Morph Mod for Minecraft PE

Morph Mod for Minecraft PE gives to you possibility to morph in several mobs in your world. You are going to get several item, and you only need to come to interesting mob and tap on him. Do you want be a cow, ship, pig, ghost or maybe skeleton? This mod change your body in that mob in one click.

Overview – Morph Mod for Minecraft PE

Morph Mod for Minecraft PE is going to add a new chance to turn into any mob or item. If you want to play for any mob, then this Morph mod is the best choice for Minecraft PE. Apparently, there are two morph mods in the application, one turns into animals, and the other into the blocks. To install both mods, simply you are able to click install in the bonus section. If you want to be an animal, then you are able to come and touch any mobs, you have become that mob. If you want to be a block, then you need to go into the creative mode, take a block, gold with your head, put it and then touch it. To return to the initial state, you only need to kill.

Morph Mod for Minecraft PE

Benefits of Morph Mod for Minecraft PE

Here are some benefits of Morph Mod for Minecraft PE:

    • Automatic installation of addons.
    • Multi-language support.
    • The best selection of famous skins.
    • It allows you to play with your friends via online.
    • By past main mod you are able to find other mods on this subject.
    • In application added a bonus system
    • App does not need purchase, it means that these mods are free.

How to Morph?

This Mod will be able to transform into other mobs. With this mode, you are able to morph into:

    • Zombie
    • Husk
    • Drowned
    • Skeleton
    • Stray
    • Creeper
    • Cow
    • Enderman
    • Wither Skeleton
    • Blaze
    • Zombie Pigman

So, how to morph? If you really want to morph into other mobs, then you have to craft a new item named Identity Absorber. After that, you are able to right-click on the mob you want to morph. Need to know that each mob that you turn will give you some new abilities along with new weaknesses. But, morphing into a monster is really beneficial because no monster can attack you, except the Iron Golem.

    • Zombie

When you are a Zombie, you are going to be burned in the daytime, and the Iron Golems will attack you. The villagers will flee from you. If you kill a villager, he will be able to be a zombie villager. Your attack damage is 1.5 hearts instead of 1 heart.

    • Husk

If you are a Husk, you are going to have the same properties like Zombies. But, you are not burned in daylight.

    • Drowned

Once you are drowned, you are going to burn in the daylight, but you are going to swim faster and can breathe in water.

    • Skeleton

When you are a Skeleton, you are going to be burned in daylight and the Iron Golem will attack you. Your arrows are going to act like normal Skeleton arrows.

    • Stray

When you are a stray, you are going to burn in daylight. The iron golems will attack you. But, all your arrows give slowness to targets.

    • Creeper

This is only animations test. In future there will be the new explosive features.

    • Cow

When you are a cow, you have only 5 hearts. However, monsters will not attack you. For your information, new features and animals are going to be added in future.

Other Best Morph Mods for Minecraft PE

Morph mod for Minecraft PE is a mod for Minecraft PE which will allow you to take on the shape and abilities of another mob. After you kill a mob, you are going to absorb its essence and immediately become it.

Here are other best morph mods for Minecraft PE

    1. Minecraft Block Morphs Addon

Do you want to troll your friends, but they do not know you are the one whos trolling them? We are going to give you a great addon to assist you disguise yourself, and then other players will not detect you. Here is a good Minecraft PE morph addon for you.

By the way, how does it work? Minecraft Block Morphs (Formerly called as Minecraft Block Heads) allows you transform from one out of a hundred blocks implemented on this Minecraft PE addons. Now it does not replace the six skulls in game, but now it uses custom entities to have these hundred blocks. You do not need to change the slider in the resource pack you only need to search your desired block in the creative inventory or only summon via commands.

    1. Xenomorph Alien Morph mod for Minecraft PE

For those who like watching the Alien vs. Predator, you should really enjoy this morph add-on. It adds the Xenomorph Alien that consist of 525 pieces.

Here are some features of Xenomorph Alien Morph mod for Minecraft PE

    • Xenomorph Alien Morph mod is a unit that will hunt the players, and also will kill anything stands in their way. Aside from that, they also kill every other living entity.
    • This entity deals big amounts of damage. Without preparation, you are going to be destroyed by it after two to three melee attacks.
    • Xenomorphs Alien Morph mod can be discovered naturally spawning in any area whether day or night. When defeated, it has a 50 percent opportunity to drop bones or shulker shells, or even both.
    • The Xenomorph’s most terrific enemy is the Iron Golem. For your information, the Iron Golem has a method of beating the Xenomorph out of existence. Thus, you should get yourself one of those.
    • Overall, Xenomorph Alien Morph mod is a really creepy, and very complex entity that might give little kids nightmares.