Most Money Making Skill OSRS

Old School RuneScape has a total of 23 skills. Each skill starts at 1 and is able to be leveled all the way up to 99 with the exception of Hitpoints, the only one that starts at 10. The level of the skill of a character indicates their general power level. In this game, skills are like the name of the game that cannot be overlooked, especially when they are able to earn you a decent Gold profit.

Leveling up these skills is definitely not easy. On top of that, most of them require a lot of Golds. Even there are some that can be leveled up without money, a lot of time and effort are needed. Talking about the skills, some of them offer the chance to gold farming when they are leveled enough. Not only that, they are also effective to be used to make a lot of money. If you are interested in the most making money skill in this game, you can check the list below.

    1. Mining

Mining osrs

Mining osrs1

With Mining skill, you are able to get metal Ores and Gems from rocks. You are able to turn Ores into bars by using the Smithing skill or sold for profit. Mining is named as one of the famous skills that the game has. The reason is because it is able to be used for making a lot of Gold when leveled high enough.

The Reunite Ore is known as the most profitable Ore in the game. However, this one demands a lot of skills. Mining this type of Ore requires a minimum of 85 skill in Mining. Aside from that, a Dragon Pickaxe is also required for maximizing the yield. A lot of people want this Ore and it has a high price on the Grand Exchange. If you are curious about the price of this Ore, it can be more than 11,000 Gold. Due to the high demand, getting this Ore is definitely not easy. For efficient farming, World Switching is important. There are several locations to mine Runite Rocks, including:

    • Lava Maze Rune Mine (This one is for F2P. There are 2 Runite Rocks available.)
    • Frozen Waste Plateau (This one is for members only. There are 3 Runite Rocks available.)
    • Heroes’ Guild Mine (This one is for members only. There are 2 Runite Rocks available.)
    • South Mor UI Rek Mine (This one is for members only. There are 3 Runite Rocks available.)
    • Myths’ Guild, Mining Guild, Fossil Island (This one is for members only. There are 2 Runite Rocks available.)

There is a possibility of you to collect about 700k-1kk per hour by mining Runite Ore. If you are curious about the profits, they depend on a few things such as the Grand Exchange prices, your ability to find the fresh Runite Ores quickly, and the current competition. You are recommended to farm outside of the prime of the server because it is the most profitable one due to the fact that there are lesser players who farm in the middle of the night or every early in the morning.

    1. Runecrafting

Runecrafting osrs

Runecrafting osrs1

With the thing named Runecrafting skill, you are allowed to make your own Runes that are important for Magic Spells. The rewards from crafting are pretty low, which is such a shame since leveling this skill takes a lot of time and effort. Not only that, it also involves a lot of clicking, banking, or running. While it is true that it is not easy, it is still worth leveling up knowing the profit that it offers.

You are able to craft two high level runes with just one essence by leveling the Runecrafting skill, meaning you will get double profits. However, crafting the high level runes is not as easy as it sounds. On top of that, it requires some preparations. One of the things that you have to prepare is the access to the Abyss. Besides, you will also have to get high mining skill, pickaxe, high hitpoints pool, and some food. If you are wondering which Runes to craft offer the most profits, here is the list for you:

    • Nature Runes: The requirements include 44 Runecrafting and 91 Runecrafting if you want doubles.
    • Law Runes: The requirements include 54 Runecrafting and 95 Runecrafting if you want doubles.
    • Death Runes: The requirements include 65 Runecrafting and 99 Runecrafting if you want doubles.

What about the profits? Just like the previous one, the profits will depend on a few things such as your Runecrafting skill, how good you are in relocating quickly, and the current Grand Exchange prices. Making Deathrunes at the level 99 Runecrafting skill can earn you around 1,25kk per hour. if you want to make Nature Runes at the level 91 Runcrafting skill, you will be able to get the maximum of 1,1kk per hour. as for making the Law Runes at the 95 level Runcrafting skill, you will be able to get around 1kk per hour.

    1. Thieving

Thieving osrs

thieving osrs1

Thieving is the name of the skill that is designed for members only. This one makes it possible for you to steal items and coins from Chests, Market Stalls, and from NPC. The trick that you can do is pickpocketing. Apart from that, disarming traps and picking locks on locked doors are also possible. The skill called Thieving is especially good at high levels because the success rate is in line with the Thieving skill.

The best method is to pickpocket Master Farmers. To do that, you will be required to have a minimum of 38 Thieving. If you want to earn decent profits, you are suggested to use Thieving skill of at least 50+ full Rogue Equipment. A chance to earn a lot from this method is high at level 94 because at this level, there is no way for you to fail pickpocketing. If you want to try this, you can find Master Farmers in several locations, including Varrock (south of the Stone Circle Farming Guild) and Hosidius (house south east of the Town Square).

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