Mystic Messenger V Real Name and Voice Actor

In the game of Mystic Messenger, you will find a character named V. He is one of the side characters in Casual Story and Deep Story. He is also one of the main characters of Another Story which was released on September 8, 2017, for Android and a few days later for iOS.

Coming in good visual, we can see that he is a handsome man which make anyone falls in love with him. Considering he is one of the influential roles in this game, we think that knowing more about him is really needed for you. Then, you may wonder who his real name is and the voice actor?

Who Is V’s Real Name?

Kim Jihyun1

V is the stage name of ‘Kim Jihyun’ which is known as the current head of the RFA. However, he is frequent offline as of his trips as a photographer and his blindness. V is also known as the fiance of Rika. He then fell into a state of depression once her death but he didn’t show it a lot.

He is a person who frequent works with Seven together and also keep things as a secret to the RFA members. V is also childhood friends with jumin due to jumin has talked about both of them having used to go to the same church and then V talking about their schooling times together.

Here’s for V’s personal information:

  • Korean: 김지현
  • Real Name: Kim Jihyun
  • Alias: V
  • Other Names: Believer Number A306
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Blood Type: O
  • Birthday: September 9th
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo ♍
  • Religion: Catholic
  • Height: 179 cm/ 5’10 ft
  • Weight: 70 kg/ 154 lbs
  • Eye: Turquoise
  • Hair: Turquoise

Here’s for V’s background information:

Status: Alive – Deceased (Secret 01 and Secret 02)


    • Freelance photographer
    • Painter (Good ending)
    • Musician (Normal ending)


    • RFA
    • Mint Eye


    • Art collecting
    • Photographing


    • Father
    • Mother (deceased in Another Story)
    • Sister (Half-sister/Stepsister in Another Story)
    • Stepmother (in Another Story)
    • Lucy (Adoptive Daughter: determined)

Well, those are all information about V.

Who Is the Voice Actor of V?

Ho San Lee

Ho San Lee is know as a Korean voice actor for V. He was born on November 2, 1980. He actually works as a dubber, an actor and also voice actor. He also voices the character Anago and sea bass in the Korean movie named ‘PADAK’.

Not only voices the character V in Mystic Messenger, he also have dubbed for some popular characters, they are:

  • Canada Ryu (Kimi ni Todoke)
  • Usui Kazuyoshi (Sket Dance)
  • Matsuno Choromatsu (Osomatsu)
  • Ryohei Sasagawa (Katelyn Hitman Reborn)
  • Lúcio Corral dos Santos (Over watch)
  • Reinhardt, Hawk eye, Hoodlum, Male Shade, Magnus (Brainstorm), Hiver, Baron (Manager), Goofy, Handsome Monk (MapleStory), Grendel the Ancient (Border less/Convergence), and Black Mage (Border less/Convergence).

More About V in Mystic Messenger

Aside from knowing for V’s real name, you also have to know more about him including his personality, looks and also his background story. However, by knowing about him, we think that you will easily play a role as V in Mystic Messenger game.

Here’s more about V:

    • Looks

Coming as a tall man with turquoise hair and eyes, we think that everyone will wonder about him.  In Mystic Messenger, he is often seen wearing a loose black shirt (turtleneck shirt) with an open silver suit and also a pair of gray dress pants. He covers his feet with his gray boots.

You can see that his hair sweeps slightly to the left to cover his left eye. Which makes him more gorgeous is a silver necklace wrapped around his neck. Sometimes, V is ever seen wearing the robes of a Believer from Mint Eyes as it’s his guide to insinuate the place to get more information about the MC and the cult.

You should know that his eyes are hurt badly due to the bad deeds of his fiancé, Rika. This accident causes severe corneal damage from external trauma which almost blinds him. That’s why he always uses dark sunglasses and a special lens.

According to Secret 001, both his eyes lose their vibrant turquoise color as a clue that he’s completely blind. In Jaycee’s route, he notes that V is already no longer able to see during their meeting.

During his Good Ending, V is wearing more comfortable clothes with short hair. Then, the necklace which is commonly placed around his neck is being replaced by colorful beads with a peace sign. It totally signifies his growth and healing once his abusive relationship with Rika.

    • Personality

For his good personality, V is known as respectful person for one’s privacy. He is a type of person who can keep everything to himself. He prefers to live with the burden of all his secrets than tell to other RFA members. He also didn’t tell Seven all his secrets until he has no choice. Zen also said that V is famous within the Photography industry. However, he is not well-known amongst the public as he doesn’t like talked about.

Moreover, V is shy and faint-hearted person which is not interested for a party. As a loyal person, he really never ever left Rika even though she suffered from paranoid delusions and depression with her twisted personality.

    • Background Story

V apparently grew up in a rich family but not much is known about him because he is known to be very introverted. During his youth he was neglected by his family. It is known, his parents were artists with quite strange personalities.

According to Another Story, V’s mother and father separated and V rarely saw his mother. Finally, V started spending time with his mother. Having the soul of an artist, V’s mother enters the art she creates into competition behind her son’s back even though V doesn’t want to do it.

It certainly ruined his relationship with his mother because V was afraid to show his art to the public and his father’s reaction. In the end, V’s mother died saving him from the fire and V regretted his actions towards his mother for years.