Myeras Login Guide Step by Step

ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) is a service of the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). Need to know that the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) consists of MyERAS for the applicants, DWS (Dean’s Office Workstation) for medical schools, PDWS (Program Director’s Workstation) for training programs and LoR (Letter of Recommendation) for LoR Authors.

Myeras Login Guide

If you want to login to Myeras, you have to register for an AAMC account to begin accessing services and products. For example, you have created an account, then you are able to login.

Here is a way to login to Myeras:

Myeras Login Guide Step by Step

    • At the first step, you are going to be prompted to enter your username.
    • After that, you are going to be prompted to enter your password.
    • The last step, you only need to click at the sign in button.

If you forget your username, do not worry, you are able to recover it. Please click the Forgot Your Username link. Then, you are able to enter the email address associated with your AAMC account. They are going to send you an email which contains your AAMC username. For note: If you do not receive an email to your inbox or spam folder within 15 minutes, or if you no longer have access to an email you made your account with, you have to contact AAMC Account Help for additional assistance.

If you forget your password, you are able to click the Forgot Your Password link. Then, you are able to enter your AAMC Username to continue.

Register for MyERAS for Residency

To access MyERAS, first you have to contact your Designated Dean’s Office. They are going to issue an ERAS token for you, which is a one-time access code used to register on MyERAS. Each Dean’s Office will establish their token distribution procedures for applicants using ERAS.

Register on MyERAS

    • After getting your token from your Designated Dean’s Office, then you have to register in the MyERAS application. You are able to use the checklist and worksheet to determine what kind of information you need to complete your application.
    • The applicants should ensure that they are using an ERAS token for the correct MyERAS season. The system will not allow the applicants to use an ERAS token from a previous season to register.
    • Remember that an ERAS token can only be used once to register on MyERAS. So, you have to be sure to submit all information accurately.
    • The applicants need an AAMC account to register your ERAS token. If an applicant does not have an AAMC account from a previous ERAS season or use of another AAMC service, then they have to create an account.
    • 3rd Year medical school tokens will allow the applicants to update the personal information section and upload LoR (Letter of Recommendations) in preparation for the following season. The rest of the application material is going to become active the following season.

Keep in mind, registration with ERAS does not register you for any match. ERAS is a separate entity. And it does not provide matching services. If you want to participate in a Match, you have to contact that organization for registration, eligibility and participation information.

To register for MyERAS:

    • At the first step, you have to go to the MyERAS website.
    • After that, you are able to sign-in with AAMC Account or register for an AAMC account, if login credentials do not exist.
    • Now, you are able to enter a valid ERAS token and choose Continue.
    • Please review and accept the MyERAS terms and conditions.
    • In this step, you have to complete Medical School Graduation Information. Also, you have to review and agree to the AAMC Policy Notice and choose Continue.
    • Please review your information and choose Continue, if correct.
    • If you provided the choice to import application material from a previous season, then you have to choose the fit residency or Letter of Recommendations to be imported.

Step 1: Choose an available residency or fellowship application to import and choose Continue.

For note: The applicants will only have access to their most recent residency and fellowship application that was certified and submitted prior to the season ending.

Step 2: Choose the LoR (Letter of Recommendations) from the table to import and choose Continue.

For note: LoR (Letter of Recommendations) entry information and viewing rights will be consistent with the original and cannot be changed. But, the letter author does maintain the right to upload a new version of the LoR (Letter of Recommendations).

Step 3: Verify the selections for Application Data and LoR (Letter of Recommendations), and choose Confirm Import when ready.

For Note: If you choose to skip the step or cancel the import for application data or LoR(s), you are able to access steps to import in the History Tab.

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Applications

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) includes four individual, but connected, apps developed to serve the needs of each user involved in the application process and give impartial, confidential transmission of applications to programs.

Here are four ERAS’ applications:

    • MyERAS
      MyERAS for the applicants, in which the students complete their applications, choose programs, assign supporting documents, and also submit their materials to their selected programs.
    • Dean’s Office WorkStation (DWS)
      This application for Designated Dean’s Offices to upload medical school transcripts and medical school performance evaluations in support of applications submitted through MyERAS.
    • Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP)
      The Letter of Recommendation Portal (LoRP) application for LoR authors to enter letters in support applications submitted through MyERAS.
    • Program Director’s WorkStation (PDWS)
      The Program Director’s WorkStation (PDWS) application for training programs to receive and review the applications and supporting documents.

How Does ERAS Work?

    • The applicants receive a token from their Designated Dean’s Office and then use it to register with MyERAS.
    • The applicants complete their MyERAS application, choose programs, assign supporting documents, and apply to programs.
    • The Applicant’s Designated Dean’s Office and LoR authors upload supporting documents.
    • Examining boards will receive and process requests for transcripts.
    • Programs will receive application materials through the PDWS.

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