blasters that you are able to try in the Roblox Nerf event. Do you want to know more about this blaster including the price to have it? Let’s find out the information about this blaster below.

About Nerf Roblox Pulse Laser

Pulse Laser is one of the Nerf blasters. As explained on Nerf Wiki, this gun will be released in August 2021 to promote the video game platform Roblox. This blaster needs four AA batteries to be able to be operated. If you buy this blaster, the other things that you will get include a clip, ten Elite Darts and instructions.

Nerf Roblox Guns Pulse Laser

This blaster uses a semi-automatic flywheel clip system and this blaster is based on the Pulse Laser weapon from Roblox game Arsenal. This blaster has an integrated shoulder stock and scope. The only cosmetic to match with the in-game model is the double barrel.

For your information, this Pulse Laser blaster was first leaked in early 2021. It was leaked through online listings and then it was later announced on April 13th, 2021.

Here are some other information and product features of Pulse Laser.

    • Company: Hasbro
    • Brand: Nerf Roblox
    • Year released: 2021
    • Average retail price: 39.99 USD
    • Stock ammunition type: Elite Darts
    • Stock capacity-> Firing: 10 (clip)
    • Batteries required: 4 “AA” batteries
    • Internals: Flywheel system
    • Priming mechanism: Acceleration trigger
    • Mode of fire: Semi-automatic

Nerf Roblox Pulse Laser in Amazon

If you want to buy this gun, one of the online stores that you can access is Amazon. In this marketplace, you are able to find Pulse Laser. But, when I accessed the marketplace, this product was temporarily out of stock, but it seems that it will be back in stock as soon as possible. Here is the product information according to Amazon.

Nerf Roblox Pulse Laser in Amazon

    • Product Dimensions: 3.19 x 26.5 x 11.75 inches
    • Item Weight: 3.64 pounds
    • Item model number: F2484
    • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required
    • Customer reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
    • Release date: June 23rd, 2021

Here are the features of this item according to Amazon:

    • Nerf Roblox Arsenal

This is a pulse laser motorized dart blaster. This dart-firing blaster is inspired by the game Roblox Arsenal. To operate it, it needs 4x 1.5v AA batteries and the batteries are not included if you buy iy.

    • Exclusive Virtual Item Code

If you buy this pulse laser, you will get a special code which permits you to redeem an exclusive virtual item on Roblox.

    • Motorized Dart Blasting

It features motorized dart blasting. You can power up the motor with the acceleration button, and then you have to hit the trigger to send a dart blasting at your opponents.

    • 10 Nerf Darts and 10 Dart Clip Included

By buying this gun, you will get 10 official Nerf Elite foam darts and a removable 10-dart clip so you are able to fire 10 darts in a row.

Pulse Laser in Roblox Arsenal

As explained earlier that this Nerf Pulse Laser is inspired by Pulse Laser in Roblox Arsenal. Then, how is the pulse laser in Arsenal? Pulse Laser in Arsenal was formerly called the Laser Rifle. It is an automatic rifle that, as the name implies, fires lasers. According to the Arsenal Wiki, here is the information about this gun.

Pulse Laser in Roblox Arsenal

    • Damage: 12 (13)
    • Magazine: 60
    • Ammo: 180
    • Gamemodes: Standard, Gun Rotation, Kill Confirmed, Automatics, Randomizer, Clown Infection, Juggernaut, Laser Tag, Competitive, All Weapons, Dundertale, Headshots Only, and Hackula.
    • Firing Mode: Automatic
    • Special: Tracer Shot

This gun in Arsenal has very low damage. However, it has a very fast fire rate. It has the fastest fire-rate in the game and it also has no spread and no recoil. Even though this gun has the fastest fire-rate of all weapons in Arsenal, but it has main drawbacks. The first drawback is its very low damage. If a player lands their hits, enemies may have the opportunity to kill them first due to its severely low damage. The second drawback is that this gun has a lengthy reload. So, it causes players to suffer if they do not kill their enemies quickly. If it is combined with the fast fire-rate, the magazine will be easily expended and the players will need to suffer from lengthy reloads.

Here are the pros and cons of Pulse Laser in the Arsenal game.


    • It has a very fast fire-rate.
    • It does not have spread and recoil.
    • It has an above-average magazine size for its class.


    • It has a high ammo consumption rate.
    • It has a somewhat long reload time.
    • Tracer shot is able to give away the position of the user.
    • It is able to cause lag when spammed because of Tracer Shot.
    • It has low damage per shot.
    • It has a slow movement speed for its class.
    • Magazine size is easily expended because of its fire rate.

Other Nerf Blasters

Pulse Laser is not the only blaster released. There are the other 6 blasters, so the total is 7 blasters. Here are the other 6 blasters from Nerf Roblox.

    • Bees!

If you buy this blaster, you will also get eight Elite Darts and instructions. This gun is inspired by the Ultra-Rare Bee pet from Roblox Adopt Me.

    • Armory

If you buy this, it will be included with two blasters, ten Elite Darts, an in game item code and instructions. This gun is based on the Jailbreak game in Roblox.

    • Plasma Ray

If you buy this gun, it will be included with two Elite Darts, an in game item code and instructions. This gun is inspired by the Death Ray weapon from the Mad City game.

    • Shark Seeker

If you buy this gun, you will also get three Mega Darts, a promotional code and instructions. This blaster is inspired by Shark weapon from Murder Mystery 2.

    • Boxy Buster

If you buy this blaster, you will also get two green Elite Darts, and a code to redeem the blaster in game. This gun is inspired by the ZIP 22 weapon from Phantom Forces.

    • Boom Strike

If you buy this blaster, you will also get two Elite Darts, a promotional code and instructions. This gun is based on a weapon from Roblox Strucid.