Mystic Messenger Characters Names

In the Mystic Messenger game, you will find plenty of characters which are divided into certain roles. The characters in this game were created by Cheritz. The Mystic Messenger characters consist of four categories including the Main Character, Casual/Deep Story characters, Another Story characters and also Minor characters.

So, let’s find out about them which will be explained in our post below!

All Mystic Messenger Characters

We list all Mystic Messenger characters in four categories, here are they:

All Mystic Messenger Characters

Main Character

MC refers to the Main Character which is also preferred as Protagonist or Heroine. The main character in this game is the main female protagonist. The real name of the main character is based on the player’s choice. She finally takes on the job of former member and founder Rika to manage a party and also invites the guests once accidentally getting involved with the RFA.

She can romance with one of the Seven main characters of the game throughout the eleven days of planning and conversing with the characters which depends on which route you are choosing. At the end of the story, it’s determined on how the main character treats each of the members and her behaviour during the route she is doing. The other names of main characters are Princess, Babe, coordinator, 606, honey, sweetie, my love, angel, archangel, lady or also my lady.

Casual/Deep Story Characters

Here are the characters found in Casual/ Deep story:

  • Jumin Han

Jumin Han

He is available in Deep Story which is known as the son of a wealthy family and the heir of the C&R International company. Jumin is always on business trips and commonly talks about work or mature topics. He is a serious, quiet and cautious man who prefers to act mature.


  • 707


707 refers to Saeyoung Choi which is known as a hacker who can quickly find information on anything he can get his hands on. He often plays pranks on Yoosung via chat room which makes fun of the other members. For his looks, he has messy vermillion hair and also golden eyes. Which makes him more gorgeous is a black jacket he wears with amber accents.

  • Zen


Zen is one of the main characters which is available in Casual Story. He is a semi-successful actor/singer/ dancer. He is able to come across as narcissistic about his appearance. He also often posts selfies and exclaim how handsome he is. Zen is a very eccentric and flirtatious character which often talks about his praising and complimenting himself for how gorgeous he is.

  • Yoosung


He is a sophomore college student who plays a game named LOLOL. He also invests  too much time into it. Because of his game, he doesn’t spend as much time studying at college and ignores his studies. He is the cousin of Rika. Yoosung cannot fully bring himself to trust that she is not alive anymore.


  • Jaehee Kang

Jaehee Kang

He is the only female character in Mystic Messenger with a route. She is known as the chief secretary in the C&R International company. She works as Jumin Han’s assistant, which is a very hardworking person. She is a fairly serious and independent business woman.


Another Story Character

  • V

Kim Jihyun v

V is as the current head of the RFA. He is frequent offline because of his trips as a photographer and his blindness. He is a person who frequently works with Seven together and also keeps things as a secret to the RFA members. V is also known as the fiance of Rika. He then fell into a state of depression once her death but he didn’t show it a lot. V is also childhood friends with Jumin due to Jumin has talked about both of them which spent time together.

  • Ray


Ray or Unknown is one of the main antagonist characters in Mystic Messenger. He is the identical twin brother of 707. He is also a student of the organization Mint Eye. In Another Story, the player becomes the primary focus of Unknown who is obsessed with keeping the player by his side which is secretly grooming her to join Mint Eye.

  • Rika


Rika is also known as Savior. She is a secondary character who founded the RFA. She is also the fiance of V who tragically died 10 months before the events of the game. She is described as a very pretty and slender pale-skinned young woman. She also has wavy waist-length blonde hair which transitions to a lighter color with bangs hanging on the left side.

Minor Characters

Here’s a list of minor characters in Mystic Messenger:

  • Echo Girl

Echo Girl or Kyungju Choi is a side character involved in the majority of  Zen’s route. She can be mentioned as an antagonist character in the events of his route.

  • Sarah Choi

Sarah Choi is involved in the majority of Jumin Han’s route. She is one of the two antagonist in the events of Jumin’s route.

  • Glam Choi

She is a popular film actress and also the chairman of the C&R International company. She has planned to marry Chairman Han (Jumin Han’s father). She is described as a pale-skinned woman which has long brown hair which is commonly bonded into a ponytail, make-up and golden-brown eyes. She is wearing a black dress shirt with transparent long sleeves.

  • Vanderwood

Vanderwood is an informant which is usually assigned to be 707’s handler. He has a relaxed but sarcastic personality when he interacts with the main character due to his jokes around.

  • V’s Mother

V’s mother was the youngest student to enter OO school of Music. She is well-known as a talented musician who has won countless first-place trophies from music competitions.

  • Chief Kim

He is described as a pragmatic and logical person. He is a tall man which has silver-gray hair and tawny eyes.

  • Mika

She is a secondary character who appeared in the Rika Behind DLC. Mika is an orphan who was raised in the same orphanage as Mina (Rika).

  • Lucy

She is the adoptive daughter of the main character and V. Lucy is described as a short young girl who has wavy chest-length light brown hair.

Well, those are all characters that you will find in the Mystic Messenger game.